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Sign up now to be notified when Adobe begins its Flash, AIR beta programs

Oh, my, you all certainly are excited about signing up to be notified by e-mail for when Adobe begins its Flash 10.1 and AIR betas for Android. And so are we. But do note that you're only signing up to be notified when the beta begins. It doesn't mean you're actually getting Flash next week (or even getting accepted into the beta program, for that matter), and we're not even sure exactly what's going to be involved in the beta, or just how usable it's going to be. Not to burst the Flash bubble, it's just that all you're doing right now is signing up to get a future e-mail. That's all. And here are the links to do it. [Flash 10.1 beta notification (opens in new tab)Adobe AIR beta notification (opens in new tab)] Thanks to everyone -- and we do mean everyone -- who sent this in.

  • {{-_-}}
  • Just signed up for both, thanks for letting us know :)
  • This is Adobe trying to stem the bad feelings ever since the Adobe CEO crapped on TV the other day. Just another attempt by Adobe at making it appear "Flash is coming" I'll believe it when I see it and frankly this "wait for an email" crap is par for the course with Adobe and I do not expect any email telling me I can beta Flash on Android any time soon.
  • Something tells me you're wrong ;)
  • But check out this link and you tell me if it sounds awfully familiar. Adobe has pulled this BS beta crap before. Almost a damn year ago. I'm telling you these guys are straight up liars.
  • yeah well I hope you're right.