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Samsung reportedly looking to introduce new models fashioned after Galaxy Alpha

Samsung unveiled its metal-clad Galaxy Alpha earlier this month, and if a report out of SamMobile is to be believed, it looks like the manufacturer is getting set to launch additional devices in the A series. Devices in this series will feature a design that is similar to that of the Galaxy Alpha, which means that they will likely feature some form of metal.

According to SamMobile, Samsung is set to launch three devices — SM-A300, SM-A500, and SM-A700 — sometime later this quarter. The device with the model number SM-A300 is alleged to feature a qHD (960 x 540) display, while the other two devices will include HD screens. In addition to a premium design, devices in the A series are said to offer better front cameras. As for availability, Samsung is said to be launching these devices sometime this quarter, although an unveil at the IFA seems unlikely.

Would you guys be interested in a metal-clad series of Galaxy smartphones? What are your thoughts on the Galaxy Alpha?

Source: SamMobile

Harish Jonnalagadda
Harish Jonnalagadda

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Ughh Posted via Android Central App
  • Oh contraire! The Alpha is the most attractive Samsung smartphone design I've seen. And, I'm not fond of overpriced devices with over saturated displays, old school physical buttons, creaky construction, and bloated user interfaces. At least the Alpha has a very attractive design and an ideal form factor. It appears to be well constructed, and some of Samsung's legacy issues hopefully may have been improved.
  • The flow of overpriced Samdung products doesn't seem to stop. Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5
  • They're at the same price level as HTC and Sony. Usually with better technology. But, you already knew this, didn't you, pathological hater....
  • Lol. Sony is so damn overpriced. No way should their phones cost nearly $1k. Samsung is overpriced because they feel like cheap plastic and lag so much.
  • People who's never held a Samsung phone saying they feel cheap and lag so much. I can't remember exactly where I heard that the last time. I think it was.... Everywhere where trolls can post comments on the internet...!
  • I own a note 3 and have experienced the so called lag. The only thing that's different in my actions is that instead of blaming Samsung I checked on apps seldom used but still used up significant ram and cpu. I deleted those and presto. Lag gone. Posted via Android Central App
  • Exactly! All electronic devices can lag. Even my 3.5-ish GHz Haswell PC with 8GB RAM and a 3GB GPU lags frequently. Samsung aren't using a different Android than the other manufacturers, they just use a different colour scheme, menu layout and icons in some places.
  • You have a computer with those specs that lags?
  • Depends on what you are doing on it. ಠ益ಠ
  • What can s/he possibly be doing to have a computer that lags frequently with those specs?
  • Core i5-4440, 8GB 1800MHz RAM, 250GB Samsung EVO 840 SSD, Radeon R9 280 GPU. Not the most extreme PC in the world, but there are really no bottlenecks there... You can easily get any computer to lag. Usually by browsing the internet (the most common lag source on a mobile device, too), do a little too excessive multitasking, or just do anything that uses a lot of RAM. Other things that can cause lag is simple things like flaky Wi-Fi because of too many neighbours "invading" your channels...
  • Sorry I don't get it, I have an around 8yr old computer (mid Core2duo era) and it certainly doesn't lag because I'm browsing the internet... sure, web pages take their time to load, but not to cause the computer to lag... and I can't start to imagine how bad wifi can make a computer lag... maybe lag means something different than I think, but in my book it means "not responsive" like giving an order and not starting to take action for a small time (a couple heartbeats for example).
    By the way, my samsung phone lags, but it's almost 2yrs old now.
  • I think it's because you're not looking at it right. You don't notice lag on a PC the same way, as you're not restricted to the touch interface. Your PC also uses resizeable windows, which limits the visual lag for an app to that window, instead of giving the impression that the whole device is freezing.
  • I don't know maybe... but to put an example on my phone... when I start Temple Run 2 it takes some time (a few seconds) to load which is fine as the phone is quite old... and once inside the game everything plays perfectly, when I swype up the character jumps etc... On the contrary, the pictures gallery app is full of lag, passing pictures is a true pain... to the point of being unusable... and it didn't use to be! It's become much worse with each firmware update (yes, I've done a factory reset, wipes and everything)
  • Try scrolling through Windows picture viewer and try jumping back one picture... I'm pretty sure that will lag on your PC too... :) I have noticed a lot of people complaining about the Samsung picture gallery, though the issue I have with it is that it doesn't seem to be very intelligent at remembering thumbnails, meaning it's often really slow loading. After that I haven't personally noticed any issues with it.
  • Yes, on a windows PC if you go back 1 image it can lag... if your storage is slow at random reads (i.e. a slow "cheap" HDD), use a SSD (I do) and this effect is gone... usually when something is loaded in memory in a windows PC it's hard to make the OS lag, I've only experienced true lag when you run out of memory and it starts using virtual memory, again from accessing storage and saturating the IO. The picture gallery on my phone uses internal solid storage (the micro SD is only for music in my case) and lags a lot... and many times it also lags while navigating the settings menu and other parts of the interface.
  • The Windows picture gallery lag is not because of slow storage and random reads. It's a flaw in how the gallery works and buffers images. Again, I have an 840 EVO SSD, not really the slowest drive on the market, and I can induce that specific lag effect any time I want, no matter how small the images are. Again, all electronic devices lag. I'm sure your phone does lag frequently in the gallery, but as mine don't I guess there might be something on your phone causing it? I even have the Dropbox integration enabled, which is pretty impractical as I also store all my website templates and pretty much everything else on Dropbox, giving me 100's of "folders" in the Samsung gallery.
  • Meh, I've owned Samsung phones. They feel cheap and they lag. No question. If they wouldn't take such a heavy hand in implementing TouchWiz, it would definitely improve the experience, and some better materials couldn't hurt. As far as the internals, they are no better or worse than other flagships on the market. End of the day, guys, these are just phones. They aren't deities, so treating them with religious fervor is absurd. Keep it in perspective, the damn things can't even do your laundry or make you a sammich.
  • Sony has always been overpriced! And I mean always. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just like apple. I hate it when companies do that, but alas, there isn't much to be done about it Posted via Android Central App
  • Cheap plastic????
    Gimme the so called cheap plastic anyway... No scratches or dents and the colors can be molded into the "cheap plastic '... Cell reception is stronger w/o the antenna having to penetrate through metal casing.... But if it's made of metal I'll put it in my so called" cheap plastic " case" maybe that's why they don't make so called "premium" metal cases to put your phone in.... But keep drinking that Kool-aid that crApple keeps spews out.....
  • I used to own Nexus 5 and jumped to GS5 and i have far less lag than Nexus 5. Not kidding. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow jayjay...anyone who vists the comment section knows you're swinging all over Sammy's nuts these days, but that's just flat out BS. "Not kidding" doesn't make it real. You're the only person on the entire internetz to even attempt such a claim. Well done. A Nexus S may lag a BIT more than a GS5...maybe. Enjoy your bubble.
  • Did you not see what the specs are supposed to be on these things? "Premium design" in name only. I'll stick with the premium design AND premium specs offered by HTC and Sony rather than have to choose between one or the other with Samsung. Posted via Android Central App
  • Did you just straight to the comments without reading the article, as usual ErnstMach? So busy to hate Samsung to please Tim Crook that you don't even think on what you're writing?
  • Same could be said for you my friend, since you clearly missed it the first time (I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you tried to read it), I'll drawn your attention to the second paragraph. Let me know if any of the words confuse you. Posted via Android Central App
  • And you're still ignoring that device they'll announce in about two weeks, are you? :D
  • Oh I'm sorry, the alpha? Not an HTC, Sony, or even iPhone killer that's for sure. Another anaemic small device, which I lament, but what can you do? Posted via Android Central App
  • Pretty sure he means the Note
  • Well that isn't part of the A series Posted via Android Central App
  • yet
  • Fanboy talk, big time! Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5
  • +1! Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's great to see the Galaxy Alpha and the upcoming Galaxy Note Edge new product lines. Samsung always comes out with new product lines nobody does it better. From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App
  • Is ^^ a Samsung Bot? Posted via Android Central App
  • eh yeap there is a trigger when the post contains the word "Samsung" it post something about Galaxy Note
  • "nobody does it better"?... I (and a lot of other people) would say there are a few that do it better.. But, as you are so close minded to Samsung only, of course you are going to say that nobody does it better..
  • Samsung is just flooding the smartphone market at this point. That's just ridiculous. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wait a second... I'll call 999. Sounds like you're in severe need of a waaaaaaah-bulance...
  • Are you working for Samsung or something? Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5
  • No he just has a complex that causes him to accuse anybody (that doesn't march in lockstep to his Samsung-centric doctrine) of trolling Posted via Android Central App
  • The real question is. Are you two getting paid to troll every Samsung article? If not, I really pity your sorry lives.
  • Thanks for providing more evidence towards my point Posted via Android Central App
  • Again. Are you paid per comment on here, or is it a 9-5 job?
  • Again, more evidence, you're digging yourself a deeper hole here Posted via Android Central App
  • Maybe we should call "999" and get him some help! Ha ha! At least we know he/she is not from the US, that's a start.
  • Hans, you do know that it's ok for someone to have an opinion that isn't in line with yours?
  • Let me see, Tony... You jump immediately on the ones here saying Samsung does it best (just scroll up a thread or two), but gets upset when someone criticises an obvious troll like Ernst. Tell me, what made you the internet standard of things and opinions? Why should I give a flying one about what you think of my opinions?
  • I'm not saying anything about "your opinion", I'm just letting you know that it's ok for others to have an opinion. No need to get so upset at others. Let it go buddy, it's going to be ok.. As for my response to Richard (a few threads up), what I should of said is.. "I (and a lot of other people) would say there are a few that do it just as good as Samsung". And as for him being close minded on Samsung, it's very obvious that you are too. So I won't try to argue back with you.. You win.. Happy?
  • The problem with "richard" is mostly that he riles up the obvious haters deliberately. Though, that is really not an excuse for the haters to exist, is it? That is a logic so flawed I'm not even going to waste my time on explaining it further. Yes, I think Samsung makes devices that are better than others. Since when is that a crime? For instance, why would I be lauding a phone with a 4 megapixel niche camera or another with a QHD display that is actually worse than their previous generation 1080p display? So, just because I think that Samsung consistently has been getting it right for a lot of years compared to what the competition are up to, I'm close minded?
  • To say that Samsung is the only one out there that has been getting it consistently right for years is most definitely being close minded towards Samsung.. I like Samsung. I think they make a few really nice phones (scroll down a ways to see my post on that). But to call people 'obvious haters" because they may not like what you like, is a little unfair. Don't you think? If I came on here and said that I think "Insert Name" makes the best phones PERIOD, and everyone that doesn't agree is just a HATER, and then I tell you I'll call 999. Sounds like you're in severe need of a waaaaaaah-bulance", because you don't agree, How would you feel? What would you think? What is so great to you, may not be to others. You and Richard preach that Samsung makes the best phones out there, and (as Richard would say) everything else "SUCKS MONKEY BALLS". Cool, good on you both.. Keep enjoying them. And I don't think this makes you a HATER for anything not Samsung. I just think it's a little (here's those words again (close minded), to think that nobody can make something as good.
  • Then get off your high horse and try to see what trolls like "Ernst" consistently post on here before judging the ones liking Samsung devices, will you? Have you criticised a single of his troll type on here ever? Just asking as I really don't see a point wasting my time checking that myself.
  • My high horse? That's a little bit strange to say, by reading all of your posts, it's would seem that you have a very large HIGH horse that you sit on top of.. But, oh well, to each their own.. I'll stop wasting both of our time.. Have a wonderful day. :)
  • No, really. You were quick to try to find an angle to criticise my choices, by trying to twist my statement that I think Samsung has consistently released greatly improved devices for 4-5 years now, but you still haven't said anything about the haters littering the comment section with utter bollocks. That's what I just want to know. Why turn a blind eye to that while you apparently jump in on the ones not criticising Samsung in every news post?
  • +1^^ Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5
  • This has been their approach ever since they released the Galaxy S line. They want to have an option available at every device size and price point. It's nothing new.
  • >.< Smh! Samsung has SO MANY phones. Don't they just get it that they SUCK!.
    Ps. They would still suck, even if they stopped copying apple!
  • Shut up. You obviously have no clue. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well he has got a good one in that Samsung has a ton of phones. I follow them pretty closely and I even get confused, I'd hate to be the layman trying to navigate the product ranges. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah, they do have allot of phones. Posted via Android Central App
  • Right... Everyone else agrees, except you. And I have no clue. Open your eyes
  • Uhhh no Posted via the Android Central App
  • "Come on Samsung. Focus on your Note and S line, then two midrange, and maybe five low end offerings. That's it. Maybe throw in that niche camera phone. But all this quantity means very little quality outside of your flagships."
    -The complaints of a guy that would buy a Samsung phone if I couldn't find a better experience almost anywhere else. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 if they stopped diluting their efforts and brand with so many phones, they'd have some killer phones, even in the mid-low range Posted via Android Central App
  • True. I feel like all of their phones besides the S series and Notes are half baked and thrown together pieces of plastic. Even my S4, but cyanogenmod fixes the lag. Posted via GS4 on CM11
  • Oh nooo. Another Samsung article! Here come richard! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I hope he continues his growth in terms of not using copy-paste endorsements, after all, I like a little variety in my product placement! Posted via Android Central App
  • No thanks! They have far to many devices. I like support with my phone and updates! :-P Sent from my HTC One
  • Why do Samsung phones look more and more like iPhones? Posted via LG G3
  • I hope the Note 4 gets this treatment. I like the new look. Hopefully the back is not that stupid dimpled look.
  • Yea let's bash Samsung for making phones for everyone, how dear they... Posted via the Android Central App
  • And how dare they Posted via Android Central App
  • Thanks :) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ok fine. Samsung, you are stupid for making so many devices to ensure that if there is a segment to explore, you will pursue it. Not to mention the fact that one of the calling cards for the Android ecosystem is the existence of alternate options that can satisfy a specific consumer's requirement or desire. Success is often preceded by experimentation and inadvertent discovery. Damn you to hell Samsung for taking that approach!!! Did I get it right? ;-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Yup lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • By Richard: Nothing beat samsung period th Galaxy <Insert name here> is the gold standard of tecnology,blablablabla.
  • Plain and simple! Posted via Android Central App
  • OK so let me make sure I have this right. All you fine people said that the S series was getting old and needed a redesign. The plastic BS had to go and be more of a premium kinda phone, preferably with metal. So here they are doing exactly what you asked and throwing out the A series. Starting small at first and building up to the S6. But they are still wrong. TW was an abortion, and they changed it, but they are still wrong
    Lag on the Fascinate was horrible, and they chaged it, but they are still wrong Got it. samsung can do no right.
  • Yep. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Sad. But there will always be a microscopic group of Samsung haters that think they're the majority. Impossible to please. Meanwhile, rival OEMs can release flaming garbage and as long as it isn't Samsung it's badass. Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself
  • It is sad that there is that microscopic group, but every OEM has that. Samsung does do a good job, but to be quite honest as a Samsung customer they do seem to be resting on their laurels a bit and not living up to their full potential. Posted via Android Central App
  • But that is exactly why these exist. To break away from their laurels and move in a different design language. If the Alpha was a one off, I would think it was a trial balloon, but with several of these now it appears that the S series is going away to be replaced by the A series. We will See next February...
  • Why not break away from their laurels with an excellent phone then? No need for this show buildup, it's going to give the line the wrong brand perception. Posted via Android Central App
  • Why not build anticipation? Besides if these are a flop by critics standards (the design, not the internals) they will get drowned out by the Note 4 announcement.
  • I honestly think that Samsung is getting this negative feedback because some people have very high expectations for them. Given their capability and resources, coupled with the fact that they are the number Android manufacture, I think that's why they are judged to a higher standard. I guess it comes with the territory of being on top. When it comes to design, the leader is expected to deliver class leading devices from a design, build, and materials point of view. The same goes with their TW overlay. With the talent pool of software engineers, the "perceived" issues with TW's runtime performance should have been completely mitigated long ago. That's just my point of view and theory... Posted via Android Central App
  • and it is a good one, not to mention it brings up valid points. The thing is with half the idiots around here is that they judge TW on what it was on the Fascinate and the S4, not what it is currently. Same with design and features.
  • Alot of it probably comes down to some people not wanting to feel like something they spent money on isn't the best "ever", and universally liked. Ego can be a bad thing ;) on the other side though, people who are able to use a variety of devices (like the AC writers, etc) generally don't go off on samsung (there are exceptions lol). Even you, whom people like to paint as a Samsung shill, has stated many times you like the G3 the most, currently. It's not easy for us regular folk to sit for 2yrs watching all the new shiny stuff, but in reality our devices are perfectly fine. Go figure! Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah i get the whole buyers remorse thing. Been there, done that even with the mobile world (before my current job). The forum is littered with it and it is understandable. it is tough to watch the tech world go by and 2 years is an awful long time. Thankfully the carriers have given us a yearly out if you so choose. For the masses, they couldnt care any less. My father in law was using a flip phone from like 1999 until recently....
  • You're definitely right about the masses, and most anything out there product-wise is probably fine for what they need. Personally I have 6 family members on my (non framily) sprint plan so it would take some time to ween off the contract plans. It is encouraging to see the shift somewhat happening out there in the carrier game though, just like with phone tech, the future looks bright ;) Posted via Android Central App
  • TW in the beginning was ok, at best. Then sort of became a little intrusive and overbearing. But now, it's really come into it's own, and is definitely one of the things that make Samsung stand out in a crowded field. Just like HTC and Sense. Not to mention, some of the software additions they do (Samsung), are pretty dang cool.. Some obviously gimmecky. But for the most part, they definitely add useful things to their phones.
  • Habiib sums it up perfectly. Nice job, Habiib. My question is, what the heck market are they not addressing outside of the S series and the Note series for smartphones? It's not like they suddenly stop selling older models when new ones come in (earlier Notes and the S3 are all still available brand new and supported). We know the S has different size models with varying specs. I know everyone hates the Apple comparisons, but this redundant model approach almost killed the big fruit in the 90s until Jobs came in and got rid of almost all of them. They also used to announce new but slightly redundant computer models only months after offering a similar one (Centris and Quadra) that further ate into their customer goodwill. Wouldn't it just be easier to focus on the S mini (for low end, cheap android markets), the regular S (regular smartphone users), the note (power users), and the tab? That seems like a much easier to maintain lineup, and a logical ladder to differentiate between them all.
  • The main reason that Samsung is the number one in Android, is because they have the highest number of phones/models on the market.
  • LOLOLOLOLOLOL You are really not that serious with that comment are you?
  • Yes. I didn't say it's the only reason though. I said it's the main reason. They produce more phones then any other manufacturer with Android. Of course they're going to sell the most. They offer the biggest variety. If HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, all offered as many different sizes, styles, colors, and price ranges, of phones, the playing field would be even, and even though Samsung may still be on top, the lead wouldn't be so far ahead.
  • OK I gave you the chance to get out of the conversation and you didn't. The reason that Samsung is the juggernaut in the Android world that it is today is not because of the amount of phones that they offer. It may be what has sustained them. But with the S2 and then the S3 they made a phone that was off the charts unbeatable by and contemporary phone. Nothing came close, or even got close enough to get a whiff of what they smelled like... They, with the exception of the Note series, have been just riding that success out. The S4 and S5 were great, but unremarkable so like you said, have been throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. Guess what? The y can take those chances because they earned it, and because they have the money to do it, unlike the One or the X or even Sony. Bottom line, your hypothesis is wrong.
  • First off, why would I need a "way out" of this conversation? I'm a big boy, I don't need to say you're right, or you're wrong, to end my part of the conversation. I'm not the one that comes on here saying "Samsung is God, all shall bow". I just have an opinion, you have an opinion.. We're all right, in our own minds. You can say they are a "Juggernaut" in android because of their history. I had a Vibrant, an S2, Note 1 and 2. I also bought the first 10.1 Tablet, followed by the Tab 7.0 Plus, and then later on the Note 8. My Wife has the Note 3. I think they have great tech. But, and this is a big one, Sony, HTC, Motorola, LG, Huawei, Asus, all have great tech, that competes with Samsungs "great" tech... Most of Samsungs dominance is because of shear numbers.. Again, they make awesome phones, they really do. You love them, I get it. They sell more Android phones then any other company, I agree. They are an Android giant. You bet they are.. They can throw out whatever they want, and people will buy, because of the name Samsung, or a past experience with them. Or, just because in their head, nothing beats Samsung.. Ok.. Everyone has a favorite. It's ok.. It really is.. But, had the others been in the game as long, or pushed out as many options to masses, the playing field would be even.. The first android (G1) which I had on day one, then came the MyTouch, then the Nexus 1. All by HTC.. For a while, they "dominated" the market. Because they had more to choose from. They were just about the only ones making them. Then came Samsung. The S1 was a great phone, but not the "all hail Samsung" phone. That was the S2. It was a beast. That phone put them right up there in the upper echelon. Then they seemed to change their business plan, and decided a new device every few months, with small upgrades would work better than a HUGE upgrade every year. And guess what? They were right. They are making buckets of cash because of it. It may suck for a lot of their customers, and they most certainly lost quite a few because of that lack of support for their phone or tablet.. But they more than made up for it by... wait for it..... FLOODING the market with every size, speed, color, shape, you name it. That's how they grew. It's ended up being a pretty smart business move for them.. Don't you think? I do.. So having some great phones "the S2 would be biggest jump in fame for them" helped get them to where they are, but it isn't what's kept them there.. Volume is what keeps them at the top.
  • And they can't seem to stop. Haha Posted via the Android Central App
  • I really like the Size and power of the Alpha, fast CPU, excellent Camera , but of course sacrifices were made for the 6.7 mm thin Design. Am hoping for an Alpha Pro , same size but thicker with larger Battery , SD Card , an even
    larger Camera Sensor ( like Note 4 ) and same screen Res. for long Battery life. It could have a few other features from Note 4 for Power Users, Business Pros, Athletic types who do not want to carry a large Phablet Phone or even a large S5. The Metal makes the Device less likely to flex or twist and break the Glass - so I am for it. I do NOT understand why a Device would need to be so THIN except Style over Function. And I do NOT understand the importance of a
    Device being 4 ounces versus 6 ounces again
    Style over Function. But I like the Metal, as long as don't try to make the Devices as thin as a Credit Card with 24 seconds Battery Life lol. I think Alpha is very stylish looking, important in Marketplace , but would be equally Stylish at
    10 mm thick- no one complains about
    HTC ONE M8 thickness, right ? Anyway Alpha is finished but the Alpha Pro or similar Device may happen so I am for more
    Metal, more Power, and more Compacts.
  • Its because most non techy people just want look cool and say they have the best. Posted via Android Central App
  • I can't wait for the sexy galaxy alpha! i think if it comes to tmobile i be getting the gold one.
  • Why is metal considered such a great thing? I always get a case for my phone regardless so whether it's plastic or metal is about as relevant as the color. (which changes based on the case as well).
  • so looks shouldn't matter to you then, i never use cases on my phones i like to see it just the way it comes.
  • Samsung makes some pretty great phones, with some neat software additions. However, they do over-saturate the market, which I'm sure their bottom line takes a huge hit because of. There really isn't very many "bad" phones out there right now. Everyone makes a phone or two, or three, that has a target audience. I was a Samsung user for a long time. What pushed me away was not that they have poor quality (even plastic can be nice). What pushed me away, was that they continue releasing new phones, with last years parts, this years version of the OS, and call it a "mid range" device.. Instead of just updating last years phones, with the new OS. Or. they make a "mini" device, but use lesser tech. I think it is more of a slap in the face to it's longer term customers.
  • I might buy a Samsung phone with metal as long as it is running Android without touchwiz. Not into that at all.