COVID cases are skyrocketing in basically every corner of the country and we're heading into winter, the time of sniffles and snowstorms, and of needing to wear a mask alongside our hats and coats. While single-use masks could get you by when the weather was nice, they don't hold up well to blowing sleet and the ties come undone too easily to use while wearing winter gear. This pandemic is not going away any time soon, so now's the time to finally knuckle down and buy a good supply of reusable masks you can rely on in the coming months.

Every brand from Abercrombie to Zulily has gotten in on making face masks, and Black Friday deals can give you an undeniable deal on soft cotton masks that you can rely on for months to come.

Be safe and sustainable

Hanes Face Masks 50pk

Hanes Reusable Cloth Face Masks (50 Pack) | $20 off at Amazon

Save money and save a life by wearing a mask

Cloth masks are easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy to buy in bulk, meaning that whether you need masks for a family of eight or just for yourself, this multi-pack gives you more than enough to go around for the less than a large pizza.

Fifty Hanes soft cloth masks sounds like a lot, but you'll be able to leave spare masks in your car, your desk at work (if you're still working in-person), and every coat, purse, and backpack you own and still have at least two weeks worth of fresh masks before you need to wash them. As someone who gets runny noses a lot because of allergies — curse you, genetics! — the ability to swap over to a fresh mask instead of having to keep wearing the damp mask I just sneezed half my sinuses into is a godsend.

It also means that if I somehow lose mine while I'm somewhere with a clear mask policy, I won't have to go home for a fresh one — or spend $10 on the ones Disney sells in the theme parks. These masks are available in white or black, and you're going to want to go with the black. Not only does black go with just about everything but it also won't show stains or discolor over time the way white masks will.

Aluminum Nose Strips Roll

Aluminum Nose Strips (80 Pack) | 20% off at Amazon

Tired of your mask slipping down off your nose or fogging up your glasses? These adhesive-backed nose strips upgrade any mask; just peel and stick.

If you wear glasses (like me), you'll also want to snag one other Black Friday deal: Aluminum nose bridges that can stick onto any mask to better sculpt it to your nose and cheeks. These nose strips are drop-dead simple to use: peel off the paper, stick it onto the top seam of your mask, and then put the mask on. The wire is easy to bend to fit your face, and when you swap masks, you can peel the strip back up and re-use it several times.

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