Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S phones, successor to come at MWC

According to the Korean-language Samsung website Samsung Tomorrow, Samsung is proudly announcing two things (as of Jan. 10).  They have sold over 10 million Galaxy S phones world wide, and they will be announcing a successor to the Galaxy S line this February at Mobile World Congress. 

The 10 million-sold figure makes Samsung the single most successful Android smartphone manufacturer to date, and they expect next year to be even better with a huge goal of 60 million smartphones.  Problems with translation prevent me from giving the full breakdown by continent, but the 10 million figure is plain as day, and we all expected this based on third-quarter sales and predictions.  Congratulations, Samsung!

A bit more interesting, is the Galaxy S successor, as Samsung is saying it will ship with Gingerbread, and be a dual core device.  This mirrors earlier leaks and rumors about the mystery HSPA+ flagship phone from last November.  We'll be on the ground at the next MWC just as we were at CES 2011, and it's only about a month away -- stay tuned! [Samsung Tomorrow (Korean)] Thanks Andy!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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