A slim, tough and functional case with an added kickstand

If you've browsed for and bought a few cases for past phones there's a good chance you've looked at a Seidio Surface case, and the well-known slim case option with a kickstand is also available for the Galaxy Note 4.

Just like the version of this case for other phones, the Surface is a solid option for Note 4 owners who want a hard case with a little added grip and an integrated kickstand — read along for our full review.

Seidio SURFACE for Galaxy Note 4

The Surface case for the Note 4 looks and feels just like it does for other models, with a hard plastic shell on the outside coated in a fine soft touch material. The inside has a bit of a felt lining that keeps your phone from getting scuffed inside, and the case goes together in two pieces with a simple clip on the back. A spring-loaded metal kickstand on the bottom portion of the phone pops out and retracts with the help of your fingernail, and props up the Note 4 at a great angle for listening to music or watching a few videos.

The case is slim and doesn't hurt your ability to use the phone, providing a small amount of extra grip. And unlike some other models of the Surface case for smaller devices, the kickstand portion of the case doesn't bulge out of the back — it sits nearly flush with the rest of the phone. All of the appropriate cutouts are made for buttons, speakers and microphones, and the cutout for the USB port is plenty large to handle any sort of cable you'll plug into your Note 4.

The Seidio Surface case is an old mainstay that I've used on my Nexus 5 for ages, and it's just as great a choice for the larger Note 4. You can pick one up for $31.95 in black, blue, red or gold colors, and I'll definitely be keeping this one around for my own phone.

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