Just go over to Verizon Wireless right now, buy the beautiful Google Pixel 3 smartphone, and save up to $400. The savings will be applied over the course of a 24-month billing cycle. If you're starting a new line, you'll just have to pay $16.67 a month for 24 months instead of $33.33 a month, which is how the $400 savings accumulates over time. If you're already a Verizon Wireless customer and want to upgrade, you'll get a $300 promo credit instead.

Considering the phone is $800, both of these deals are fantastic. The deal doesn't require a trade-in or anything, either, it's just a direct discount when you sign up. Order the larger capacity 128GB Pixel 3 and save $400 that way, too. In that case, the monthly payments will be $20.83 a month instead of the regular $37.49. The savings apply to all three available colors in any capacity.

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When we reviewed the Pixel 3, we gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars, and called it The Best. So much about this phone is outstanding, including the extremely accurate OLED touchscreen displays, the design that includes a back made of Gorilla Glass 5 so it's durable but still supports wireless charging, and the 12.2MP camera with improved HDR+ processing.

The reviewer called the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL easy recommendations for the best Android phone: "I can recommend them without qualms or caveats, because they're just so good at doing the things everyone wants from a modern smartphone — whether they're a novice or an expert — without show-stopping issues, problems, or tricks to learn. That's the beauty of buying a Google Pixel."

If you're thinking about going for the Pixel 3, you'll also probably want to know more about it! Find out about the latest updates and all the coolest accessories through our roundup of everything you need to know. You can also just jump straight to this post for a look at some of the wireless chargers and wall adapters you'll definitely want with your new phone.

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