Should you buy the Note 8 or wait for Note 9?

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was one of the best large phones to come out in 2017. Samsung absolutely redeemed itself last year following the Note 7 debacle, and with a gorgeous display, excellent S Pen features, and stunning design, the Note 8 is still a joy to use.

However, because of the industry we're in, there really is always something better coming around the bend. One of our forum users reached out to the community to see if they should upgrade their Note 4 to the Note 8 or hold off for the Note 9 later in the year, and these are some of the top answers:

I came from note 4 and as much as I loved it, the 8 is just a completely different level of beast, I had planned to keep the 4 as a spare but sold it 2 weeks later as I wasn't even looking in it's direction after first day with the 8


Really depends on your situation. Note 8 is a very, very good device. It isn't plagued with the issues from the Note 7 days. Note 9- not even out yet. If you're in no hurry, may as well wait. Or if cost is of any concern, wait a little while and when the Note 9 comes out the Note 8 will be discounted and too save some cash.


If you get the N8 it'll be a huge upgrade over the N4 then when you go for the N9 from the N8 it probably won't feel that much greater to you. Just a thought. Maybe wait for the N9 just to make it that much more of an experience.


If you can use your Note 4 for another 8 months then wait for Note 9. If not, get a Note 8.


How about you – If you were in this situation, would you pick up the Note 8 or wait for the Note 9?

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