Samsung unveils a crazy new 200MP camera sensor for smartphones

Samsung Isocell Hp1 Gn
Samsung Isocell Hp1 Gn (Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Samsung has announced two new ISOCELL sensors.
  • The ISOCELL HP1 is the industry's first 200MP mobile image sensor.
  • Samsung's ISOCELL GN5 is a "super-slim" 50MP sensor with 1.0μm pixel size and all-directional autofocusing technology.

After bringing 108MP camera sensors to smartphones, Samsung has now introduced the world's first 200MP mobile image sensor alongside a new "super-slim" 50MP sensor.

The new ISOCELL HP1 is the first mobile image sensor with an ultrahigh 200MP resolution. As you would expect, however, its pixel size of 0.64μm isn't very impressive. Despite the relatively small pixel size, Samsung claims the sensor can capture "an astonishing amount of detail" with images staying sharp even when cropped.

Samsung Isocell Hp

Source: Samsung (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

ISOCELL HP1 is also Samsung's first mobile image sensor to feature ChameleonCell technology, which is basically a pixel-binning technology using a two-by-two, four-by-four, or full pixel layout "depending on the environment." In low-lit environments, the ISOCELL HP1 can merge 16 neighboring pixels to transform itself into a 12.5MP sensor with 2.56μm pixels. Just like the 108MP ISOCELL HM3 sensor, the HP1 supports 8K video recording at up to 30fps.

The new ISOCELL GN5 is a 50MP sensor with 1.0μm pixels and the same Dual Pixel Pro tech as the ISOCELL GN2 sensor used in Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra. It also brings all-directional autofocusing technology, claimed to "substantially boost autofocusing capabilities."

The technology places two photodiodes within each 1.0μm pixel of the sensor, resulting in one million phase-detecting multi-directional photodiodes. This, Samsung claims, enables instantaneous autofocusing. Additionally, the sensor utilizes the company's proprietary pixel technology that enables each photodiode to gather more light information and improve their "full-well capacity."

If rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will not come equipped with the new 200MP sensor. The successor to Samsung's best Android phone is tipped to use an improved version of the 108MP ISOCELL HM3 sensor instead. The first device to use the new 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor could be a Xiaomi phone. Xiaomi was also the first smartphone maker to launch a phone with Samsung's 108MP ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor.

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