Save $30 and feel every key with Corsair's K95 RGB Platinum mechanical gaming keyboard

Corsair K95
Corsair K95 (Image credit: Thrifter)

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum mechanical gaming keyboard is down to $139.99 on Amazon. This price matches a drop we haven't seen since June and one that has only shown up a couple times before that. The keyboard has only gone lower than this on special event days like Black Friday. Other versions with a different finish go for as much as $173 right now. This price is even $20 better than the Cherry MX Brown keyboard, and the Brown switches are not as good as the Cherry MX Speed either.

Comes with Cherry MX Speed mechanical switches, the fastest Cherry MX keys. It's made with an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame, has 8MB profile storage for custom macros and lighting, uses dynamic per-key backlighting, and more.

The Corsair K95 mechanical keyboard is built to last you forever and comes with an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame that's super durable. If you use your computer a lot or game heavily, you want a keyboard that isn't going to give under the pressure. It also uses Cherry MX Speed mechanical switches, which are super fast and have a 1.2mm actuation with gold contacts for durability. The keyboard also has full-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting so you'll never lose a keystroke no matter how fast you type.

It also comes with six programmable G keys on the side that let you set in-game macros. You can customize the macros to perform a single keystroke or complex functions and multi-key combos. You can also program the lighting with dyanmic multi-color per key backlighting. Adjust each key's color and brightness level. Control 19 zones on the top edge light bar and set dramatic animations. Plus, with 8MB of onboard profile storage you can save three profiles with all your custom macros and lighting. Use these wherever you go as long as it's on a Windows PC.

John Levite
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