Should I buy an Eero mesh router for an apartment?

Eero Pro kit
Eero Pro kit (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Best answer: A "mesh" Wi-Fi system may feel like overkill for an apartment, but if you have a space larger than a studio you can still benefit from the Eero system with a main Eero router and a Beacon. Even with limited square footage, you will enjoy rock-solid Wi-Fi connectivity and simple device management.

Some Eero features are great no matter your square footage

Eero gives you excellent network reliability and control over every function with an app.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are known for their ability to bring coverage to large or multi-floor homes, but there's more to it than that — some of what makes Eero great is applicable to any amount of square footage. Eero has an excellent app that will give you a snapshot of your network and keep you up to date with every single device in use. You can diagnose issues that may arise, manage guest access, check network speeds, and manage family profiles that let you control which people in your home have access to the internet at specific times of the day.

With the Eero Plus subscription, you also have the peace of mind knowing that the router is adding an extra layer of protection from outside threats trying to attack your devices. You can block certain content from being accessed by certain devices, which can be super-useful for families with young children. You can even block some ads at the network level so you don't have to run ad-blocking software on your computers.

Even small spaces can have coverage problems

Whether a multi-unit Eero system is worth it for your apartment depends on what size apartment you live in. If you have a small apartment with just a couple of rooms or a studio, there's little reason to get a multi-router solution. You'll be best off with a more basic router — you can even buy a single Eero for $199 without an additional Beacon.

Even small apartments can have coverage problems, and adding a mesh system can solve them.

However, you'd be surprised to know that even a relatively small apartment can benefit from a mesh Wi-Fi solution like an Eero. Not all square footage is created equal — deciding whether you need an Eero with an extra Beacon depends on multiple factors: How many rooms you have, the layout, where your internet connection is, and how old your apartment is can all make a big difference in Wi-Fi coverage and speeds.

If you can benefit from a mesh Wi-Fi router, you'll probably already know it. If you have an older apartment with tough-to-penetrate walls, have multiple floors, or an odd floor plan with lots of room separation, chances are you experience bad coverage or at the very least slow speeds in some areas. If you have a single router now and notice that your phones, computers, or smart home gear struggles to keep a consistent connection in some areas of the home, you'll want to consider an Eero system with an extra Beacon.

Place the Beacon strategically, and it can dramatically improve not only your coverage but also your speeds within that coverage area. That can be incredibly useful for security cameras, or high-bandwidth devices in other rooms like gaming consoles or streaming set-top boxes. Beacons can be plugged into any outlet and are completely wireless, so you won't have any issues finding a place for it. Eero automatically handles configuration, so your devices can use either access point and switch between them seamlessly — and you'll enjoy faster and more consistent speeds across your home.

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