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Samsung updating Gear Fit 2 with new and improved workout features, SOS function

Samsung has just pushed out an update to the Gear Fit 2 (opens in new tab) right around a year after launch that makes a few solid upgrades to its tracking — because, after all, that is what it's designed to do. Building on the Gear Fit 2's automatic fitness tracking that auto-starts workouts when it detects certain sustained movement, Samsung says it has improved its ability to detect workouts.

Gear Fit 2 update

For runners, you can now set custom pace targets for runs or set certain time or distance goals in Samsung Health to let the app build an appropriate workout for you. After your run is done, the Fit 2 will now give you a detailed color-coded graph of how long you spent in each heart rate zone over the duration. You'll also get more accurate information on a map of where you ran, right on the Fit 2's display.

Gear Fit 2 update

Samsung has also improved its sleep tracking to give more details on how well you slept through the night, and changed activity reminders to give you some options for light activity instead of simply telling you to stand up. Finally, the Gear Fit 2 now has an "SOS" function that can be activated with a triple press of the home button to send your location and a message to specified contacts.

The update is available now through the Gear Manager app on the phone you have paired to the Gear Fit 2. Just visit the "About Gear" section to download the update, which comes in at a 47MB.

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  • Always good to see updates on products that are a year old.
  • This is great news!
  • I bought and then returned this watch due to it being HIGHLY inaccurate for steps and stair counting. Just basic office work typing/mouse movements was counting steps like crazy. Unless Samsung has completely re-worked how its base stepping counts this item is nothing but a nice looking paper weight.
  • I went for a walk last night with my kids and it told me I had been bicycling for 26 minutes. It is unbelievably poor and inaccurate. I only use mine for notifications.
  • Turn of the auto detect off.
  • Well if you had auto turned on and have your mobile phone set to receive counts you too would be off. My GF2 after a year has already been consistent in everyday steps.
  • Migrating from the Microsoft Band to Gear Fit2 is ok.. Could be much better. I loved the MS Band but most importantly the Microsoft Health/Band App was thorough. The statistics that the MS Health/Band App was displaying on my hikes and runs was incredible. So I would like to see Samsung pull the same information from the Gear Fit2 and provide that information through the Samsung Health. Samsung Health needs a lot of work. It is horrible.