Seidio Convert Combo case for the HTC One M8

Weekend (or weekday) warrior? You'll want to look at the multiple levels of protection this combo case offers

Not everyone needs the same amount of protection from a phone case, and that's why they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. The Seidio Convert Combo case for the HTC One M8 tries to split the difference somewhat, giving you three different levels of protection depending on how you put together the parts.

It still leans on the more heavy duty end of the case spectrum, but may appeal to someone who needs lots of protection most of the time, and just a bit less bulk the rest of the time. Read along and take a look at this interesting multi-layer case set for the HTC One M8.

Seidio Convert Combo case for the HTC One M8Seidio Convert Combo case for the HTC One M8

The Convert Combo case is basically four parts, or layers if you will. The first is basically just a Seidio Surface case with a metal kickstand that is made of a hard plastic with a soft touch coating on it. It slides on in two pieces, and actually works as a great stand-alone case. The only thing that sets it apart from a standard Surface case is the kickstand area is raised so that it works when you add the extra layers.

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Those extra layers are the second level of protection. A soft rubber cover goes on over the first layer, and is secured by a hard plastic shell that gives you an extreme amount of protection. This adds rubber flaps over the ports and even the camera, meaning nothing but the screen and speakers are exposed. The small rubber flap that covers the main camera cleverly folds out of the way and snaps back to let you use it when you need it, but protect the camera otherwise.

Seidio Convert Combo case for the HTC One M8Seidio Convert Combo case for the HTC One M8

The last level of protection is the belt clip, which only works with the full getup installed on your M8. It's adjustable to multiple angles, locks in place and comes with two differently-sized belt clips. The phone clicks into it reassuringly screen-in, meaning anything you bump up against will not hit the phone's delicate parts (that camera cover makes a lot of sense now). While belt clips may not be the "in" thing nowadays, they're a necessity for many people who just can't have their phone in their pocket or sitting down somewhere where it'll get bumped and destroyed.

The Seidio Convert Combo case is an interesting proposition for $47.95 from ShopAndroid, especially considering that the Surface case itself would normally set you back just over $30. If you're ever in need of serious protection — and yes, a belt clip — for your HTC One M8, this may be a great versatile choice for you.