Samsung is working on a Bixby-powered smart speaker

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Image credit: Android Central)

Alongside launching the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung's President, DJ Koh, has confirmed the company is developing a smart speaker to compete with the Amazon Echo series, the Google Home and Apple's upcoming HomePod. The system will be powered by Samsung's Bixby personal assistant.

CNBC reports the device is under active development, with DJ Koh stating, "Maybe soon we will announce it. I am already working on it." Alongside working with the Galaxy line of smartphones, the speaker will assuredly work with Samsung's Tizen-based watches, smart TV's and (ugh) smart refrigerators. It's also easy to presume the speaker will be compatible with Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem.

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  • I thought this thing was cancelled. Samsung should make up their minds honestly.
  • Samsung never confirmed anything previously so how could they say it was cancelled?
  • I have enough issues getting Bixby to work on my phone nevermind a speaker. They need to focus on getting it better first before releasing another half baked product.
  • So it will be useless outside of Korea? Aren't S8 owners still waiting for an update that gives proper support to English?
  • No.
  • They can't even get Bixby working..
  • Hahahahaha! Bixby is so stupid that it makes Alexa look like a Nobel laureate. Seriously, Samsung is so clueless it is embarrassing.
  • Yep. Stupid #1 smartphone manufacturer in the world... What are they thinking\s They should be smart like this guy^
  • I say bring it, as long as it works with Google play and Google music and it's a decent price. I'm actually enjoying bixby.
  • Monkey see, monkey do.
  • Another gaudy piece of Samsung hardware using crummy Samsung software, where do I sign up
  • At the Apple store.
  • They sell Samsung's nonsense at the apple store?
    I did not know that
  • What a waste of time, money and resources. They'd be better off using that money to keep their phones supported for longer periods of time.
  • I just wish that if they want to keep people in an 'ecosystem' a la Apple, then improve upon those items that you already have. I love my Samsung Gear earbuds, but they need a newer model with better battery life. Lots of competition putting out better products, but I got these because they were Samsung branded. I have a Gear S3, Samsung TV, etc. I'll get a speaker, but come on, if it's Bixby branded, you gotta get your digital assistant to the top of the heap and quick. I hate my Alexa Tap as it never understands what I say, so I'm intrigued, but I don't want another piece of tech that I don't use sitting around my home.
  • Will it come with an accidental trigger button?
  • Samsung just stop with the stupid projects let there be Google now and Google assistant. You'll never be as good as Google so stop.
  • Unfortunately, they don't have to be as long as people keep buying their crap. If we want to get Samsung to make better products, then we have to convince everyone to stop buying their stuff.