Sense 4.1 and Android 4.0.4 reportedly hitting European HTC One S

Reports are coming in from around the web that the European version of HTC's One S is receiving an over-the-air update to Android 4.0.4 (from 4.0.3) and HTC Sense 4.1. The update to software version 2.31 weighs in at 157MB, and is hitting unlocked handsets today. Sense 4.1 is said to improve performance throughout, while introducing a coupe of new features like quick settings in the notification dropdown. And as we saw in recent One X updates, the new software version also lets you remap the multitasking key, if you prefer to use it as a menu button. Early reports also suggest the usual combination of bug fixes and stability improvements.

If you’re rocking an unlocked European HTC One S, head to Settings > About phone > Software updates to see if your OTA is ready. Branded versions of the One S, including the T-Mobile U.S. variant, will likely see their updates pushed out in the weeks ahead, after they’ve been properly certified. (Fingers crossed, One X owners -- hopefully your update won't be far behind!)

Source: XDA, The Verge

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  • downloading !!
  • my unlocked international HTC One X STILL hasn't gotten 4.0.4
  • Are you sure yours is a european version ? There is a difference between asian version and the european version of the HOX. So far as I know nobody has seen this update for the asian version.
    This version (for HOX) has been downloadable for a few day for a few days from the HTC EUROPE site.
    Still nothing on the asian site. Apparently this version for the HOS is not available for download yet.
  • But no changes to the multitasking "feature" HTC thinks we like so much? Do apps still close way before they need to based on available memory?
  • Lol the sooner thats gone the better!
  • Is there a way I can unlock my phone to get this update now?
  • Check htc/European site an maybe you can download it.
    Edit: not there yet. Check back in a few days. Other than that, you can not force an update.
  • i want this update for my t-mobile htc one s.. where is our ota update?? lol
  • Need. T-mobile. Now.
  • xda-developers dot com!