Time to stop stumbling around in the darkness. Bring some light to your life with Amazon's daily deal featuring up to 30% off on a variety Mr. Beams indoor and outdoor lights. Buy one, get a two pack, or double down and get a whole bunch if you need them. You can get battery-operated lights, versions with motion sensors, and even some with solar panels.

Light it up

Mr Beams Lighting One Day Sale

There are a ton of options available in this sale, and some of them come in multiple color options. Many of them are battery operated, making the install process a breeze, and they are super bright.

Save 30%

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

If you're looking for indoor lights, you can grab a 2-pack of ceiling lights on sale for $27.66. They have never dropped below $35 before and more regularly sell for around $40. Place these in a dark space like a closet or pantry. They have light and motion sensors, so they will only activate when they detect you and it's dark. The lights take only a few minutes to install and you'll get a full year out of them on one set of batteries.

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If you're looking for some security lighting, go for the 2-pack of motion-activated spotlights down to $47.99. These particular lights sell for somewhere between $80 and $90 normally. The heads pivot so you can set them up to point directly where you need them. Place these over your garage door, shed or fence and light up anything that gets within 30 feet thanks to the built-in motion detector.

And if you just want something to light your driveway or the steps on your porch, look for the Mr. Beams solar wedge lights, which recharge in direct sunlight and only activate when they sense motion. The light needs about 7 to 8 hours of direct sunlight to recharge, but it can last up to 31 days on a full charge since it is motion activated, although it does have other lighting modes where you can set it to glow all night if you want.

Check out the entire sale for even more options.

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