Siri now uses Google to search instead of Bing

Yes, it has finally happened. According to a statement released by Apple today, now when you ask Siri a question and it falls back on a web search, the default search engine used will be Google instead of Microsoft's Bing. The company had the following to say about the change, citing the consistency of search results as the reason behind it:

Switching to Google as the web search provider for Siri, Search within iOS and Spotlight on Mac will allow these services to have a consistent web search experience with the default in Safari. We have strong relationships with Google and Microsoft and remain committed to delivering the best user experience possible.

TechCrunch further explained the ins and outs of Siri's functionality post-Bing:

The search results include regular 'web links' as well as video results. Web image results from Siri will still come from Bing, for now. Bing has had more than solid image results for some time now so that makes some sense. If you use Siri to search your own photos, it will, of course, use your own library instead. Interestingly, video results will come directly from YouTube.

This is all good news for Apple users who continually find Bing search results lacking. It can be frustrating to begin with when Siri can't answer your queries, but to be served subpar search results afterward is a bit like adding insult to injury.

You can find more details about the change in TechCrunch's article:

Apple switches from Bing to Google for Siri web search results on iOS and Spotlight on Mac

Tory Foulk
  • LOL
  • Finally a selling point.
  • Might as well add the ability change Siri for Google Assistant
  • I prefer using Bing, especially if I am searching videos. Bing gives more sources than just YouTube. Most may come from YouTube, but not all.
  • So that's what $3 billion gets you these days....
  • LMAO
  • It get's you 1 billion + active iOS users, and search data on them. An easy deal for Google ..
  • You mean iOS devices. There aren't that many users, but they spend about as much as 2B Android users. That's why they have so much voice in the market. They aren't cheap bastards, or the mobile equivalent of desktop Linux users like you guys.
  • I was with you right up until the last sentence, which was wholly unnecessary. I make smart, informed, intelligent decisions on what to spend my money on, and that does not make me a cheap b@st@rd.
  • I don't know any iOS users who were "frustrated", most were really surprised when of tell them that Siri used Bing. They don't care. The results are so close that it doesn't matter which is used.
  • Right, I know Microsoft is a company people commonly love to hate on. However, I've been solely using Bing for a long time now and the results are great. Back in the early days there were significant differences between Google, but it has really improved since then. (I'm also speaking for Bing in the US)
  • There's a sucker born every minute.
  • This should help Siri results improve greatly.
  • What would be interesting to know is if Siri logs into Google with your Google account info to give you even better results. I am guessing no.
  • About time....
  • Good, because Siri is worthless. Google Assistant is far superior. Bixby friggin works better than Siri for God's sake.
  • Bing is dumb.
  • Google is better really. When I was watching the Confederations Cup, I asked Siri for the schedule and was given a Wikipedia article. Went to Google and was given the schedule and local times for the games. So, hopefully this means better answers than I don’t know that or here’s what I found on the web type answers.
  • My son and I used to have Google assistant VS Siri shootouts on the way home from work just for fun, and the results were often hilarious. Google gave the more meaningful results most times. Have any of you seen the YouTube video called "If Google was a guy"? It's pretty funny, and has a cameo by Bing in there.
  • Hahaha, the sad yet optimistic guy in the corner office? Loved that cameo.
  • Going by my experience w/Microsoft as of late doesn't surprise me one bit. Don't think "consistency" is in their vocabulary these days.
  • Going by my experience w/Microsoft as of late doesn't surprise me one bit. Don't think "consistency" is in their vocabulary these days.
  • Well, that has to hurt a little. Flicked via the BlackBerry keyboard on my Pixel
  • Like BlackBerry having to use Android instead of its own software? I don't think Apple are too bothered who it uses as it's primary search engine as long at it getting paid to put it there. My Amazon Fire tablet uses Bing and to be honest I never have a problem finding anything I am looking for on the Web. Same with my Echo Dot, I don't have a problem finding what I am looking for. I use Alexa for voice search way more than I use OK Google or Siri.
  • They'll be losing Bing rewards.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if this had something to do with the recent Alexa & Cortana mashup.
  • I can't say anything bad since I haven't used Bing since I used a blackberry (back then it sucked) but I can say that this is a good thing in my eyes because I like Google search.
  • Not sure where this writer gets the statics for poor Bing results from. Most Apple users I speak to were happy with their search results and insisted it was Google and not Bing when I informed them of the fact.
  • You don't know what you don't know. How could a person possibly know they are missing a search result that they are unaware of?