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Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S phones, successor to come at MWC

According to the Korean-language Samsung website Samsung Tomorrow, Samsung is proudly announcing two things (as of Jan. 10).  They have sold over 10 million Galaxy S phones world wide, and they will be announcing a successor to the Galaxy S line this February at Mobile World Congress. 

The 10 million-sold figure makes Samsung the single most successful Android smartphone manufacturer to date, and they expect next year to be even better with a huge goal of 60 million smartphones.  Problems with translation prevent me from giving the full breakdown by continent, but the 10 million figure is plain as day, and we all expected this based on third-quarter sales and predictions.  Congratulations, Samsung!

A bit more interesting, is the Galaxy S successor, as Samsung is saying it will ship with Gingerbread, and be a dual core device.  This mirrors earlier leaks and rumors about the mystery HSPA+ flagship phone from last November.  We'll be on the ground at the next MWC just as we were at CES 2011, and it's only about a month away -- stay tuned! [Samsung Tomorrow (opens in new tab) (Korean)] Thanks Andy!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Hummmm, it might arrive just in time for my upgrade but let's see what HTC puts out first
  • 10 million suckers like myself still waiting for 2.2
  • THIS!!!! So sad... so disappointing...
  • I believe what you mean is 2+ million suckers, like yourself, who seem to think that the other 6-8M of us don't have 2.2 (myself included in the Froyo group.) Breakdown in Korea and then by continent. 2M in Korea
    4M in North America
    2.5M in EU
    1+M to the rest of the world.
  • The successor will have gingerbread but the galaxy s still won't have froyo.
  • I like my Samsung Fascinate... I really do. But they will not be getting my money again after failing to provide an OS update in a reasonable time. It's a shame really.
  • Agreed. Rooted, debloated, deBinged, and running DJ05 this phone is the way it should have been out of the box. But I was a sucker for that sexy screen too. Not again Samsung.
  • They don't need to get your money again. There is always someone else that will buy their phones. Why are they going to spend money that they don't have to updating the OS if we're going to buy the phone anyhow. They will continue to let the guys at xda developers do it for free while they reap the benefits of selling another 10 million phones.
  • Wow OMG this is going to be the ONLY dual core phone for Sprint. I hope they have something else coming besides this, and that's IF it comes to Sprint.
  • Dual core and 2.3? I'm interested. If it comes to Verizon it better be LTE and it better not be Binged.
  • Sucks for you guys, my Galaxy S came loaded with 2.2 right from the store. :)
  • What Store?
  • Do tell...
  • Why would anyone call their own phone a Galaxy S? If this was true you would have called it by it's name.
  • 1) Docomo is my carrier (I'm an American living in Japan)
    2) My phone IS CALLED "GALAXY S" it says it right on the phone, right on the manual too. Do you want me to call it by it's model designation "SC-02B?" Here's a picture: Good enough for you?
  • Ohhhh poor samsung owners... i thought u guys learned from the instinct... and the moment.... htc is just better...
  • Yo Samsung, I'm really happy for you, I'ma Let you finish, but your millions of customers have been waiting on Froyo A LONG TIME! This is what I think every time I hear about how successful the line has been for them. MR2 would be nice today to fix some bugs.
    Unbelievable that they've let it go this long - I hear many people saying "Samsung never again", but then I look at that screen .... *drool* does that make me nerd-shallow?
  • I wonder if they are going to pull a Sony and say every Galaxy S on 2.1 will stay that way because it has "some benefits" over 2.2?
  • Sure they say now that it will be released with Gingerbread only to later announce that due to issues with the software they had to release it with 2.2 but will update it to 2.3 by the end of the year. Come release day they will change the story to oh we have to release it with 2.1 Eclair but will update it to 2.2 in a few days.
  • I would say I'm not waiting for 2.2. I hope Samsung will update Galaxy S with 2.3, but I know it's difficult. But I'm pretty happy with mine. Congrats Samsung.
  • Quit whining about froyo. Root the phone, install a custom ROM and be happy. THAT is the soul of android after all, openness and customization. Who cares what the manufacturer does or does not install. Not this guy lol. It's only going to last as long as it takes to develop roms.
  • True. I've got Froyo on my Galaxy S (Japanese model), and I want nothing more than to be able to root it so I can get rid of all this extra crap and overclock it a little.
  • Except if you root the phone and brick it, you void the warranty. I don't know how much money you have to waste but some people would rather not take that risk. I shouldn't have to hack my phone just for an update that was already promised a long time ago. I bought the phone on the condition that it would be updated to Froyo. (Since they promised an update ever since the release note) It's been half a year now and still no update.
  • Exactly...especially for a high end phone. I can understand the LG Ally taken so long. There was a time it was thought to not even be able to run Flash cuz of its specs. Maybe it still wont, who knows. But the Galaxy S line shoulda been updated.
  • In switzerland we got froyo since about a month by swisscom. Works very well. Install with kies.
  • Well hopefully it will be pure Android. That way we dont have to worry about updates and touch wiz and crap ware lol...
  • Who cares that it has Gingerbread if they're going to throw their ugly ass UI over it.
  • PEOPLE, its not Samsung holding back Froyo, its the american carriers. Hater's gonna hate..
  • Can you prove what you're saying is true? And let's assume that the carrier's are holding it back ... Can you tell us why they're doing this? Might they be holding it back because when Froyo was tested, the build Samsung sent them was just bad, as in crashing or features just not working?
  • This is exactly my thinking. The Galaxy S phones arrived on each carrier in quick succession. Too Quickly. The carriers had nothing to do with it. Does anyone seriously believe that AT&T, who's engineers can't find both cheeks in the shower, would be able to get the Captivate out the door as quickly as they did? Or that Southwest Bell has even a SINGLE Android programmer on staff?
  • I though you, of all people would understand. Froyo works just fine on Galaxy S phones with TouchWiz. When you start adding useless shit like Vcast, Sprint TV, and other carrier baloney, it needs to be made to work with the TW framework. That's why EVERYONE except US carriers, who have to add all their garbage, has Froyo on their Galaxy S phones.
  • That doesnt explain why HTC and Motorola updated their phones with Froyo already. With Sense UI, Blur and carrier bs on them...
  • Well, there are Samsung phones in other countries that come stock with Froyo. For example my Japanese Galaxy S (SC-02B) came with it. So obviously Samsung has it, and it works, it's just the carriers that aren't releasing it. It's probably a marketing thing, they would rather you buy the next new phone than give you an upgrade.
  • and AT&T says "ask Samsung.. would you like their number?"
  • Is that the same J K Shin that promised an Android 2.2 update in June at the launch event.. an update that still hasn't come? I don't believe a word he says.. HOW COULD I... and I will never buy another Samsung product no matter how good the screen looks.
  • It sounds pretty impressive that Samsung has sold over 10 million Galaxy S phones. Imagine how many more could have been sold had updated the OS as promised and fixed the GPS. A better question is how many millions have been turned off of Samsung because of the lack of tech support? I've stopped holding my breath on the official 2.2 update. Now I'm waiting for the developers to come out with a 2.3 ROM. Android users, root and be done with it.
  • Has anyone noticed that the site administrator refuse to post comments that are negative of Samsung without including at least one phony-baloney comment touting "rooting" or "blaming the carriers"? AC, if you're so committed to sleeping with Samsung, I hope you look forward to being buried in the dustbin of history with them, too.
  • Then care to explain why 6 million of those phones have Froyo, while the 4 million in the US sold by the carriers do not?
  • Samsung made 4 different versions of a phone they already sold. AT&T didn't make them make the Captivate different from the standard Galaxy S, just like Verizon didn't force them to make the Vibrant, or T-Mobile the Fascinate. This was Samsung trying to play cute. The phones are not sold as the AT&T Captivate or the Verizon Vibrant. They are Samsung phones. They are created by Samsung, and branded by Samsung. It is up to them to manage the updates properly. HTC and Motorola users on all the US carriers have already received their Froyo updates. Nice try, troll. And if you think Samsung has it straight and it's the carriers mucking it up, take a look at the botched rollout of the Nexus S. No SD card at all? And not even 3G? It's a carrier-independent phone, so you can't blame those failures on anyone except these korean morons. Samsung is korean for "sucker".
  • Small correction, part of that 4M is North America, which includes Canada and Rodgers is in the middle of rolling out Froyo.
  • Well thats what you guys get for going with Samsung. Now you guys are stuck crying over updates being pushed out. Thats why they put that nice screen on the phone to distract you from the software. lol Samsung's only good for tvs and laptops NOT phones.
  • Dont forget I think they make good monitors too.
  • To all those saying Samsung sucks for not providing 2.2. That is only becasue your American carriers are holding it back. Everywhere else in the world got it. EU, Canada, Japan, Korea all got the 2.2 update. Unhappy? Scream at your carrier, clearly Samsung has an update available your carriers are preventing it's release.
  • Again, why hold it back for Samsung phones, and not for HTC and Motorola phones too? If thats the case the Droid 1, X, Incredible, EVO wouldnt have gotten official Froyo updates for their phones. Even the lower LG Ally is prepping to release Froyo soon.
  • Companies are getting ready for android 2.3 and we haven't even got 2.2.. I am done with android getting iPhone 4 on Verizon! I really like the galaxy s series but they need to update the phones.