Ahh, school days. The time when students are busy cramming for tests and studying for essays. Students often don't have the time to take care of their everyday needs, whether that be grocery shopping, replacing daily items, or buying something fun for themselves. We've rounded up some awesome supplies that would make any high school or college student happy to receive. See which items remind you of your student.

Food!: Variety Fun Care Package

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Any student would be happy to get food as a gift. College students especially are usually pinching pennies and trying hard just to keep food in the pantry. Getting one of these pre-made snack care packages or even hand picking your own food and cleaning items from Amazon Pantry lets you make sure your student has the essentials they need. A 50-pack cookie and cracker assortment like this is bound to lift their spirits after crushing exams or arduous studying sessions.

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Awesome bag: Matein Laptop Backpack

Backpacks wear out over time and need to be replaced, but your student might be too busy to pick up a new one. I love this backpack because it's specifically designed for electronics. There's a dedicated pouch that fits up to 15.6-inch laptops, an external USB port for easily charging your smartphone, and plenty of pockets for books, folders, tablets, or other school supplies. It comes in seven colors so you can choose a look your student would love.

$38 at Amazon

Fun mouse: Logitech Wireless Mouse

College students will often have a laptop, but high school students now have them, too. Help them add a unique flair to their school supplies with one of Logitech's colorful wireless mouse designs. It runs on a AA battery and can easily be transported in a backpack. Logitech offers several different colors, so you can choose from several designs.

$14 at Amazon

Playful pad: Marphe Mouse Pad

Brighten up your student's computer desk with one of these fun mouse pad designs. There are 16 awesome designs to choose from or you can send in your own image for a customized look. The underside features a non-slip material to prevent it from sliding around during use.

$7 at Amazon

Portable battery: Anker PowerCore 10000 PD

One of the worst things that can happen to a student is for one of their crucial electronics, whether it be their smartphone, tablet, or headphones, to lose power at some point in the day. This Anker PowerCore portable battery supplies a ton of extra juice and will help keep their favorite devices going. It comes in four colors, so you can pick the look you like most.

$46 at Amazon

Simple eats: The 5 Ingredient College Cookbook

Making food is difficult when you're a student, but making healthy food is even harder. Having a simple cookbook like this one can help with that. It supplies general cooking tips to help students out and has plenty of simple, delicious recipes for them to follow.

$12 at Amazon

Power station: RAVPower Charger

These days, high school and college students carry around a lot of tech. Having this six-port charging station allows your student to charge multiple devices at once so they never have to worry about batteries dying in the middle of class. Believe me, this can be a life saver.

$26 at Amazon

All those papers: PraxxisPro Mini Staplers (2-Pack)

I don't know how many times as a student I ran around looking for a stapler. Getting a hold of one just wasn't an easy chore for me and having a large stapler cluttering up my limited desk space wasn't appealing either. That's where these small staplers come in handy. You can keep one in your backpack in case of emergency and have the other in your room, taking up little space.

$8 at Amazon

Gift of anything: Amazon Gift Card

No, this isn't a cop out gift. If you're not sure what to get your student, this is one of the best things you can get them. They know what their needs/wants are and will be able to purchase the exact thing they have in mind for themselves. Plus, you can get just about anything on Amazon these days.

From $25 at Amazon

On the go: Black + Decker Single Serve Coffeemaker

Nothing gets a student going like a good cup of coffee in the morning — or any time of day, really. Students are often rushing from one place to another. Having a coffeemaker and thermos duo helps them get out the door quickly. It has a metal mesh filter and doesn't require paper liner refills. Another perk is that this compact design won't take up a lot of space.

$20 at Amazon

Limited space: Lynk Over Door Accessory Holder

Whether you have students in your home or off at college, space is generally in limited supply. Help make the most of the space they do have with this door rack. Place it in the bathroom to allow for more towels to be hung up, or place it on the back of your bedroom door for scarves, purses, bags, hoodies, belts, and other personal items.

$14 at Amazon

Tea time!: Tea Forte Kati Ceramic Cup and Tea Infuser

If you're student is a tea lover you should consider giving them one of these ceramic cups. It features a stainless steel infuser that's easily removable and will keep your drink warm for long stretches. There are eight designs to choose from so you can find the style your student would like best.

$20 at Amazon

You raise me up: Utopia Bedding Furniture Risers

Make the most out of the limited amount of space found in a bedroom or dorm room with these furniture risers. Adding them to the four corners of the bed allows your student to store more of their belongings beneath and gives them more room to move around.

$22 at Amazon

Liquid energy: Death Wish Coffee

Help give your student an extra burst of energy with the world's strongest coffee. You can purchase a one-pound, two-pound, or five-pound bag of the stuff. It comes ground and has a flavor that thousands love. It's even USDA-certified organic.

$19 at Amazon

Microwave desserts: Ghirardelli Microwave Brownie Bundle (4-Pack)

Having a personal sized pick-me-up can do wonders for a stressed student. This purchase includes four different brownie flavors, with four pouches in each box — that's 16 treats total! The best part is that students only need a microwave and a mug to make this work. Cleanup is minimal and you don't need a full kitchen to enjoy this treat.

$23 at Amazon

Easy grilling: George Foreman GPR1060B

I must have cooked thousands of meals on my George Foreman in college. It didn't take up a lot of space, was easy to clean, and allowed me to make healthy meals like grilled chicken on a regular basis. I highly recommend this as a staple kitchen item.

$22 at Amazon

Mmm . . . coffee: Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker

If your student is accustomed to Keurig's delicious coffee flavors, you might want to get them this coffee maker. The machine itself is nice and compact and it comes with a good-sized mug. I especially love how easy it is to operate and clean.

$60 at Amazon

Healthy eating: Magic Bullet Blender

Whether your student loves delicious smoothies or is attempting to eat healthier, this compact machine allows them to easily make and take their blended creations in a hurry. It has fewer accessories than other Nutribullet blenders so your student won't have to worry about finding a place to store everything.

$30 at Amazon

Personal thoughts: Jabra Move Style Edition

Having a good pair of headphones can do wonders for a stressed student. They can jam out to their favorite songs, use them to make or receive calls, or simply slip them over their ears to block out sound when they need to think clearly. This pair is inexpensive, lightweight, and has a 14-hour battery life. Students will be able to control volume or skip tracks using the convenient buttons on the left earphone.

$79 at Amazon

Class is in session

High school and college students can have pretty stressful lives depending on the amount of classes they're taking and the upcoming events in their lives. You can help them out by providing everyday necessities or fun items that they wouldn't be able to get for themselves. Just keep in mind that many college students don't have a lot of space. You'll want to send them things that will be useful without cluttering up their dorms or apartments.

I highly recommend sending an Amazon Pantry food care package like this Variety Fun Care Package. It provides a mix of cookies and crackers to satisfy both a savory and sweet craving and there are 50 snacks in all. High school students will enjoy the treats and college students will find this a welcome surprise as they usually aren't able to buy a lot of snacks for themselves.

Know any coffee fiends? Give them the caffeine boost they crave with Death Wish Coffee, the world's strongest coffee. These grounds have been enjoyed by thousands of coffee lovers, have a bold flavor, and are USDA certified organic. If you're looking to supply them with a different type of energy, consider this Anker PowerCore 10000 PD. It's a super practical, portable battery charger that they can use to recharge their smartphone, tablet, headphones, or a number of other electronics when rushing from one classroom to another.

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