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Samsung teases Galaxy Note 4 for September 3 in Chinese promo video

As if we needed more evidence to suggest we'll be seeing the Galaxy Note 4 soon a new video produced by Samsung China effectively confirms the device, the name and that it is indeed what we'll be seeing in Berlin and New York City on September 3 at Samsung Unpacked.

You'll find the video at the source link below, but the general synopsis is this. There's a husband who's messed up, and there's a kid who messaged the wife/mother using a Note 3 that he's sorry. It then goes on to talk towards the end about September 3 and the Galaxy Note 4 release – meaning announcement given the date – and that people can sign up for more information.

Nothing earth shattering but it's at least a little more to back up what we already expect to see early next month.

Source: Samsung (opens in new tab) via BGR

h/t to Shen Ye for help translating the video!

  • Spec leak...
  • With a Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7 Ghz, 4gb of ram, 16meg camera, 4.0 front facing camera, and 3500mAh battery. You can mark this down today this makes that silly knockoff wanna be phablet the Lg G3 so obsolete it's comical. At the end of the day Samsung Galaxy Note products are the GOLD standard of technology today the proven legitimate product. From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App
  • I'd agree that they do tend to be the gold standard of the spec sheet, but they leave a lot lacking in the performance categories, particularly radios and software (generally the UI, but additionally all the bugs they introduce with the external SD card implementation and in the gallery, etc). Samsung camera's are generally great as far as cameras in phones go, so I'm not too worried in that category. I'm very curious about battery life on this thing - we haven't seen the 805 in any meaningful real-world devices - but having the cellular radios not integrated on the SoC is an unknown for this generation of devices. All that said, this is easily (IMO) the best device Samsung has created so far. September is going to be an awesome month for technology.
  • I love the note series. I will be getting the note 4 cause it's a sexy piece of electronic goodness. Posted via Android Central App
  • What would you do if the Edge came at the same time? Same everything except the edge has 1080 instead of 1440… Posted via Android Central App
  • 1440p || gtfo
  • Curse out Samsung and rage on Android Central? Did I win? I don't hop aboard the troll train. Not because it's a bad experience. It's because I'm afraid of bridges.
  • I would have a tough time choosing and do about the same Posted via Android Central App
  • Me too. I'm a phone addict so I'll probably get both... Posted via Android Central App
  • It won't. Not Samsung's way of doing things. Posted via Android Central App
  • Because you Can't Talk to your Wife in person.. texting or MMSing them is going to solve your problems. I love my phone as much as the next guy but holy #$@ - man up dude. And actually.. he still couldn't do that right.. his son had to.. This is more like a "whats wrong with society" rather than you really need to have this device! Samsung did a fantastic job with the marketing of the S4 making it seem like a tool to improve your life.. ugh.. still on the Note 4 bandwagon.. but Samsung could have saved a boatload of money by firing that marketing firm that pitched that idea :P
  • If the specs I saw for this thing on phandroid are true it should be a beast of a phone. Posted via my OnePlus One
  • What about the battery? Posted via Android Central App
  • The battery will be 3500 to 3600mah From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App
  • I'm neither excited for Samsung or Apple's event. Motorola is the major player and underdog here. They have more to prove or lose at the same time. Posted via Android Central App
  • Oh well, no GN4 for me!!!
    Bleh! I love my GN3, but I'm looking for something to really blow me away design wise. It doesn't seem to be happening. I am not one of the sheep who flock because everyone else is doing it.
    So I think I'm going to be spending LESS money on something else. My GN3 suits my needs fine, for now.
    There has to be sumn else out there coming up with a MicroUSB 3.0 port???? Unless Sammy own the patent for that? lmao
  • Yet another interestingly timed product release...6 days ahead of the iphone 6 launch.