Saygus pushes back V2 launch, opens Indiegogo campaign to fund fresh start with new features

Though we've held the phone in our hands and the V2 actually went up for pre-orders at one time, Saygus says that manufacturing problems are going to push back the launch of its dual-SD card behemoth. In a press release today, Saygus explained that the phone is expected to ship now in fall of this year.

Those who paid to have their place reserved to get the first V2s off the production line will still have their places held, but Saygus is also offering refunds for those who don't want to wait. But if you do wait, you'll be getting the same phone Saygus promised (they promise this time again) plus the addition of dual SIM slots and the bump to Android 5.1 up from the previous Android 4.4 build it had.

While it makes the transition to a new manufacturer, Saygus has also launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise an additional $1 million. The campaign shows over $850,000 raised, but it's mostly by "anonymous" donors (who all gave the same $599 apparently before the campaign even started) and the number of each donation level claimed doesn't seem to add up at our first glance. Anyone who is that excited about the Saygus V2 already has money down on the table, and everyone else should be able to wait it out — this has gone on plenty long at this point.

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Press release:

Saygus Launches Indiegogo Campaign and Introduces New Feature to Saygus V-SQUARED

SALT LAKE CITY—June 15, 2015— The progressive American smartphone manufacturer, Saygus, today announced that it is launching an Indiegogo campaign at Along with the campaign, Saygus is introducing a new feature to the V-SQUARED that customers around the world have been asking for—a dual SIM card option.

"The Saygus V-SQUARED combines technologies that the mobile world has never seen in a smartphone such as the Wireless HD beaming feature and mega storage capacity of dual microSD card slots," said Chad Sayers, Founder of Saygus. "Earlier this year, we conducted a pre-registration sales event through our website where people could secure an early place in line for our V-SQUARED smartphone. Customers ordered from 54 different countries across the globe confirming the demand for the V-SQUARED handset. Those who ordered during our pre-registration event will receive their phones as soon as they are ready to ship.

"We are now excited to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign. Saygus has combined incredible technology in the V-SQUARED and through this campaign we plan to bring together early adopters from around the world to join us. We believe people want to do more with mobile, and that they will, if they don't have to compromise. Indiegogo is a great platform to assist us in bringing together a global community of technology enthusiasts who want to collaborate with Saygus to create the future of mobility," he said.

Sayers continued, "Indiegogo is another vehicle to let people know about the V-SQUARED smartphone and enable consumers to understand the unique features and their benefits. This is one more way to inform consumers around the world about the V-SQUARED as it delivers unprecedented features, that combined, create an unparalleled mobile experience. All phones ordered through Indiegogo are scheduled to ship in the fall of 2015."

One of the features that drove initial excitement in the Saygus V-SQUARED was the dual microSD card slots that provide its user 464GB of potential storage capacity. Saygus has implemented a new feature that provides the ability for a second SIM card. This feature has been requested from consumers around the world because it allows a user to switch between SIM cards for personal or work data or swap between carriers for plan savings.

Regarding the shipping plans, Sayers said, "We recently informed our customers who pre-registered for our phone that the shipment will be delayed due to our need to switch manufacturers because they were not meeting our stringent quality requirements. While we were changing manufacturers, we made the phone even more incredible by adding the capability for two SIM cards as well as moving from Android 4.4 (KitKat) to Android 5.1 (Lollipop). In the meantime, for any of our original customers, we can provide two options. First, we will ship them the V-SQUARED from our upcoming production run, or second, we can provide a refund, if preferred."

About Saygus Saygus is a US-based mobile device designer and manufacturer located in Salt Lake City. Saygus is focused on delivering leading-edge cellular devices that introduce new, innovative features to the mobile marketplace for the benefit of the consumer. For more information on Saygus, please visit:

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  • Lol no seriously though... I'm going with marshmallow via AC app.
  • Another crowdfunded fiasco... :(
  • There's a blog title you don't see everyday. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I smell vaporware!!! Lol what a joke. Posted via my Galaxy Tab S 8.4" running IronROM v2.x
  • Yup. Seeing is believing, and I'm not seeing a damn thing right now
  • This was a wet dream that OEMs had already crushed. Still using the Sprint GSIII on FreedomPop Unlimited for $19.99
  • I was one of the first to preorder this phone, but I have now canceled my preorder and couldn't be happier about that decision at this point. The V2 is the best phone on the market on paper, but the way Saygus has handled themselves has been so disappointing and so completely unprofessional that almost all of the original preorderers have jumped ship at this point. A few of the original preorderers have hung on this far, now a few months past the original promised shipping date after hearing from Saygus countless times that "Everything is still on schedule" and that they would be waiting "weeks, not months." (Those are actual quotes from real conversations with confirmed Saygus representatives.) I can't imagine how they feel now that Saygus has yet again pushed back the shipping date after countless promises that they were almost done and that the phones were on the manufacturing line. (Text taken directly from their official twitter account and an email they sent out to all the preorderers.) On top of that, Saygus has the nerve to launch a new funding campaign to try to gain interest from a fresh flock of innocents that haven't had the experience of the original few. If I had held on this long, I would feel betrayed. So the question remains, should you trust Saygus? I certainly don't, and would strongly discourage any of my friends from investing in them, in spite of the amazing promises they make, but ultimately it's up to you to decide. But I urge you to consider this thread on xda-developers before you make that decision:
  • If they hit manufacturing problems that weren't apparent until units hit the end of the line, and got QC checked, they may even have been telling the truth. They may have been hoping that whatever the problem was wouldn't affect every phone off the line; cherry picking would then be possible. AoN
  • If that were the only thing that they said, then yes, it could be possible that they were telling the truth. However, hours before the email went out that said they were pushing back the shipping date (to an undisclosed date that is still unknown as of today), they tweeted that everything was on schedule and we would receive an email about shipping soon. When we finally got the email (which was about a day later than they said it would be), it told us that everything wasn't on schedule, and there was of course no real shipping update since they didn't have any idea when it would be ready. They also told their customers other things, like "the email about the shipping date is being sent out in batches, you might not have received yours yet," (check the thread, this is exactly what an official customer service rep said) which was later confirmed to be a complete lie. I'm just saying everything they told us from the beginning of the experience has been either been a lie or just a mistake due to incompetence, so I personally wouldn't be surprised if this campaign turns into the same thing. And that was just the most recent problems (and the last straw for me personally.) As I said, it's up to you if you want to trust them, but before you do, do your research and read as much of the xda thread as you can handle.
  • ^^Great synapses of this debacle. The link to the xda forum will tell you all you need to know about this "company". I also was one of the original preorderers and what and effing mess is all I can say! Posted via the Android Central App Edit: I recognize couple names above, hey guys!
  • We have a common bond through suffering! Hi redeyss! (Cullenator here) Also, did you mean... synopsis? :)
  • Hey cullenator! Synopsis is the word! What a train wreck, Saygus I love your idea but hate you as a company! Posted via the Android Central App
  • This all seems sketchy to me. I'm glad I didn't invest in this.
  • Smells of vapor....
  • Can't remember where I read it, but when this phone was first announced, someone said it'd never see the light of day. I believe it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Such a shame this phone might not make it. It's not that I wanted this phone, but I was hoping that if this phone caught on, it would put pressure on other manufactures to increase memory capacity. I'm tired of compressed music and my Camera phone megapixels keep growing. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Saygus' history of failing to deliver TWO of TWO phones should eliminate them from consideration by Indiegogo. My experience with Saygus? I preordered at $550 with the WiHD -> HDMI dongle, spare battery and headphones. After the March and May missed deliveries & info blackout, I asked for a refund. Before it was refunded, I asked to cancel my cancellation request upon rumors from Saygus that it was near to ship... they chose to refund my pre-order & then told me I could enter a new pre-order for $600 w/o any of the accessories. I was a loyal backer, loaning them $550 for over 4 months, now I'm glad I'm out of this under-featured, over-priced vaporware! Its realistically a $350 Galaxy S5... and a $7 cable connects HDMI to that phone. If they lowered the price and made the accessories standard... WITH deliveries in 7 days or less... maybe. They aren't even close to any of those requirements. I've lost respect for Indiegogo at this point. They aren't looking out for the consumer. Barnum&BailieGoGo.