Show me what you got

While there will never be enough time to show you all the wonderful wallpapers I come across, I believe in making the time to see and showcase the wallpapers that my readers show me. In that spirit, this week is the first of what I hope to be a periodic Wallpaper Weekly episode featuring reader wallpapers. All the wallpapers showcased today come from reader suggestions via social media and email.

Snowy Sunrise

A recurring theme in the wallpapers I've been sent is photos that the users took themselves. When you come across beauty in the world around you, it's only natural to snap a pic with the stellar cameras many of our phones have built in. While landscapes and kids are obvious targets, this shot by Pseu 42 is both unique and beautiful. Being a lifelong Texan, I don't often get to see snow or ice, and during our hellacious summers, a snowy wallpaper helps us stay cool, at least in spirit. We also have some excellent background colors thanks to the sunrise behind this frosty car window.

Snowy Sunrise by Pseu 42

Monochrome Chains

This monochrome majesty was another reader photo, this one taken on a Google Pixel by Richard Colon. Lens flares are easy to get wrong, but this one is so right, and the tight focus on the chains in the foreground give the photo detail while allowing the background to blur and blend behind it.

Monochrome Chains by Richard Colon{.cta .large}

NASA image of the day

IFTTT applets like these are awesome for mixing things up daily, but they put wallpaper searchers like me out of a job! That said, this one is too good not to feature, and Joey Riz knows it. This IFTTT applet puts NASA's Image of the Day on your Android phone or tablet as a daily wallpaper. The images are gorgeous and the resolution is usually enough to make even a 4K home screen happy.

IFTTT NASA Wallpaper of the Day Applet

Just down the shore...

This coastline is picturesque — I'm just waiting for the castle to come into view just down the shoreline. The caption with it on Unsplash is also a wonderful reminder that we need to change up our perspective every now and again. Thanks to icon maker Kevin Aguilar for suggesting it!

Perspective Matters by Will van Wingerden{.cta .large}

Touch the waves, touch the horizon

We'll wrap up this week with another viewer photo that resonates with me. This photo was taken by Hugh Richardson the first time he reached the Pacific Ocean after getting out of the military. It's a sunny wallpaper of hope, promise, and waves. It invites us to explore the horizon, it reminds us to cleanse ourselves in the water, it beckons us back to the shore and beyond.

Or in my case, it reminds me that it's going to be awhile before I get to see the ocean again, but I can always dream.

Pacific Waves by Hugh Richardson

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