In a sign of the times, Spotify adds virtual concert listings to its streaming app

Spotify on the Pixel 4 XL
Spotify on the Pixel 4 XL (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Spotify will now list virtual concerts the same way it does for in-person events.
  • The company notes that this is a necessity born out of the ongoing pandemic and the cancelation of most events through 2021.
  • Artists will be able to have their events listed no matter the platform due to a Spotify partnership with Songkick and Ticketmaster.

Spotify wants to make it easier for you to attend concerts in the 2020 way — virtually, probably with wireless earbuds on in your room or other socially distanced setting. The company is now adding virtual concerts to an artist's "On Tour" listing in their profile, making it easier to learn where an artist is holding a virtual event. From today, you'll be able to see upcoming online events for your favourite artist or band whether they're hosting them on Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, a self-hosted website, etcetera.

Writing to artists, Spotify explained:

With many tours postponed until 2021, the necessity for these virtual events is set to continue, and we want to make it easy for Spotify listeners to learn about virtual events for the artists they love, and for artists they're discovering for the very first time. In light of this, we've leveraged our partnership with Songkick—the live stream concert discovery app—and Ticketmaster to make it happen.

There probably won't be many artists holding live concerts anyway, and as more countries roll out limitations on indoors events, this is a pretty safe compromise for artists and patrons alike.

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Despite stiff competition, Spotify remains the number one streaming service not just for its extensive catalog and music discovery, but for the addition of relevant features like this.

Michael Allison