Samsung wins Galaxy Tab fight in Australia

In the great battle of Apple v. Samsung, Apple has now lost the battle in Australia. The High Court of Australia has ruled that Apples case lacks merit, meaning Samsung is now in the clear to sell the tablet as it sees fit. Samsung has confirmed the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will go on sale in time for the holidays in Australia now that things have been straightened out legally.

Apple did fight the ruling, stating the Federal Court of Australia failed to adequately take into account the scope of the previous judgement but despite that disagreement, the High Court justices ruled that the application for special leave be denied and that Apple pay Samsung's legal costs. Again, not the last we'll hear of things but no matter -- Samsung is going ahead.

Source: ZDNet

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  • :) Thats all I need to say
  • Ya! F-you Apple!
  • Suck it Apple!
  • Boom goes the dynamite!
    Expected result. They basically lost in the Netherlands as well. In the US the judge said sure Samsung probably violated the patents, but that Apple wouldn't be able to prove the patents were valid.
  • +1 boom goes the dynamite!!!
  • So that's where the bite of the apple came from in the Apple logo. Samsung took a bite.
  • Haha. Go Samsung. People may dislike some of their products but they are putting up a good court fight against Apple. Suck on that Apple with ya sue happy self's.
  • I'd be happier if Sammy hardware didn't suck so damn bad. Good Job Samsung none the less :)
  • I dont get it... The SGS2 blows everything else out there out of the water. The hardware is sick. Fastest phone I have used hands down.... and its not because of Touchwiz I guarantee that.
  • ahahahaha Apple has to pay Samsungs Legal costs...bwahahahaha. Suck it Apple.
  • Apple was able to delay the sale of the Galaxy Tab for…4 or 5 months is it? With the fast pace of the tech industry a 5ish month delay has caused Samsung to take a huge hit in sales I’m sure. Apple doesn’t really need to win a ban per se, they just need to delay it long enough with preliminary injunctions until it’s old news, which in the tech industry wouldn't be too long. Who’s the real winner in this ruling? It may still be Apple…
  • Not if Samsung sues Apple for the time it's been off the market, sue them for the amount that they could have made selling Tab's in the 4-5 month ban Apple applied for. Then Apple will have to shell out the cash that Samsung lost out on if Samsung wins.
  • One wonders how sales will be now that it will be available. If I were unaware of tech in general, I think I would be very interested in this product seeing how Apple appears scared of the competition! I think you will see a lot more interest in the Samsung tablet BECAUSE of the lawsuit!
  • Score one for the good guys! Piss off Apple.
  • Hell yeah! That's two slaps on the rotten apple's face in one week. China and now Australia.
  • Three slaps. MOTOROLA won in Germany today, and Apple violated MOTO patents and has huge royalty bills dating back to the first Iphone.
  • Hate to say it but apple was in a win/win situation anyway. As long as they drew out the court battle, the only tablet to pick up was the ipad. Winning the case would have been icing on the cake. But thank god the courts are finally coming to their senses. Shame it took so long.
  • Do you like apples? do you like them apples?
  • LOL +1!
  • Now just get Google to add PIN security to the Market on your tabs and you might have an even better chance of gaining market share! Else, you will lose many complaining clients, including me.
  • Just install Android Protector and lock down the Market with a pin...
  • damm rotten fruit
  • Yeah...!!! ;)
  • like someone said, Apple has won by delaying the Tab10.1 what should have now happened was that the iPad is removed of the shelves for the same amount of time. Thats the only way Apple will learn if there products are at risk of being removed. Court fees are nothing to the lost of shop visibility.
  • How about them apples!!!
  • Glad to hear Samsung won another case!!
  • And here is another slap on Apple's face:
  • LOVE that in countries other than the stupid US court system, the LOSER has to pay for all the costs on the other side :-))))