Samsung rumored to debut new fingerprint commands for Galaxy Note 4

Next week, when the Galaxy Note 4 gets announced in Germany, the device is rumored to sport the same Synaptics Natural ID fingerprint technology that debuted on the Galaxy S5. With the Galaxy Note 4, we're beginning to hear that the smartphone will have additional functionality for the fingerprint sensor, features that could trickle down to the Galaxy S5 in the future through software updates.

According to a report on SamMobile, there are at least two new features that will take advantage of the added biometric sensor on the Note 4.

For one, you can control which application gets launched when you swipe your finger. Program the email app to open when you swipe your right thumb and not only can you unlock your phone, but you'll be taken straight into your emails to save you time.

Another feature is to be able to save passwords and log into websites. The Web Sign-in feature will allow you to visit sites like Amazon, Gmail, and communities like Android Central and have your username and password remembered. When you need to log in again, you'll just swipe your finger and the browser will enter in your credentials.

These new functionality will serve in addition to what's already available for use on the Galaxy S5. Currently, Galaxy S5 owners can lock their phones and authenticate with PayPal using their fingerprints.

Android Central will be in Berlin to take a look at the Galaxy Note 4 so we'll have confirmation next week about these rumored features.

Are you excited to see the expanded use of the fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy Note 4?

Source: SamMobile