Samsung teases tablet on MWC 2017 event invite, announcement set for Feb 26

On the same day that we saw our first major spec leak of a purported Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung has sent out invites to its MWC 2017 event with a sneaky image of a tablet on it. The event will be held on February 26 at 7 p.m. in Barcelona, which translates to 1 p.m. in New York and 10 a.m. in San Francisco.

The image doesn't do much to give us an actual clue about the design of the tablet aside from what looks to be a standard Samsung physical home button. The earlier specs leak points to solid internals on par with a mid-2016 phone, which would be a great improvement over what we have in the current-gen Galaxy Tab S2

We'll be at the event, of course, covering whatever comes of it — though at this point we can expect to see at least one tablet, probably named the Galaxy Tab S3 unless Samsung wants to call an audible on us. The whole thing will be streamed over at Samsung's website (opens in new tab).

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • I really want them to release an updated 12.2 tablet.
  • I think they're new Chromebook would be that
  • Yes...yes...yes....still rockin my Note 12.2 every day all day.
  • Tablet days are better to buy a chromebook - get both side of the world.
  • Why?
    I use my tablet to read my comics, watch YouTube and read news. I don't need a keyboard for that, so why should a buy a Chromebook?
    I might use my Spen from time to time to sign PDFs.
  • Name a Chromebook where the screen detaches from the keyboard. I'm not trying to knock chromebooks but rather the 2 in 1 design where the keyboard flips behind, they aren't nearly as light or idea to hold as an actual tablet. I'd like to see chrome OS with support for Android apps on a surface style 2 in 1 personally.
  • Uhhh guys, i don't think the picture depicts a home button, to me it looks like a usb type c plug on the bottom of the tablet. But if that's the case that means the silhouette of the tablet is on its side and you are looking at it from the bottom part. So the tablet will handles on the side now?
  • Exactly, someone needs to look a little closer.
  • There new chrome book is what I'm waiting on
  • The pic brings back memories of the original XOOM tablet. Those corners.
  • Correction. It was actually the XOOM 2 that hade the angled corners.
  • I thought that was a USBC port, not a home button. Lol oh well
  • Or it's the bottom view of a new SD with very lightly sloped edges and a USB-C port.
  • That's what I thought too. Samsung seems to want to put the edge screens on everything at the moment.
  • Yep. I hated my S6 edge and love my S7, so I will avoid any new phone that has en edge screen. Might have to move to the Pixel 2 if I ever need a new phone.
  • Please make it waterproof. So i can use in the bath. Lol
  • I'd rather see a Tab S Pro with S Pen running Windows than another Android tablet.
  • I would love a good upgrade to my Note 10.1 2014 Edition.
  • stet, so would I. The only ones that have me enticed right now are the Lenovo Yoga Book and the Pixel-C. I'm waiting on a second-gen Pixel-C before I make a decision though...
  • Feb 26th is a Sunday ... is that right?
  • Samsung has done Sunday events in the past, so this probably is correct.
  • funny. this picture looks like a new samsung Watch.