And the rocket's red glare....

Fireworks add an extra pop of excitement to any holiday that features them. Whether you're watching a magnificent, professional fireworks spectacular or some backyard sparklers, fireworks are wonderful and should be observed (safely) with wonder and respect. And while we can't have fireworks every day, we can have firework wallpapers every day at least.

We Go On

When there are fireworks displays going on all across the country on one night, places that normally have fireworks have to step it up. Take Illuminations at Epcot. They kick things up after their unity-focused fireworks, with a five minute finale of — I kid you not — solid pyrotechnic booms. I thought I was gonna go deaf at one point. And while the booms in this lovely image are significantly less eardrum-bursting, they're nonetheless beautiful.


Fireworks around the world

This weekend Americans will be shooting off fireworks by the bushel, but fantastic firework displays are found all over the world. This show in Singapore is magnificent, and while most of us might never see their National Day display, wallpapers like these can remind us of the spark of adventure… and phosphorus.

Fireworks by nuic

And the rocket's red glare

While fireworks wow in every color, there's something about red fireworks that's special. It's the color we celebrate in the Star Spangled Banner, the rocket's red glare. It's a deeply patriotic color in countries around the world, from America to France to Germany to Russia to China, where these red rockets cast the castle at Hong Kong Disneyland in a brilliant silhouette.

Disneyland Hong Kong Red Skies by sleekpixels

Pretty fiery flowers...

There are many different kinds of fireworks and while most of them get macho, patriotic names, some are more whimsical. Take this impressive display right here, with a name Roger Rabbit could get behind: Exploding Flower Bed fireworks. They do kinda resemble a bed of exotic fire-red flowers… expect that picking one would probably lost you some bones...

Exploding Flower Bed

Who said there was such a thing as too many fireworks?

Fireworks come in just about every shape and size imaginable, and the level of chemistry and artistry that goes into crafting their colors, shapes, and type of burn is quite impressive. Each color here requires a different metal or metallic compound to achieve its particular hue, from Stronium red rockets to Cesium blue bombshells.


All these awesome fireworks started with a mouse...

Fireworks are fantastic, but without people to enjoy them with, it's just a quick burn and a loud bang. People (And music) can turn fireworks from a noise complaint into a full-fledged show, and no one puts on firework shows quite like Disney. As one of the largest fireworks purchasers in the world, it should be no surprise that the mouse puts on quite a show for its guests… and everyone within a few miles of the property.

Awesometacular Disney Fireworks