Samsung & Sprint to Release 4G/WiMax Android Phone Next Year ?

While Verizon & AT&T have aligned themselves with LTE and T-Mobile is sticking with 21Mbps HSPA+, Sprint has heavily invested in a WiMax network by Clearwire for their 4G-speed offerings. So it's really no surprise that Sprint is planning to release a WiMax-speed smartphone in 2010. What is surprising is that some reports are pointing that device to be a Samsung-built, Android-powered smartphone. Android, Samsung, and WiMax? We're already sold.

Though Sprint is just starting to launch their Android portfolio (with the wonderful HTC Hero), a truly ground-breaking device like a WiMax speed, Android-powered smartphone would be an absolute game changer for the sinking carrier. With the speed of WiMax, we're talking about data speeds 3-5x faster than what an iPhone 3GS can do. Yeah, that's pretty fast. By the end of 2010, about 80 cities will be covered in the WiMax network, a fairly respectable number given the breathtaking speeds of 4G.

We know 2009 isn't over yet but if a 4G/WiMax Android device is coming by the end of 2010, we won't even mind pining for a device that's more than a year away. What do you guys think? Android, Samsung, Sprint, WiMax for the win?


Casey Chan
  • Can Anyone Say Hat-Trick..... Yahoooo..... Amazing...... I already placed my $50 down on my BestBuy presale HTC Hero. So I am anxiously awaiting Oct 11th... with extremely baited breath. ;) When Sprint launches the Samsung, WiMax Android phone I will certainly need to eBay my Hero and step up to the big leagues. Can't wait!! Do you play Cribbage?: If you play Cribbage or enjoy nice craftsmanship you really need to see these Cribbage Boards on this site Classy Cribbage Enjoy
  • I actually emailed Sprint when they were running the Dan Hesse commercials (pre-Palm Pre), and told them an Android WiMax phone was what I was waiting for. They actually replied (not automated reply either) and said they'd pass the recommendations on. Maybe I'm one of many?? Of course, if I had a WiMax Android phone, I could give up my broadband card, and just tether too. THAT sounds like a plan.
  • @ James I emailed Sprint a while back when they just launched the Everything Data plans and I received an actual reply as well and this made me confident that Dan Hesse was actually a good fit for Sprint. He makes things more personable with his customers. And I will definitely get a WiMax Android phone if they actually offer one.