Serious Sam Collection hits Google Stadia on March 3, Serious Sam 4 confirmed

Serious Sam
Serious Sam (Image credit: Devolver Digital)

What you need to know

  • Serious Sam Collection includes four incredible shooters.
  • It was announced for Google Stadia a few days ago.
  • The game is coming to the cloud streaming service on March 3.
  • You can purchase the Stadia Premiere Edition for $130 on the Google Store.

A few days ago, Google announced that the Serious Sam Collection was coming to the service soon. Ever since the reveal, everyone has been asking the company to provide an exact release date. Luckily, that happened today. The compilation is coming to Stadia on March 3. You can read an excerpt from the press release Android Central received below.

Get ready to follow Sam 'Serious' Stone in his quest to destroy the alien overlord, Mental, when the Serious Sam Collection launches on Stadia next week! You heard right... March 3... fight against wave after wave of invading alien hordes in the action-adventure shooter.

The trailer also gives you a taste of what to expect. The action is absolutely crazy, to say the least!

The collection features four of the best Serious Sam games and has been updated with enhanced visuals, lush landscapes, improved textures, and character models in high definition. With an arsenal of chainsaws, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, sniper rifles and more, this is some serious first-person shooting action.

Serious Sam 4, the latest entry in the popular franchise, is coming to PC on September 24, and it seems like it's hitting Stadia at the same time.

Asher Madan