Samsung teases Galaxy Note 4 for September 3 in Chinese promo video

As if we needed more evidence to suggest we'll be seeing the Galaxy Note 4 soon a new video produced by Samsung China effectively confirms the device, the name and that it is indeed what we'll be seeing in Berlin and New York City on September 3 at Samsung Unpacked.

You'll find the video at the source link below, but the general synopsis is this. There's a husband who's messed up, and there's a kid who messaged the wife/mother using a Note 3 that he's sorry. It then goes on to talk towards the end about September 3 and the Galaxy Note 4 release – meaning announcement given the date – and that people can sign up for more information.

Nothing earth shattering but it's at least a little more to back up what we already expect to see early next month.

Source: Samsung via BGR

h/t to Shen Ye for help translating the video!

Richard Devine