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Some possible bad news this morning for anyone hoping to pick up Sony's new flagship phone, the Xperia T, on its own without a contract. The phone is expected to become available on-contract through UK mobile networks and independent retailers later this month, but buyers looking to pick up a SIM-free Xperia T may be out of luck. According to TechRadar, UK retailer Expansys isn't expecting to be able to stock the Xperia T on its own until as late as January 2013.

The site reports that "talks with Sony revealed the handset will be only available on contract first, direct from networks and from a couple of high street retailers,” with January 2013 pegged as a likely release date for the SIM-free option. That would mean anyone looking to pick up an Xperia T to use with an existing service plan could be in for a long wait. However, we should remember that this report comes from a retailer, rather than directly from the manufacturer, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt until confirmed.

We've reached out to Sony Mobile for confirmation of the Xperia T's off-contract availability, and we'll keep you updated with any info they provide.

Source: TechRadar