The Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse is down to $19.99 on Amazon. That's an all-new low price for this already relatively inexpensive mouse. The Sabre has gone on sale in the past but has never dropped below $28 before, and the street price is closer to $40 with a few regular jumps as high as $50. The same mouse goes for $38 at Newegg and $50 at Walmart.


Corsair Sabre RGB gaming mouse

The mouse weighs just 100 grams, so you can react more quickly and get less fatigued. It has a 10,000 DPI optical sensor for high-accuracy tracking. Has four-zone RGB backlighting with customization via the iCue software. 8 programmable buttons.

$19.99 $40.00 $20 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Solid gaming mice don't have to empty your wallet. This is a fine mouse with plenty of features that can help you improve your accuracy and tracking. It is a firmly right handed mouse, so unfortunately the left handers get left out here. (But you do get to enjoy that fun little play on words!)

The Sabre is a lightweight mouse coming in at just 100 grams in total weight. That gives you the ability to react faster and use the mouse longer without feeling it in your wrists. It also has a 1,000 Hz refresh rate for a low latency response and a 10,000 DPI optical sensor with a multi-color indicator to let you know where its set. The DPI can adjust to as low as 250 if you want it to. A high DPI gives you accurate tracking with every movement and every click.

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Use Corsair's free iCue software to adjust the mouse. The customization, control, and fine tuning ensure the mouse does exactly what you want it to every time. Plus, with eight programmable buttons you can fully configure the layout to your own personal play.

The Sabre uses Omron switches that are rated for 20 million clicks, which makes them durable, high performing, and custom designed for gamers with fast response times. It's also ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand and support multiple types of grip.

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