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Should I upgrade from the Galaxy S5 to the Note 5?

Each time a new phone comes out, there's bound to be some amount of draw to upgrading your phone to the latest and greatest. In the world of Samsung phones that happens twice a year with the latest Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, meaning every six months you'll question whether the phone in your pocket is still worth keeping.

Right now the hottest phone is the Galaxy Note 5. And if you still have a trusty Galaxy S5 that means you've resisted the call of the Note 4 and Galaxy S6 already — so does that mean it's finally time to upgrade with a Note 5? We're here to answer that question.

We're here to help you make that decision.

Read now: Should I upgrade from the Galaxy S5 to the Note 5?

Lose the plastic, bump the specs

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 looks quite clearly from a previous generation of Samsung design when you set it alongside a Note 5. The shiny plastic edges and thinner home button haven't been used since the Galaxy S5 was released, and it's hard to argue that the newer design on show with the Note 5 isn't a better one overall.

The Galaxy S5 has an advantage in sheer grip thanks to its softer back and smaller size, but the glass and metal on the Note 5 are much nicer overall — both in looks and feel. Both phones have the same basic shape, but it's all about the details here in what makes the Note 5 the leader in the hardware department. Naturally there's no more removable battery and storage on the Note 5, so there isn't much to talk about — you either feel you need it, or in the past 18 months with your GS5 you've decided you don't.

You lose some grip, but get overall better hardware and a big jump in specs.

At the same time, there's a predictable improvement in specs when looking at phones released 18 months apart. Samsung's latest octa-core Exynos processor in the Note 5 is extremely quick, and the RAM has doubled from 2 to 4GB. The Galaxy S5's screen looks just fine on its own, but the older AMOLED display at 1080p just doesn't stand up to the brilliant newer AMOLED at QHD resolution on the newer phone. The fingerprint scanner, which was introduced first on the Galaxy S5, has improved dramatically to a one-touch variant on the Note 5 as well.

Of course a big loss here is waterproofing, which was a big deal for the Galaxy S5 but hasn't appeared in any of Samsung's top-end phones since then. Of course it had a trade-off of a very annoying flap covering the USB port, as well as minimal extra thickness in the back for water-tight gaskets, but having complete waterproofing without any extra case is definitely a plus. For whatever reason Samsung hasn't deemed it to be important on the same level as Sony and Motorola.

Aside from waterproofing and the removable battery and storage, the Note 5 has a lot going for it in the hardware department. It looks and feels nicer, has a better display, a faster fingerprint sensor, and upgraded internals all around.

Similar software, with a few new features

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S5

For as much as the hardware improved between these two phones, the software hasn't changed all that much. Assuming your Galaxy S5 has the latest update to Lollipop you're not far off from what's pre-loaded on the Note 5, save for a few subtle changes to the layout of the settings and how the launcher looks. TouchWiz is still TouchWiz, and if you're happy with your GS5's software — perhaps with a new launcher and keyboard installed — you'll feel the same on the latest Note.

You won't make this upgrade just for software improvements.

Of course the Note 5 has the S Pen and that necessitates some specific software there, but beyond that Samsung has also improved the camera interface (more on this later) and added YouTube Live streaming to the mix, if that's your sort of thing. There's still a solid bundle of pre-installed apps from both Samsung and partners (the number of which will depend on where you bought the phone), and while the system as a whole is a bit more slimmed down it's nothing revolutionary.

One thing you can say about the software is that it feels a little less heavy-handed overall, with animations and icons that are just a little simpler. Your eyes won't be assaulted by as many neon colors, but don't expect the Note 5 to be some big revelation in software if you upgrade.

Everything is faster, with better ways to charge

Galaxy Note 5 and S5

Through a combination of both hardware boosts and software to take advantage of it, the Note 5 does offer a serious bump in performance over the Galaxy S5. It was bound to happen when you bump up the internals, but the day-to-day performance of the Note 5 is notably better than the previous-generation GS5. Whether it's side-by-side comparisons or just anecdotal evidence, everything on the Note 5 is just a bit faster. Opening apps, switching through apps with the multitasking button, running multiple apps at once and particularly launching the camera are all quicker on the new hardware — as they should be.

Everything is faster, with the same battery life and more ways to charge.

Another part of performance is battery life, where the Note 5 will have to assure potential Galaxy S5 buyers that it's up to speed considering you can no longer remove the battery. The Galaxy S5 was never really known for having wonderful battery life, but it is definitely adequate for getting through a day. The same can be said for the Galaxy Note 5, with its 3000 mAh battery providing enough juice to get through a normal day with quite a bit left, or just get by on a heavier bit of use. Of course the Note 5 has the distinct advantage now of including fast charging for quick top-ups, as well as integrated wireless charging. While you get a pretty quick charge on the GS5 it's notably faster on the Note, and wireless charging could only be added to the GS5 with a clunky third-party insert.

Getting much better performance, as well as the aforementioned better screen, with the same battery life and better ways to charge really feels like an overall upgrade. There's enough here to likely make you forget about having a removable battery.

A big jump in camera quality

Galaxy Note 5 and S5

Both of these phones have 16MP camera sensors, but that's about where the similarities end. Samsung made a pretty big step up in camera quality just a handful of months after the Galaxy S5 with the launch of the Note 4, and since then has taken yet another step forward. While the GS5 is a pretty capable camera in daylight and simple situations, it's an absolute trainwreck in anything less than perfect lighting. The lack of OIS is troublesome, but the software and image processing isn't doing it any favors either.

The Note 5's camera is miles ahead of the GS5, particularly in low light situations.

The Note 5, by comparison, is a joy in both light and darker situations, giving a nice bit of pop in the daytime without going overboard, and keeping things clear and smooth when the lights are lower as well. The interface is easy to use and manipulate, and full manual controls in the "Pro" camera mode give you even more tweaks if you want it. It's been said since the Galaxy S6 launched with the same camera setup, but the Note 5 is really an industry-leading phone camera right now.

The cherry on top is the quick-launch camera feature, which lets you open up the Note 5's camera with two presses of the home button at any time. Being able to launch the camera and be snapping great pictures in a matter of three seconds is absolutely impressive, and you can't undervalue it if you're one to take a lot of pictures with your phone.

Bottom line: This is an upgrade to make

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S5

There's a lot awaiting you if you decide to make the jump from your Galaxy S5 up to the Galaxy Note 5, and it doesn't come with too many losses. You give up waterproofing and a removable battery, but you get overall improved hardware inside and out, a better screen, smoother and quicker software, and a new camera that's miles ahead of the old phone.

If this was a free upgrade for you it'd be a no-brainer, but unfortunately the Note 5 is rather expensive. You'll pay $700 or more out the door for a new Note 5 from your favorite carrier, while there's a solid chance you're still paying off (or riding out a contract for) the Galaxy S5 you're using now. Even if you bought it outright you probably won't recoup much more than $200 for your GS5, leaving a large chunk of money to make up to get the latest and greatest from Samsung.

But if you can make the move and justify the price bump, you won't be disappointed — the Galaxy Note 5 is a really solid improvement over the Galaxy S5.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • If you don't mind the bigger size, no question. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Do you really need to ask that question. If you can afford it hell yes . Trust me it's night and day difference Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's absolutely worth it, my brother has note 5 he loves it and I encourage a co worker get a note 5 and he crazy about it, they both had GS5 before upgrate but I am sticking with GS5 not that I don't have money I can write a check for 100 phones in cash the only reason I am hesitate because my fav feature "photo face tag" no longer available on GS6 and Note 5
  • I won't touch the Note 5... My Note 4 and the S5 are way better phones! That's my opinion, if you don't like it too bad! Posted via the Android Central App
  • yes note 4 awesome phone. but due to the fact that the S5 is waterproof wow no brainer
  • I have tested the not 4
    And the apple 6+
    And I think the apple is better than Samsung
    The note 4 camera dose not focus fast to many out of focus shots Were the apple is dead on every time
    You try you will see what I mean And the loud speak on the Apple much better
    Samsung photo software is crap
    I have note 4 And friend has apple Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sorry disagree with you as with many other independent blind test comparing Note 4 camera (score 83) beats iphone 6+ camera (score 82). Check out the results of blind camera test on where Note 4 crushes iphone 6+ camera.
  • Most people don't realize GS5 still a very very good phone, only 2/10 of a second slower the S6 and 15% less brightness as long as you don't DL bunches of crappy app your phone will work just fine and don't forget to turn off your auto-update allowing auto-update on your phone it's only do more harm than good. ( Playstore / setting /check Do not auto-update apps)
  • yes
  • After reading all the comments, it makes me wonder where all the hate over ditching the removable battery and SD card went. I guess people just love jumping on the bandwagon
  • I think a lot of those were just Apple paid shills to thwart sales of the GS6,Edge, Edge+, and Note 5. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I hope you're joking. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So so I Awesome AC.
  • Actually that happens all the time folks do a lot of complaining cause they don't like change are just not willing to give change a chance. There's many on these very forum's that where all over the gs6 an now n5 . But then once they actually got more information out they were willing to try it . And giving from the post to a man they all retracted everything that they thought was wrong about the n5 and plus. Now must love the phone . Hey the n5 is not for everyone but . There's no doubt it's a beast Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's the fact that I use my phone to store my music library. Without a SD card slot good luck. Removable battery was more a piece of mind because I have had batteries crap out on me and spaghetti forbid that should happen in a Note 5. I'll stick to my S5 and see what LG comes out with for now. But till then I have no use for an N5
  • It was piling on without a doubt. +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • That is a great signature lol. Is the change because of the guy that accused you of being a slammer? Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think people have just come to grip with reality. My Mom shocked the hell out of me and walked home a few weeks ago with the Note 5, after trading in her iPhone. She liked the pen and just wanted something different. I can't say I was overly critical and i wasn't part of the camp that complained about the plastic, but I did voice my frustration over the sealed battery. The SD slot doesn't bother me in the least. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've changed my mind after using her phone for a solid 4-5 hours. The phone is flipping amazing, and sealed batteries are something we just need to adapt to. Is have a major problem if it didn't get good battery life, like the S6, but the Note is a beast.
  • Many still feel that way; said so at the time and decided to wait for something else. I don't update often, so I still use a Note 3 (my second Samsung.
    If I did update now I would get an LG G4 or wait for Q1 2016 to end, just in case. Awesome AC.
  • It's right here, lol no bandwagon, I still crap all over the note 5. Samsung shouldn't have moved on to ufs2.0 until they had a working controller for the sd, plain and simple. Glad to see everyone got the isamsungphone they wanted. Glad to see that you love being told what you can and can't do. Have fun paying and sending your phone in when it needs another battery.
  • Another battery you mean maybe 4 years from now . I doubt I'll worry about that . I'll been have moved on to the note 10 by then but thanks for being so concerned. ....note 5 the beast Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nope, I'm still here. No SD card, no removable battery, no IP67 compliance. What's the point? My Galaxy S5 serves me fine. And like Dom1n1cus below (above?), I keep a ton of music and photos on my SD card. I won't go into my bad experiences with devices (mobile and otherwise) where the need to remove power was either the saving grace or the reason to take a sledgehammer to it.
  • We're still here loving the pre-applized Galaxy line. But we read the Moto and Sony threads now and skip over the Samsung fluff topics. If I liked the S6, I'd have joined the iPhone camp when the I4 came out. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ehh.. It boils down to what you prefer. I'll be all over the Note 5 if it has a MicroSD card slot. I heard it has great audio quality. It also sucks that there's no 128GB version of the phone and another killer, the 64GB version isn't available in my country and we're stuck with 32GB.
  • Best comment ever.
  • Should I upgrade from the Moto G LTE 1st gen to anything current? Nah...
  • Lol... Yes +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Abso-freakin-lutely.
  • "Lose the plastic, bump the specs". Although everyone knows this and it's been said many times before. It's amazing how many people complained about the plastic on the previous Samsung phones, and now it has glass, people complain about certain things on that. Yet the mass majority of people put these bad boys in a phone case, making each argument basically moot. This sidenote was brought to you by the GS6 Active. A phone that doesn't need a case, but I got one anyways because it just looks stinkin cool! (Black SUPCASE Beetle with transparent back and a camo decal that I got off eBay that is just awesome seen through the case) OK back to whether or not you should upgrade. Yes. Yes you should. Posted via the GS6 Active, aka GS6 M.E. (Manly Edition)
  • Do you want a phablet or not? That's really the only question. Otherwise stick with the S5 or S6 if you really want to spend some money for some reason.
  • Or just wait for the s7. I think a lot of people don't jump from the s series to the note series but stay on a two year s cycle. It has a lot to do with contracts and payment plans but still.. +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • This is what I was thinking as well. Posted via the Android Central App
  • "Or just wait for the s7." Only if it has a removable battery and a MicroSD slot like my S5. They are the reasons I opted for the S5 instead of the S6.
  • Same reasons I'm still carrying an S4.
    I'd have a Note 4, if root was available AND my pockets were bigger. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It would be considered one if it was 2010, not 2015. Posted.
  • Well Congrats to all of you who love the removeable battery, and SD card. I'll stick with my amazing resolution, my increased specs, and lag less experience that I've had with my edge plus. Without a doubt the best phone I've ever owned, on and also the best looking one :) Posted via the Android Central App
  • But the point you are trying to make is the one Samsung don't. And that point was that the S5 also has great specs!
    People keep parroting battery, SD card, and water proofing like it's a bad thing. When actually those are great bases to build a phone not to take away. I would even add the plastic body which has the strength of Kevlar, if you have seen GS2 and GS3 real world testing. They are like ice cream favors...yours has the ice cream, sprinkles, nuts, etc, but no cone. Mine has just plain ice cream, with a spoon, options of a cup, cone, or waffles. We actually do get toppings be you only notice them once you start eating.
  • Agree, timsomor. Also, I find it funny when they tout how good the performance is over the last generation, e.g. S5 was laggy and was built poorly compared to S6, yet I would bet these are the same people that would have defended to death what an awesome phone it was at the time whenever anyone said anything negative about it compared to different phone of same generation.
    As the comment above yours says this current crop of Samsung phones is lag free then what about all the phones previous? We were just buying crap the whole time and should have bought Windows phones for the smoothness of its UI?
  • All I am saying is you don't know what u have until you use it. However, no phone is problem free. As long as we have different carriers with different software and firmware there will always be some incompatibility that causes something....I have the S5 international unlocked phone....I defend it because it has saved my a** more times than I can count....I once sent a 30 page fax from my phone. But I have also owned international S2's and S3's. Both were lag my real world use of both phones. Also, fact of the matter is a lot of phone makers use the public as R&D!
    This is true.
  • I was talking about epicness4G defending his "lag less" edge plus and was agreeing with your comment. Sorry if my comment did not convey that properly. When I see comments like his then I wonder what did that make the S5 and its predecessors when people like epicness4G probably defended them at the time they were the new shiny on the block. All of the sudden the S5 is crap because the S6 is available for purchase(i.e. since Edge plus is lag less the S5 must of had lag)? SD card and removable batteries have been trash features this entire time and we just didn't know it until the S6 was released? I'm just pointing out the absurdity of the comments and articles such as these that highlight such behavior is all.
  • My bad....sorry for misinterpreting you..I agree 100% with this post....I actually went back and read in the thread that someone said we are going to uave to learn to live with the fact SD cards are going away...can you believe that? I have a 5k music collection I carry with me on a 128GB Evo...micro SD. People are just acepting the new lower storage with smiles on their faces just because they have a bigger screen with colors the human eye can't really tell the difference in. Only thing then know is the image seem more lively. Some of the comments make no sense.. again my bad.
  • Yes indeed, they are all jackasses. Samsung messed up by not having a memory controller for the sd before move on the ufs 2.0. Oh I have 2 apps,4 pics and 20 songs I downloaded cause I heard them on the radio and is just the greatest music...... Same people who have now watch me whip crap and think it's great. There are actually people who use their phone for a lot more than Twitter Snapchat and Facebook........ everyone enjoy your spoon fed crap that you swallow with a smile.
  • Lol, wtf are you going on about?
  • What's the use of "great build" if you have to hide it in a case to prevent glass cracking? All smart phones need case, including GS5 or Note 4, as they hit the glass front on drop. Build doesn't matter, functionality, features and performance does.
  • If I spent all that money on a phone I'd sure as hell say good things about it too! IMO,the Edge is a gimmick that only works with a limited number of apps. Now if only Samsung could put iOS on the Note 5 and Edge+ they'd be in 7th heaven. Next Samsungs will be Tizen
  • Yes s5 software is shit I had one on Verizon. Lollipop killed it dead. Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • Interesting. My T-Mobile GS5 has held up quite well with Lollipop.
  • My son is still thrilled with his S5 on Sprint. And he's really picky.
  • I just upgraded from a Sprint S5 to a Sprint Note5. It's night and day better on the Note5. The S5 was ruined with the Lollipop update on many carriers. Not sure how/why they still have not fixed that, but I was tired of waiting. Glad I stopped waiting.
  • Well, of course the Note 5 is better. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the S5. I was happy with my S3 until I got the Note 4.
  • The s5 in my house is humming along on sprint as well... +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Well the Verizon version has something up with it. Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • Ya, It's called 5.0 combined with lagwiz
  • My S5 on Verizon runs fine with lollipop. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agree. My 2nd line on Tmo is a s5 and the damn things a workhorse. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It also has 5.1.1. All of Samsung's 5.0.1 updates have been terrible.
  • They're not Samsung's updates.
  • They sure as hell are Samsung's updates after they mod the hell out of it with their proprietary software, aka lagwiz
  • No, you're wrong. Again. lol
  • Does it have 5.1.1. ? Posted via the Android Central App
  • My S5 works great on Lollipop. Not sure what you did wrong.
  • The only thing I did wrong was update my phone. Posted From my Nexus 6/Nexus 7 2013/Surface pro 3
  • Can confirm. Have the Galaxy s5 with lollipop and it's complete shit. Absolutely horrible phone with tons of lag and battery is horrible. Should have stayed with 4.4
  • Same on my note 3- can't even revert back. Posted via the Android Central App
  • My sprint s5 is as good as ever. I try custom roms frequently though,so I'm always getting fresh installs of the firmware when I do come back to touchwiz. I clear my system cache from time to time as well. I've heard various people say it doesn't do anything,but it sure does on mine. Posted via the Android Central App
  • My s5 is running great with lollipop on att. I like my s5 and am happy with so never even thought about getting any of the new galaxy's or a note.
  • +1 to the ATT S5 running great on lollipop. Very stable...can go a month or more without a reboot. I could not say the same thing about the GS3.
  • No, buy a Note 4 instead.
  • This is good advice since they'll be gaining a lot of what makes the Note 5 a good choice while also keeping features from the S5 they may want to keep, all for half the price of a Note 5 since they're is quite a few deals on the Note 4 right now. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Maybe when every carrier finally pushes out 5.1.1 and rids it of the POS 5.0.1 update the note 4 has been on the last 6 months
  • My Note 4 has had 5.1.1 since early August.
  • That's great, but I said "when every carrier finally pushes out 5.1.1"
  • No where is the Note 4 half price of the N5 right now, unlocked and off contract.
  • Visit slickdeals dot com to be proven wrong.
  • Amen brother Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's what I would do if I were in the market for a large phone. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Did I miss a mention of Samsung Pay/MST? IMO, that's a big reason to upgrade. If I could afford the upgrade to Note 5, that would be one of the biggest reasons to do so.
  • At this point it hasn't really proven to be that big of a draw (and is currently only available as a beta). Of all the reasons to upgrade your phone, I think the ones listed here are all above having access to Samsung Pay. Particularly when your older phones (like the GS5) will work just fine with NFC payments via Android Pay, making up part of the same experience.
  • Nfc and Android pay only works at certain places, Samsung pays works virtually everywhere. I don't even think these different payment systems should be mentioned in the same breath as Samsung pay. Note 5/AC App...
  • Exactly, that's why I like it. I had a Loop Pay fob, and it worked almost everywhere. So I'm spoiled on MST. The only reason I don't use the fob anymore is because I don't like having to carry the extra device. If it was part of my phone, that would be perfect.
  • Samsung pay is one of the main reason I got the gs6 then gs6 plus .l. looking forward to being able to leave my cards at home . And the gift cards that you get every Christmas that you forgot to but in your wallet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sure Samsung Pay works "virtually everywhere" from a standpoint of technology. But it doesn't work in a lot of places where you currently have to hand over a card to someone to swipe. Good luck trying to take your phone back to the back of a restaurant to pay for a meal when your waiter comes to take a card, or reach over the counter and place your phone on the POS terminal when they want to take your card and swipe it on their side... Samsung Pay has a lot of promise, and including MST is huge for expanding its usability, but to think it's ready to just replace your wallet and you'll never have to carry a wallet or physical cards is crazy talk.
  • I plan on doing just that. Never having to carry a card again. Sure I might stick one in the back of the case for rare times but I am ditching a wallet altogether. +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • That's what I'd do. Get a simple/light wallet case, insert driver's license and one card and then ditch my wallet.
  • One of my old cases for my note 3 was pretty easy to take off. When I would go to a bar or something I would slip a cc and do right in the case and close it back up. Gonna try that.. +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Andrew I absolutely agree with you. I'm not suggesting that samsung pay can completely replace credit cards (At least not yet ). I'm just saying that it is much more readily available than their competitors. Most of the places I shop at on an everyday basis is department stores. (Target, best buy, home depot, Mall of America, ect...) And out of those hundreds of stores, they all have the credit card swipe or chip insert systems that accepts Samsung pay. If I had to chose choose one mobile payment system, it would definitely be SP... Note 5/AC App...
  • I agree, Samsung pay was one of the deciding features that made me upgrade from my note 4. I have been using it for a week now and It has a 100% success rate so far. It's so easy and it is way faster than me pulling out my wallet and inserting the "chip". And what I really like about it is I can get straight to my credit cards from my lock screen. Every place that I've been to was shocked that it worked. Even the geek squad over at Best Buy jaws dropped when I used it. Note 5/AC App...
  • Yes if you can handle the size.
  • That's what she said! Wait what? +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Actually the foot print of the n5 is not that much different the the s5 ,which I might add is still a good phone . Heck I just picked up a super clean gs3 for my grandson, I refuse to get him a gs6 until he can go you year without breaking his phone haha . Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just got a note 5 and love it. I use the s pen a lot for work. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have yet to see anybody remove the case, take off the back cover and replace the battery on a Note 4 or any smartphone for that matter. Now I've seen people connect to juice packs. The only thing you will miss from the Note 4 is the sd card. Hell the battery on my S3 is still working fine and I've used and abused that little phone. Yes the Note 5 is an upgrade, just make sure you negotiate a great deal on a Note 5, no reason to be paying top dollar. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I do it all the time, but I go into crappy reception areas a lot, no wifi, and that eats battery like mad. Damn server room in a bank vault... +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Hahahahahaha Posted via the Android Central App
  • On my gs5 and my lg g4 I always have a spare battery with me to swap out. I probably only end up swapping out the battery once a week but it's comforting to know that I never need to worry about it dying on me which was always a stress without it Posted via the Android Central App
  • I usually have to swap once a day with regular use. Heavy use might require more. I couldn't live without removable batteries. Just say "NO" to anti-consumer phones.
  • I'm sure some people do it. Well, obviously, since there are comments to that effect. But I never do. The only reason I ever remove the battery on my Note 4 is because it's necessary as part of the flash procedure now (TWRP won't "stick" unless you uncheck reboot and do a battery pull). When you have a non-removable battery, there are button presses to force a reboot, so a phone getting "hung" won't matter.
  • Think some will also misd the IR blaster
  • I had the same choice in front of me. There are really 4 worthy Samsung devices to choose from, S6, S6 Edge, Note 5 and the S6 Edge +. I went with the Edge+ and am absolutely loving it. I have had every single Galaxy Flagship and really wanted something a little different. The edge had provided that. Not quite a week in but it has been an improvement in every area. I had someone ask if the screen was hard to look at, it took a couple hours to get used to. But when looking at pics FB and video the effect is great! I made sure to do a case [body glove basic] and a screen protector [zagg shield]. The final outcome is setellar. My $.02. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't get the question "Should I upgrade from the Galaxy S5 to the Note 5?"... If that is someones question, it sounds like they haven't even settled on what size phone they want. If they have an S6, its pretty new, so they just very recently chose the 5 inch model... Sounds like the question "What size is right for me" needs to be answered first.
  • Honestly, the Note5 doesn't feel much larger than the S5 in the hand. Sure it's way taller, but the width really is only a few mm different and hardly noticeable. That was the big sell for me. Now that I've gone to the phablet, my wife's S6 seems like a tinker toy.
  • Cool, glad you like it.. But it sounds like you have answered the "What size is right for me" question.
  • yes, sorry, wasn't disagreeing with you. that's the first question people need to ask, they may be surprised when they use a larger phone, that was just my experience.
  • I have an S5 and although I want a bigger phone, the Note 5 is not even a contender. There's no way I'm losing my SD card slot and waterproofing. The Z5 or Z5 Premium will be on my short list. I'm sick of Samsung, their terrible RAM management, laggy software, not to mention the removal of waterproofing, removable batteries and SD cards. They can also keep their silly glass backs.
  • I remember a lot of people taking a piss on the water-resistance when it came out, but I found that to be a very useful feature. That's probably the one feature I miss the most.
  • Personally, with the things lost moving to the Note 5 (batt, SD card, waterproofing, and root) I didn't see $700 worth of value.
  • I think the logical thing to do would be going with the S6. The Note might still be too big for some people. The size is significantly bigger. Posted via the Android Central App
  • As much as I love big phones, this is one situation where I would not upgrade! Losing water resistance and flexibility is not worth it IMO. The S5 may not be as good as the Note 5 in terms of software and such, but it's still a solid phone that has a lot going for it.
  • The whole water resistant thing Imo is so overplayed it's just more a marketing tool if you ask me . . I can say I almost have never heard of anyone I know that really even thinks about that feature. And I know a ton of folks that purchase the s5 and funny they all never even knew that was a feature they simple got it cause there Samsung fans and the street cred that the phone brings . This person is obviously a Samsung kind of guy so the n5 would definitely be the right choice. Even over the gs6 mainly cause of the battery issue Posted via the Android Central App
  • My son uses the waterproof feature, but only because it's "cool". He doesn't NEED to take his phone into the shower. He just does it because he can.
  • Haha yep I know what you mean . It's more a novelty then anything. Even my grandson whose hard on phones has never dropped it is. The water , he just drops them on the ground hence the reason he won't be getting anything close to a gs6 for a while Posted via the Android Central App
  • I live close to the beach and can take my S5 with me without worrying about sand or water ruining the phone. And then I can wash it off afterwards. I wouldn't buy a phone without it.
  • You're braver than me, their is no way in hell I would let sand get near my gorilla glass. Sand is one of the few things that can easily scratch gorilla glass. If I were taking my device to the beach it would be in a life proof/armor style case. Posted via the Android Central App
  • today i bought note 4...came from note 3.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Good choice still have my n4 edge even after my jump to the gs6 plus. It's a good phone still enjoy mine . Your iPhone friends won't admit to it but they'll be jealous when you pull out that pen Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have s5 and note 5 it's an upgrade well worth making. Best smart phone in my opinion. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I passed my S5 to my son for the remainder of the contract, and got my Note 5 on early release, and I couldn't be happier with the immense upgrade. The camera improvements alone were worth it.
  • I love my note 5 and I came from the 4. I never tried the s5 but I know some people loved the waterproofing so you may miss that. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Glad I made the right choice. I am not sure I could go back to the S5 after having my Note 5 for a week. When I pick up my wife's S5 it feels foreign to me and like it's in Easy mode with it's large icons and small screen.
  • Haha I know what you mean picked up my grandson s3 . To check his 4.4 upgrade oh my has TouchWiz changed for the better . Posted via the Android Central App
  • People can tallllk and talk but I really don't see a point in dropping my s5 for even the Note 5. I don't see the new look as important, besides losing these big s5 bezels. Either way though,is it really that important to have the big spec upgrade just to do the stuff you could do on a Moto g? I know some people do some crazy stuff,but the majority of us are using social networking,browsing on chrome and etc. When I finally upgrade I want a different phone,different UI,everything. I wish HTC had been a little more mind blowing this year. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Comparing the S-Line to the Note line. Two very different phones. The article should have talked about whether or not you should upgrade from the S5 to the S6. Posted via The Next Big Thing. My Samsung Galaxy Note 5!
  • I agree s5 to s6, not to the Note. Apples and oranges.
  • These Note 5 articles are starting to seem like revenue click bait. Just saying. It's getting a bit silly. What's next? Should you upgrade your StarTac to a Note 5? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't own a Note, but I can say the Note 4 was a nice phone to hold in the hand. I liked the stock back cover had a good grip in my hand.
  • nope .. just nope .. use my sd card way too much AND removable battery .
  • Don't upgrade to note 5 or else u have to lose ur sd card Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have a few points to make. One is my phone is a unlocked GS5 carrier until I put my t-mobile Sim in it. If you can buy unlocked instead of getting your device through a carrier you will see a lot of these device update problems, lag issues, and speed problems go away. 95% of what I just mentioned is caused by carriers doing things wrong and 5% Samsung not being in the loop of helping carriers in how to do it correctly. If you have any phone that reacts bad to a software update just reset to factory afterwards. Samsung to their credit makes it easy to backup all the things you deem important to you on your device, and other apps on the playstore can take care of the rest based on need. I personally like the 5.1 android update. I did notice that something does cause problems with the update from 4 to 5, but it's nothing a factory reset can't cure. If it's needed all. I just personal like to refresh my phone after important firmware updates. I love to carry around my music collection. This is one of the major things that turned me away from the S6, among other things. As I stated in a post above Samsung did a bad job in letting people know how good the specs of S5 are/were at the time of it's release. The reviews were terrible. Yet, those of us who rely on our own judgment had a bit more say about the S5. I sent a 30 page fax from mine one time and it's been surprising me ever since. Another thing is Samsung phones are happy with Samsung accessories only. If you have a SanDisk SD card having trouble in your galaxy phone....switch to a Samsung Evo and watch what one will tell you this but me! If u can expand storage use a Samsung product. Next is cases....who today has a high end smartphone without a case, screen protection, and mobile power pack? I will tell you, people who love to slam products because they have no clue of how to keep or use them. Someone wrote the reason they updated was to read Facebook better...seriously! Nice phablets are bigger and nice but they also look that way to thieves as well. "If it can't be consealed or you can move about without letting others know you have, where you have it, you are a target". Even saying that I bet a lot of people think I mean the person walking up and physically taking your phone. No, I am talking about people using devices to copy your phone. Think about that for a minute.... Some people leave everything widget turned on...Bluetooth, nfc, etc. I see it all the time and I have seen them become victims. Anyhow, if Samsung does not get its act right with the S7 I would say it's time to find a company that is not taking cues from apple....specially since you build their stuff which makes you better than them Samsung!
  • Thanks for a really good post. Great observations.
  • I have a Samsung microSD and a PNY microSD and I don't notice any difference at all.
  • You may have a compatible card from a compatible company ...I did call out SanDisk only in my post as being problem cards. Plus, they are marketed as the best...with supposed top of the line class 10 cards.
  • Agreed. Though I wish I could experience an unlocked S5 in the States. I'd rather rely on Samsung rather than Crap-rizon with their bootloader locking, bloating nonsense.
  • Somewhat academic question if you are in Europe.
  • i just want to say. I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy s5 updated to Lollipop and I haven't had any problems really. It is still a great phone, but I am ready for an upgrade. I thought about going to the new iphone, until I went into Best Buy the other day and put my hands on that Note 55 and immediately decided to stay in android land. I have been used to keeping my sd card with me from phone to phone, but I will get used to not having it i guess. Probably get the 64gb version of the Note 5.
  • Love the Note 5! Do it! Posted via the Android Central App
  • In my opinion I would say that the note 4 is a better phone only because the note 5 doesn't come with a memory card slot other that that go for the note 5
  • Let's see: no microSD, no water resistance, no removable battery, no IR blaster.... Nah. Wait until Samsung makes a real Samsung phone instead of Apple-ing it up.
  • So your saying that samsung should go back to slow and buggy those where the real phones ........nooooooo I'll stick with the new Samsung faster smoother not buggy thank very much Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh you mean like the laggy slow phones of the past ...not I stick to the fast and smooth of the new gs6 edge plus but thanks anyway Posted via the Android Central App
  • SD cards are 2007 tech. get with 2016 already.
    Keep you electronics away from water. problem solved.
    removable batteries ... waaaah, not needed.
    IR blaster, you can grab the remote laying on the table 10x faster than you can dig thru phone for an app, select the device you want to control.
    the remote app is always missing half the features of the remote laying on the table right in front of you. useless feature. Note 5 is the faster phone I have user used. best device on the market. Only 2 other phones come close, S6 Edge and S6 Edge +
    Gold standard, king of phones, nothing else matters...
  • 2016 tech sucks. $100+ for every additional 32GB of internal storage is a ripoff (costs the manufacturer far less). No 128GB option for the Note 5. Streaming/cloud is worthless in places without ubiquitous wifi. LOL @ "laggy slow phones". do you have an unlocked phone or a carrier phone? Removable batteries are "not needed"? Wait for that battery to die/fail and you have to go to an "authorized retail center" instead of just going to Amazon, buying a replacement and doing it yourself beforehand. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a 2014 phone, as is the Note 4. Both of them work just fine for many users, plus you have other cool features that the 2015 phones simply don't have. The only reason why you would want S6/Note 5 is if you want Android 5.1 out of the box. Or if you're cool with only 32GB of storage with no room for expansion. The are other 2015 phones (Moto X Pure Edition, and LG G4) that offer you a comparable experience AND the things that Android users enjoy over Apple. These are just Apple-style phones... with TouchWiz.
  • Yes. Or, save some money and upgrade to the Note 4.
  • Nice One!!!
  • I upgraded from a S5 to a note5 and i have no complaints. Side by side the screen looks way better, camera quality is way better, speed is waay faster. I do miss my SD card slot, but I can live without it, waterproofing was cool but I can live without it also. I'd say its a really nice upgrade honestly. I do miss my usb 3.0 though. even though all my S5 charger cords ended up splitting somehow, but the wireless charging pad helps, just plop it on the nightstand.
  • Note 5 is awesome. smokes the note 4. Yes, yes, yes.
    SD cards are 2007 tech and slow as hell. people are just crying over them still.
  • just do it!
  • Should not the comparison be between the S5 and the S6/ S6+? Just saying. Note 5 should be compared to Note 4 . . . or did i miss that one too.
  • Absolutely ditch the S5! I wouldn't even let my kids have an S5 as a hand me down. Traded it for 2 S6 edges for them instead. Posted via NOTE 5
  • I freaking love my Note 5! Best Samsung I've had to date. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The question should be "Should I upgrade to the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium. That is the real question. Posted via My htc One M8
  • Guys, I have the t-mobile g1. Should I upgrade to the note 5? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Business Insider and PCAdvisor : best phones for 2015/2016 : IPhone 6 plus/ 6s plus , IPhone 6 / 6s , I know it's strange to say that here. i've one Note 4 , after an awful experience with S6 (heating, battery life, etc ) and one Iphone 6 . If you ask me best upgrade solution for S5 is IPhone 6 , battery life , performance app, reliability , price after 6s anouncement., ios9 best os for phone. I really like Note 4 but not for battery life , camera performance or stupid lag dialer. Maybe with Android M , Note 4 will be interesting device . Note 5 is just a toy if you compare with IPhone 6s plus.
  • Good one lol you know nobody on this site is going to take you seriously. Your on the wrong site to try and troll. But we can all use a good laugh once in a while... Posted via NOTE 5
  • How about an analogy?
    When you buy an expensive cordless drill it comes with a WHAT? Yeah that's right, an extra battery. WHY? Because you can change it and be up to full power immediately while the other is charging -- no downtime.
    This is the same idea for a premium wasted time charging (NONE). I always laugh at the Iphone people for crowding around power sockets (Airports, coffee shops...etc...). I can now laugh at certain Android users as well (Some progress I suppose).
    Same idea for a micro-SD; I don't need to be in an area with WiFi or good 4g as I have access ALL (100%) of the time no matter what.
    Simply put, less choices = bad.
  • I understand ZOMMBIE1 , all of us who don't "Posted via NOTE 5" or have a different opinion , we are trolls .
  • They are very different form factors; let alone phones. The Note 5 seems like a bad move anyway. I'm considering a Note 4 as they get cheaper; it was the last phone Samsung made with removeable battery and card (which I want). Even the LG G4 is a better option - for me. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I guess, if you think that trading a stylus and some speed for waterproof, removable battery and SD card is an "upgrade".... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nope. The waterproofing alone has saved my bacon twice and while battery life on the S5 is pretty good, if and when it dies I can just replace it. I also still like the size and the noon-glass back. Like being able to load an SD card full of music easily into it. 1080p screen is more than adequate. Will probably look elsewhere come upgrade time unless future Galaxy models bring back some of these lost features. True story! No Longer on a Galaxy Quest