Should you buy the RAVPower Mini External SSD?

RAVPower and Pixel 4xl
RAVPower and Pixel 4xl (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: You should buy the RAVPower Mini External SSD if you are traveling for work or pleasure. It connects seamlessly to your Android phone and lets you transfer data to your PC at lightning-fast speeds when you are on-the-go.

Not a cloud in the sky

We can all agree that cloud storage is a wonderful thing. I use Google Photos daily to store a plethora of photos and videos and Google Drive to house everything else, but it's a very fragile system. When you have to rely on the cloud, as a traveler or for work on location, for example, it tends to let you down and the most inopportune time.

With the RAVPower Mini SSD, you don't need to worry about being online. You can quickly and easily transfer your data from your phone to your laptop without any extra steps. Uploading video to the cloud only to download it back to a laptop is time-consuming and data-heavy. The mini SSD makes light work of the same data transfer.

It's small but big

The whole SSD is just four inches tall and a little over one inch wide, making it incredibly easy to slide into a pocket or messenger bag without adding a lot of bulk to your day. I've had it in my inside pocket for a while now, using it as I need to, storing large videos files from my Pixel 4XL to transfer them to my Surface GO when required.

In fact, because of the capacity of this tiny little device, I rarely transfer from it and use it as my Surface GO's external hard drive. At 540MB/s, the transfer speed is lightning quick. I've had no trouble moving gigabytes of information in moments, and using it on a laptop feels as fast as using the internal options.

Every time you plug the SSD into your android phone, as long as you have the app installed, it quickly launches the RAVPower file manager to help you organize your data ready to transfer. Once you have everything you need from your phone, it connects easily to your laptop to transfer.

It's a great buy

I thought living in the future meant living on the internet, but I was wrong. What it means to me is having access to the data I want, when I want it. The RAVPower Mini SSD, especially the one terabyte version, gives me the option to have all my data with me wherever I go, all in a case the size of a Pez dispenser.

James Bricknell
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