Samsung suspends Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 rollout to investigate 'issues'

It's been just a couple weeks since Samsung started rolling out Android 4.3 for the international Galaxy S3, bringing an updated version of Android to S3 owners along with Galaxy Gear support. But it seems the update may need a little more time in the oven, as some users are reporting stability problems with the latest firmware. SamMobile has today received a statement from Samsung Mobile UK today confirming that the 4.3 update has been "temporarily suspended" while the company looks into these issues.

“As we are currently investigating the reported issues with Galaxy S3 4.3 Jelly Bean update, the upgrading service has been temporarily suspended. We are committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience, and will ensure to resume the upgrading service at the earliest possibility.” 

The halt to the update process leaves GS3 owners on the year-old Android 4.1.2, with no immediate indication as to when the 4.3 rollout will resume.

Source: SamMobile (opens in new tab)

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  • lol, on a day when Tmobile was supposed to get it. ATT suspended 4.3 rollout to S4 too never posted 1st before, anywhere.....i feel special now !
  • Yes, you are special
  • I got the 4.3 update on my s3 today, I knew i shouldnt have updated it. My phone has gone the shitter hopefully they fix this shit soon.
  • Yes, I am one that has experienced significant lag after the update. This is especially noticeable when waking up the device when pressing the home button where it takes a couple of seconds to come to life. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sounds like the note 3 lol Posted via Android Central App
  • you know how I know you never touched one?
  • Sounds like a troll.
  • So glad I ditched the S3 for the Nexus 5. The S3 was a nice phone but Sammy appear to need make some improvements within their Software Engineering department. Feel for all of those who have 'upgraded' and do not know how to roll back Posted via Android Central App
  • They just need to rework Touchwiz Posted via Samsung GS3 Wishing It Was A N5
  • Got a gs3 replacement for my gnex, granted it is faster, it lags really bad on 4.1 unlike my nexus did. They should just remove touchpiz. Would love to see them take all the added software and just make them exclusive apps for the devices and keep stock. Saves time, money, and faster updates. And if the apps become useful and popular sell them in the play store for additional profit. I'm guessing all carriers are going to freeze this 4.3 update. And in January they'll announce 4.4 update for all the phones instead by march. This is why oem's need to get rid of skins.
  • Verizon dorked my S3 with the 4.1.2 rollout, then denied it for a couple of weeks. I switched carriers, and never looked back. How much more can the S3 take? I loved that phone.
  • I would imagine right now that anything worth running on the Galaxy S3 is going to be by way of a custom ROM rather than something official from Samsung or a carrier.
  • How do you figure? The S3 was and still is a great phone. I have an HTC One, but I really liked my S3 until the Jellybean update. I still think that was a Verizon issue since it only had to do with connectivity...And they forced the call name ID crap on you that you had to say NO to.
  • Might as well just skip to 4.4 at this rate..... Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!
  • Has anyone actually committed to updating any phone over a year old to Kit Kat? Somehow I doubt it, even those doing a better job with updates are still updating some of their last gen phones to the latest version of Jelly Bean... AFAIK HTC never said KK would come to the One, and the AT&T One is still not on the latest version of JB either, just to give ya an example... Moto's pre-X phones are probably worse off... Wouldn't make sense to scrap all current work and begin anew on KK anyway. I wish the EVO LTE was getting the latest JB already, would raise the resale value for me! :P
  • I'm running the KK on my sgs3. Still not as good as the 4.3.1, but getting better every day. It is from a developer called Temasek, and you can find it on xda.
    Stock software always kind of sucked for me on this phone. Posted via Android Central App
  • Thank you for that. I hope they have easy instructions for unlocking it, backing it up, and romming. Never done it before on my nexus because I always preferred stock, but insurance gave me an sg3 replacement for a gnex. Been searching for a good rom to replace the 4.1. Hope it fixes the crappy lag issues as well.
  • Actually HTC did say that the one was going to get the KK update by the end of January. The HTC ONE on all carriers have 4.3 right now. Posted via Android Central App
  • I actually meant the One X, which would be contemporary to the S3 (I was talking about phones older than a year etc), typo'd the X away, oops.
  • It's the same with the galaxy 4, 4.3 update sticks majorly! Custom ROM is needed because Knox messed everything up, some adios can't connect with another, like I can't connect to hangouts threw my contacts & contacts takes about 3 seconds to load... Plus stuttering liked crazy in most app's even official Google app's! Wtf is up with that? Samsung your BS bloatware really got to me this time, add a matter of fact Samsung your whole UI is an overweight bloatware EF YOU! SAMSUNG, LG is gonna eat your food & won't even throw you the bones... I'm moving on. LG or Motorola, those are it for me... Sammy can't even get their GPS to work correctly yet.. :-)
  • No kidding. Posted via Android Central App
  • I've been on CM's version and it has been pretty good. Been on 4.3.1 for a while now on my vzw version s3. Running nightlies. I've had a few little bugs but nothing bad at all, very solid running compared to 4.1.2 Posted via Android Central App
  • You got a link to putting it on cm? Posted via Android Central App
  • You got a link to putting it on cm? Posted via Android Central App
  • Every rom I've tried so far, has had issue with audio over bluetooth. I can't not have music in my car, and my car doesn't have a 3.5 aux in. Audio stutters, I've tried cm10.1 10.2, and carbon nightly. So now I'm going to a cleanrom. Only thing that is stable. Oh and I've lost gps a few times. Even the bloatware 4.1.2 from samsung was more stable.
  • Fuck you samsung Posted via Android Central App
  • Be thankful that they're even updating it to 4.3.
  • +1000 Posted via Android Central App
  • Honestly, I'm fine with 4.2. Unless there are major behind the scene changes I could care less if I got 4.3. Posted via Samsung GS3 Wishing It Was A N5
  • +1000 my LTE gs3 is as fast as lightning and I am happy to wait for Samsung to sort it so its not buggy.. Posted via Android Central App
  • Or if like me you did the update and now stuck with a bugged GS3, wont charge unless I power off the phone, phone can take up to 5 secs to unlock are the worst side effects I'm getting Posted via Android Central App
  • aaaaaand my Note 2 is still sitting on 4.1.2 officially.
    Although the latest 4.3 leaks are quite stable, they will probably delay the official release because they want to get it out for the S3 first. Furthermore, their 4.3 update is a complete joke: No ported Note3/S4 features whatsoever. Same old launcher and widgets. Knox included to void your warranty.
    Basically the only reason they are updating the S3 and Note 2 is to sell more of their stupid watches.
    They also want us to buy an S4 or Note 3, except those will be given the same treatment once the S5,Note4 come out. So there you have it. Nexus it is from now on.
  • STILL awaiting for my Sprint S4 update to arrive patience is wearing thin after 2 weeks. Posted by The TrakirX
  • Sucks to know we'll be waiting longer for an update, but never the less 1) We know it's coming for sure
    2) There's known issues, so instead of pushing out the problem than dealing with it later. Stop now, fix now and deliver a finished product. You've waited this long. What's a few days/weeks/months longer?
  • I've had nothing but issues with my S4 with the 4.3 update. Its horrible and my phone has had issues since it came out. Posted via Android Central App
  • My S4 has been flawless after the 4.3 update. I just keep getting that Knox crap that keeps popping up. Posted via Android Central App
  • Whats new in 4.3 jellybean Posted via Android Central App
  • I have a big issue in facebook necer work properly alwayZ. Posted via Android Central App
  • DAM YOU VERIZON!!! oh I'm mean Samsung... Posted via Android Central App
  • Happy I dumped my s3 for the Nexus 4 when it went on sale... Posted via Android Central App
  • Of course. Touchwiz is too unstable for the best of phones. Posted via my weird GT-P3113
  • The update will now commence around the 1st of NEVER.
  • Just glad to read an official statement and know someone somewhere is doing something... Somehow, some... Posted via Android Central App
  • From the reports by the early adopters, the 4.3 update has been a disaster for them and I feel for the ones who may not be able to easily roll back. It just isn't good enough from Samsung, they (and many other vendors) tell us that updates are slow because they have to do so much testing, but then when they bring out rubbish like this, you cannot feel sorry for them. 4.3 has been out 4 months so they have had that plus whatever additional time they get as Google's partners. We don't know for sure whether the 4.2.2 update was cancelled because of technical issues or because of a strategy to try and sell S4s (probably a bit of both). It seems to me that they are really struggling to integrate new versions of android with Touchwiz and they are ending up with a bloated mess. For example, I really hate the lag when opening the phone application on my S3, but the S4 & Note 3 lag as well, just to make a call. The new phones have so much power that there should not be any lag for relatively basic operations. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love my phone and I actually like many aspects of Touchwiz. Samsung do a lot more right than they do wrong but this is an area that could trip them up later down the line. That No1 status could all change very quickly, just ask Nokia or RIM. It is not so much the lack of major updates that annoys me, but it does give the impression that they just aren't that bothered once they have your money. Apple have always ripped off their customers but they still try to take care of them which is why they get so much (sometimes blind) loyalty. The likes of Samsung just expect you to buy the newest phone every year, but surely they know that many US end Europe customers work on 2 year contracts so will only change at that period. Instead of cementing my loyalty to Samsung, I will strongly weigh up all my options come renewal time and see who will support me through the next 2 years.
  • What's a growing concern for me it's the lack of care and support android phones get when a newer model comes out. If this were the s4 we were talking about, the update would be out by now. Instead of complaining anymore, I think I'll give Samsung 2 weeks, if I don't have 4.3 by then I'll root ahs go the custom Rom route. There's a n5 in my future, but until Xmas or shortly thereafter, I'm sick with the s3. Shame in me for expecting a 40 billion dollar company to have developers who can roll out updates in a timely manner. Guess they have their hands full with a note 3 I know one person who had, a s4 many people have (too bad I'm already hearing about s5 features) and a watch as many people have returned as those who are wearing them Posted via Android Central App
  • That sucks. The AT&T HTC One X is on the same boat. Users are stuck in 4.1.1, while the HTC One X(L) in other countries have gotten 4.2.2. Luckily, those who know how to root and install custom ROMs they can use the 4.2.2 update and run it in their phones, and are very stable. For others, they will have to wait until early January of next year as promised by HTC (the initial date for the update was at December). I like HTC and Samsung, but times like these make me think the Nexus and Moto X are the better choices. Or the Lumia (WP third party apps are actually nice).
  • Why is it that cyanogenmod team can have 4.3 working fine... and Samsung can't even get their own product to work right. Posted via Android Central App
  • They don't, its full of bugs Posted via Android Central App
  • This should make people realize why Apple charge a bit more for their phones. Severe problems like these don't happen as they control both the hardware and the hardware. I have a Samsung S3 and my next phone will be an iPhone.
  • i understand being upset but im not buying a damn iphone. thats just getting carried away lol.
  • Really? Actually that's not why Apple rapes, oops, I mean charges more for their products. I would rather be on JB than have an iPhone anyday. As far as Sammy goes though, done. I love my S3, but my next phone will definitely be a N5. Posted via Android Central App
  • I played around with the iPhone 5S, while at Best Buy. You'll love it; the device, along with iOS7, provides a very nice experience. The only major adjustment (in my opinion) you'd have to make is screen size. Posted via Android Central App
  • I call troll on this ;) Almost nobody moves from Android iPhone unless they were previous iPhone users! They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Do you really want to go back to a 4" screen? It looks tiny nowadays! The fact remains that the S3 is still a damn good phone with or without any updates. Don't forget that many "new" ios 7 features have been in android for ages. I like that I am allowed a certain freedom to do what I want with my phone. If I want more, I can kick Samsung to the kerb by rooting and flashing. Hell I can even get rid of Google if I really want. Come my next phone, I want Samsung to be on their game and not take us for granted. There is a long list of alternative devices that I can choose - Sony, LG, Moto, Nexus, HTC, etc. that's the beauty of Android. I just wish I could add Nokia to that list but WinPhone is nowhere. If techie stuff doesn't appeal to you, and you are happy with a walled garden, then an iPhone is probably better for you. I would question why you would splurge such a huge amount when you probably won't even take advantage of the power available in such a handset but hey if you have money to burn then burn away!
  • Let's rush it out just before Back Friday!....OOOPS! :-0
  • Yeah I'll be honest Samsung actually started to give Android bad name to me. Loved my S3 when first got it and was an amazing phone coming from my 3gs but the lag issues after every random update are too much. I actually want a new Android Central feature, " Should I upgrade to an affordable off-contract" would be comparing 1 year old phones to great off contact phones.
    q1- should I upgrade from my S3 to a MotoG?
  • Seems like the ANT+ on the changelog for the S3 4.3 update was also incorrect and likely not going to added in an upcoming release, but just dropped from the changelog.
  • Is there an official changelog? I've seen ANT+ mentioned in loads of places and that was the only new feature I was bothered about. I may have updated to 4.3 even without that, but I might not have. As I've been having some bluetooth issues with my heart rate monitor, and I've got a Garmin ANT+ one, the ANT+ support was what swayed me towards installing this update. After the install there was no sign that ANT+ worked and both thisisant and Samsung have told me ANT+ isn't in it. It would appear that most changelog lists are based on what is supposedly available in the S4 4.3 release.
  • I have a lot of problems with 4.3 Jelly Bean!!! Big problem is when screen locked it is taking a few sec or even more to unlock, also the screen freezing when locked and can't unlock sometimes at all!
  • We've found a part fix for S3 Jelly Bean 4.3 problems here > It's far from perfect but seems to help some people.
  • Damn it just add gear support to 4.2 and we are good Posted via Android Central App
  • So disappointed... Who agrees? Posted via Android Central App
  • So disappointed... Who agrees? Posted via Android Central App
  • True, Touchwiz is slow and bloated.
    True, Samsung are sloooow to update. After I got fed up with my slow S3, I put Cyanogenmod 10.1.3 on back in Oct and my phone was a transformed beast. Lost all those Samsung apps that I never wanted. Gained a snappy, responsive phone. Gained lots of really useful customisation features. And I was at Android 4.2.2. And then upgraded to Cyanogenmod 10.2 to get Android 4.3 recently. Granted, this isn't an official stable release, but I've had no problems with it. Always intended to try the Samsung 4.3 update when it turned up, but honestly suspect I'd come running back to CM almost immediately!
  • Thats really weird. I own a tmobile galaxy s 3 and i received the 4.3 update today!! So far no lags or issues at all...runs faster and excellent.
  • Lucky you i can barely use apps. My phone is pretty much useless now.
  • SO they suspend the update, yet T-Mobile gets it. Does this look like things are still a go? My VZW S3 is due to get 4.3 on Friday.
  • I am updating my AT&T S3 as I type. Looks like they may have cornered the bugs for awhile. 623.10MB - it is a big update, for sure. When it is finished doing its magic, I will try it out - take it for a spin, so-to-speak.
  • What are the rest of us with dead phones supposed to do??? After I updated mine I can barely use apps and it freezes all of the time. Im lucky if I can text or call! Sometimes the messaging apps crash and I cant text anyone. Im stuck with an almost useless phone. Someone make a solution soon I need to make calls and text people.
  • My phone is really screwed, I can't use wifi at all! I hope an update comes out very soon because now I can't use my phone too often when I'm not at home, I at least own a tablet.
  • updated Galaxy S4 to JB 4.3 and formerly working bluetooth to car audio is dead.. connection is established and streaming audio works, but inbound and outbound calls that do establish a connection provide no audio.. I can call a number, and though it does ring and get picked up that also is not apparent...
  • update: not just bluetooth.. the phone exhibits the same behaviour.. .
  • I had to get a new Samsung Galaxy S4 due to a screen crack. It upgraded to Jellybean 4.3. I no longer have my contact list transferred to my Bluetooth stereo. I am using Credo Mobile that uses the Sprint network. I had reset my phone and did troubleshooting with Samsung. I even went to Best Buy where I got my car stereo. The contact list wouldn't transfer to any of the phones on display. BestBuy said that they aren't responsible for this issue and referred me back to Credo. I called Credo and told them that they need to send me a new phone that I won't upgrade to 4.3, fix the current issue, switch my phone to an apple, or cancel my account so that I might choose any carrier without an early termination fee. I also informed them if numerous Jellybean users have this problem and have car accidents due to making phone calls on their phones instead of the Bluetooth car audio systems that they would be liable to a class action law suit from anyone injured by this action.
  • I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 that was working wonderfully UNTIL YOU PPL SENT OUT A KNOWN FLAWED UPDATE!! I've been on the phone for hours trying to resolve this and the CSR Tech support Is SO BUSY that you have to wait quite a long time to even talk to a real person. I was told on several occasions that I just needed to do a "factory reset" and that has been done several times!! One time it seemed to work ok, like normal for about 24 hours. BUT again is acting up!! I am disabled and depend on my phone so much if I fall or need help. I can't even stay connected to my home wi-fi!!! laptop is fine, tablet is fine, daughters IPHONE is fine!!! Just my Galaxy s3!!! My battery is shot in a matter of a few hours, even if only texted a few texts (less than 20)!! I was even sent a "new" phone that arrived the day I had 24hours of my phone working ok. So sent the "new" one back. It came with out a back and no battery and was OBVIOUSLY NOT a new phone!!! The weather here in Indiana is horrible and can't get out due to my disability and agoraphobia/severe panic disorder all due to chronic pain.
  • My phone was having problems instantly dropping calls after the 4.3 upgrade. After lots of time with T-Mobile tech support, they sent me a new phone...that upgraded to 4.3 and had the exact same problems. ARGH!!!!