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Samsung's Korean blog explains why the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab didn't make the ICS cut

And so begins the long list of Android devices that won't officially be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung's "Samsung Tomorrow" blog, in Korean, has explained why two of 2010's top devices, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, won't be getting official updates to ICS. The short version: older hardware and a slew of customizations, including Samsung's own TouchWiz.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, folks, seeing as how Samsung just announced its initial round of ICS updates, and neither the Galaxy S nor the Galaxy Tab were on it. And neither device made our list of ICS update predictions, either. It sucks, but not every phone will receive and official update.

Your best bet will be the custom ROM route, and we guarantee you, you will see them.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (translated)

  • I can maybe see the customizations, but isn't the Nexus S (which is already seeing ICS) essentially a Samsung Galaxy S with a few modifications? They both have Samsung Hummingbird Processors, the both have 512MB of RAM and they both have at least 2GB on internal storage which should be enough to accommodate ICS. Dan
  • Right, isn't it damn hysterical that Samsung won't upgrade the Galaxy S BECAUSE of the shit software customization that they themselves put on it?! I guess we should blame the carriers again? (even though they aren't innocent either) Never again, Samsung. (not including Nexus devices, obviously)
  • It will cost them money to get ICS on the Galaxy S1 and they're not selling the S1 anymore. They have new devices they want people to buy. They hope that by not supporting their old customers with software updates that those customers will be inclined to go out and buy another new devices from them. The sad thing is that it'll work. So they save money by not supporting old devices and make more money by selling new devices. It's a win for Samsung and the customer gets screwed, like always. Welcome to business 101.
  • I hear echos of my crappy Motorola Cliq w/ bloated Motoblur that they took forever to get 2.1 on because Motoblur was a pig :-P
  • Hi Guys, dont care about this news, you can easily install ICS 4.0.3 in your I9000/I9000B (Galaxy S) phone. Give a try to @onecosmic project.
  • This rom on Captivate rocks, the phone has never been so responsive and the only thing that doesnt work yet is wifi tether. Its smooth and crash free. Its sad Samsung could simply to a git and grab onecosmic's source add their drivers source compile and be done. Instead they choose to LIE about why they wont do it. They want you to buy a new phone thats the only reason.
  • Just flashed an ICS ROM on the Captivate today. The difference is staggering and Samsung's excuse is ridiculous. This thing is awesome. I had to go get the S2 since my Captivate was all but unbearable, but had ICS ROMS come out before black Friday, I would have had a tough choice.
  • I cant get an official 2.3 on my Vibrant, so this doesn't surprise me. Also Cyanogen dropped support for it too. What a great year!
  • Exactly, Samsung is too busy coding TouchWiz for their next phone that comes in 10 difference sizes. And their currents devices? April you say? Yeah, right. Sure, April is a long way from now. But, I'd bet everything that they won't make that conservative deadline.
  • And that's why I won't by Samsung, they are by far the worst phone manufacturer of the big dogs. (Moto, HTC, Sony.)
  • i dont think htc,moto or sony are going to be updating there 2010 models,so far they have only announced there 2011 models just like samsung,so they are all as bad as each other..all these manufactures are number 1 priority is to put there skins on and if they cant get there skins on then they will not be updating.thats why we have the nexus phones cause we know they are likely to get the updates..if you get a skinned phone you should not be surprised if you dont get the update.thankfully we have xda where we can get unofficial stock ics for these unsupported devices which will be even better than if they had recieved offical ics with a skin on guess is many people who come to these sites would probably put a custom rom with stock ics even if they had updated the galaxy s officially.
  • My Vibrant didn't even get Gingerbread. Compare that with other smart phones from the same period. Also, CM isn't supported on the Vibrant anymore because of a hard code problem with the phone's emergency 911 feature. Basically, Samsung refuses to update their phones because of what they did to the software AND they've handicapped everyone else because, again, what they did to the software.
  • That's OK, Captivate never got an official update. Even the Tab got an official update for God's sake.
  • Hmm, they are lying then because there is enough space and performance should be just as good or better with hardware acceleration.
  • I still kind of want to pick up a Galaxy Tab 7 to put in my car. They should be getting ultra cheap with this news (at least I would think).
  • I'm running an ICS port in my Vibrant. It runs beautifully. Samsung could easily update the devices if they drop their customization crap. If they don't want to they could just as easily release the source that messes up 911 calls on aosp based ROM's so we can flash ICS ourselves.
  • Where can I find this for my vibrant?
  • Two words, "Behold II". seriously, is anyone really surprised Samsung refuses to support anything but their absolute latest products simply because "they just can't be bothered to make an effort".
  • Once again Samsung is screwing over their customers. There is no good reason why TouchWiz must be on any upgrade.
  • This is exactly why I switched back to HTC after the whole Vibrant shit-fest that still seems to be going on. Samsung only cares about releasing their next phone with empty promises of future upgrades. Their motto is: "If you want an upgrade, then buy our newest cheap ass phone". Samsung, you're so obtuse! #neveragain
  • it would be great if the carriers would just have all their Android phones with out any bloat ware then there would not be any lam excuses not to upgrade the software.
  • Should have bought a nexus.
  • This article brings back the sour taste of the Vibrant. Thanx for reminding me why not to get a Samsung phone again!
  • Only buy Nexus phones.
  • The only reason they aren't updating it is because it is a 2010 model, and they don't want to commit the time and resources to it. They would rather people buy a new handset. Simple as that. And for the record, this is true of almost every phone carrier. Sony has announced that only 2011 models will get ICS. The X10 could run it easily and it won't get it either. HTC won't put it on any 2010 phones, and it's very unlikely that motorola will either. Don't get me wrong, Samsung isn't fantastic at keeping their own devices updated, but they are by no means alone on this particular boat. I'm on a Galaxy S and I'm ready to upgrade anyway. I'll be getting a Galaxy Nexus after Christmas.
  • I agree. Samsung believes the time necessary to port the upcoming ICS TW UI to a lower spec phone isn't worth the time. There will be enough bugs in the updates for the SII. Could they just release stock ICS for the S? Sure, we know it's already been ported to the Fascinate. But Samsung figures that by the time they get most of the hiccups out of it, most people with Ss will already be moving up to a new phone.
  • While I agree, that's nasty, if it's near impossible to get these phones without a 2 year contract, don't most people get a new phone after 2 years anyway? I actually feel more screwed by Google itself, having bought a Nexus One for the full price in order to take advantage of T-Mobile's cheaper plan. Now, less than 2 years later, no ICS on the N1 and no comparable 'bring your own phone' deals. I had planned to hold on to the N1 long after 2 years of the lower T-Mobile rate had payed me back the difference on the initial outlay. And I probably will. But I'd like ICS too. The only thing about the N1 that prevents ICS from working is its limited memory. That reeks of planned obsolescence. Scrimping over an extra 512 meg on a $500+ phone seems too short-sighted not to have been intentional.
  • US Galaxy S owners received the update to FROYO after over half a year of waiting. That is a ridiculous amount of time. We (Vibrant owners at least) never even received Gingerbread. Frankly, I understand that no phone is required to be updated. But, when it is industry practice to do so, then you should meet industry standards. Also, it is also the fact that Samsung doesn't release it with stock AND hard codes customization that impedes the efforts of others who want to update their phones. So, not only are they unwilling to update their own phones but because of the added software crap, others have a hard time trying to update them. In fact, because of the 911 problem on the Vibrant, CM is now unsupported.
  • Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Get the update out on everything. No reason not too! This is the problem with fragmentation. They should all run stock Anrdoid then.
  • And here I thought people were done with this whole "fragmentation" crap. Oh well.
  • Then make room.
  • older hardware?? the Nexus S has the SAME EXACT HARDWARE but still its getting ICS? Stop ur lying Samsung we all know ur jst lazy.
  • And this is why I got a Nexus.
  • Yah pity there are no QWERTY Nexus phones. keyboard phones: When looks become less of a priority to getting things done.
  • Well if the Galaxy S phones will not be upgraded to ICS then their owners should be able to upgrade to a new phone now without penalty. And contracts should not be for 2 years especially since the manufacturers and carriers will not fully support their phones for those 2 years! We want our money's worth!
  • weird, I guess your phone magically stopped working because it's not getting an ICS update. Don't get me wrong, I think your phone should get an ICS update but I think your demands are a bit silly. I'd also like to add that MOST users couldn't care less about an update nor are they going to be effected by it.
  • Kind of what I was thinking. The theorized 'Industry Standard' is supposed to be 18 months for support, so shouldn't it be an 18 month contract? my counter point would be if I bought a Nexus S today, should I expect 18 months of support from the day I bought it? No. Along with the 18 month support cycle it would be nice to see a timeline to go along with each phone. Phone X was released on date Y and will be supported until date Z. An informed buyer is a smarter buyer.
  • God Damn do i hate Touch Wiz on my Galaxy Note. Its so annoying how the other launchers seem to lag a bit since they are not yet optimized for the screen. arggg.... 2 weeks living with Touch Wiz is hell, i cant wait to get that crap off my phone.
  • So happy i have a Galaxy Nexus. I put a stop to all this madness. Bring on Jelly Bean.
  • Former Vibrant owner here. This doesn't surprise me. Through a combination of T-Mobile not giving a crap and Samsung's horrible update procedures, the Vibrant is stuck on Froyo (which it got about 8 months after the phone came out, despite it launching AFTER Froyo launched and Samsung's claims that it would be updated within a 2-month timetable). The sad part is, every US model Galaxy S device was never on the latest version of Android. It launched with 2.1 when 2.2 was already out. It got 2.2 a few months after 2.3 was out. Some lucky people got official 2.3 updates when ICS was already out. Basically, if constant and frequent updates are high on your priority list, get a Nexus. Learned this the hard way. Currently enjoying my Galaxy Nexus on a much better carrier (Verizon).
  • Couldn't Samsung at least tried to tell a better lie than that BS.
    We all know it is complete full of it when LG is putting ICS on a much lesser phone.
    Just tell the truth.
  • They could at least release the sources code so cm can do what Sammy can't do... ever. I'm thinking about going to windows phone 7 or even iPhone in the future. This not updating is BS. People, stop buying these phone. They're not updating them, I shouldn't have to root and flash ROMS(although it's cool). I bet they'll release a phone next year with the same specs as the vibrant and it will have ice cream on it. I'm done, but I do love me vibrant.
  • Yep #FAIL on Samsung. I had a Fasincate which NEVER got updates in a timely fashion and is same as Nexus S aside from radio differences. The Google I/O 18 month ISV alliance is really working as well #NOT. End the fragmentation and ship all devices stock; let users layer on widgets, etc. Feeling the same about my T-BOLT; took an eternity to get GB from VZW/HTC and of course same story; phone shipped with Froyo and will never see an official ICS release.. have to root/ROM my 9 month old phone to get a chance to stay current.
  • Whatever happen to that alliance that google made with the maufactures and the carriers to bring all phones up to date with software within 20 months made?
  • Uh, guys, a 2010 phone not getting 4.0 does indeed suck, but you know what sucks even more? The oft forgotten Samsung Droid Charge will most likely never see it as well. This is a 2011 phone, much much newer than the Galaxy S and yet it was forgotten the moment it was released. Oh, then 7 months later we got Gingerbread. How cute. Piss on you Samsung, NEVER AGAIN!