Shazam on Android

Shazam, that oh-so-cool “music discovery” app that identifies a song simply by listening, has been updated to allow free unlimited tagging. This means that users no longer have to upgrade to the paid Shazam Encore ($4.99 in the Android Market) should they want to tag more than five songs per month. The update, bumping Shazam up to version 3.0.0, also brings support for “Shazam Friends”, a feature that allows you to share your tags via Facebook, formerly available to iOS users only.

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The unlimited tagging promotion will last through January 1, 2012 and is made possible by a sponsorship from eBay (a unique pairing, but who’s complaining?). Hit the source link for the full press release and grab the new and improved app from the Android Market link after the break.

Source: Shazam