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Samsung reconsidering Galaxy Tab 10.1 price after iPad 2 announcement

Apple's recently-announced iPad 2 will provide some strong competition to the current crop of Honeycomb tablets, and it looks like manufacturers are already taking note of the threat posed by Apple's latest tablet.

Speaking to a Korean news agency, Samsung executive Lee Don-joo acknowledged that the iPad 2's low price point and thinner chassis were the biggest obstacles facing the company as it prepares to launch its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab. In future products Lee says Samsung "will have to improve the parts that are inadequate," likely referring to the 10.1-inch Tab's additional heft compared to the new iPad.

Most interestingly though, Lee adds that Sammy may be reconsidering the launch price for its new tablet, saying "the 10-inch (tablet) was to be priced higher than the 7-inch (tablet) but we will have to think that over." The 7-inch Galaxy Tab currently retails at around $500, the same as the cheapest iPad 2. A 10.1-inch Honeycomb-powered Galaxy Tab at this price point would be a tantalizing prospect, if Samsung is willing to be as competitive with its pricing as Lee's comments would suggest. [Yonhap News Agency]

Alex Dobie
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  • >"Most interestingly though, Lee adds that Sammy may be reconsidering the launch price for its new tablet, saying "the 10-inch (tablet) was to be priced higher than the 7-inch (tablet) but we will have to think that over." Duh!!!! Hello!!!!!!! That is what we have been saying for many, many months. If you want there to be a market for Android tablets, then you need to make a 10", wifi-only, fast, feature-packed, 3.0 device and for around $500. This is not rocket science.
  • This is just the start of things. All these tabs are gonna have to do the same. How dumb can you be to think you can price these this high. Why do you think apple priced all the ipads lower than any of their computers. All tabs should have a sub $500 option.
  • Samsung is much smarter than motorola right now
  • Not really. Motorola is making $800 off the people who have to get it now and are willing to pay whatever it costs. Later they drop the price, seems like the smart thing to do. They even started offering a $100 discount off the Xoom just in the last day. So if you don't like the price than just hold tight till it hits the price point you like. When Quad Core units come out, a dual core Honeycomb tablet will drop even more.
  • It's worse than that... a well featured laptop is 500-700, tab pricing to get my attention should high end be less. My "gotta have" price is $300 or less.
  • I fully agree. I would not buy a tablet for $500 to $900 dollars if I can get a more powerful and more functional laptop or netbook for that price range. I won't even consider tabs until they're in the $300-350 range.
  • Yeah I mean I know the Xoom (and I will assume the Tab 10.1 also) blows the iPad (and even iPad2) out of the water, spec wise. But Apple has the mindshare, and as long as the Apple is the same or cheaper in price, it will always outsell. Also if you're going to have a 10" tablet its gotta be light, because to be that big is one thing, but to be that big and heavy as hell is a whole different animal. If one of these companies can make an android tablet thats between 7-10" and as light, if not lighter than the iPad2 it would fly off the shelves.
  • 1.32 lbs. is "heavy as hell" for you? Which is .02 pounds heavier than the ipad2.
  • Thank you for pointing out the small fact everyone seems to have missed! What heft?! Both devices weigh practically the same. Yes, thinner looks sexier, but I really don't see myself looking at my tablet from an edge perspective a whole lot, so big deal if the ipad2 is thinner.
  • I'm happy with my $200 Nook Color (rooted of course). What are you folks really doing with your $800 tablets?
  • Assuming the Xoom can be had from Sam's for $540 (let's keep hoping), then that is the price to compare to. The Nook Color, while cute and neat and cheap, can't hold a candle to Xoom. As much as I would like to buy a Nook, I would rather hold off a bit and apply that $250 to the Xoom. I have an Evo, so I want a LARGE tablet, and something at least as fast as the Evo and with all the same bells and whistles.
  • I'm enjoying my $800 Xoom (which I paid $600 for) and it's actually $700 right now if you order it direct from Motorola. Your $200 Nook is exactly that, a $200 product. It works for you, I tried it though, and wasn't happy with it. I loaded Nookie Froyo onto mine and Honeycomb, and neither made me as happy as my Xoom makes me even though I paid 3x the price, it was well worth it.
  • Good move. :-D
  • One has to wonder what the profit margins on these devices are. Its going to be hard for them to slash prices too radically since they won't be moving the same volume as apple and therefore cant really on numbers to make up for a small profit margin. Also I thought this was supposed to be 1g lighter than the Ipad2. Guess we will find out more at CTIA.
  • As the manufacturer of the majority of their own parts they are in an excellent position to lower price significantly. They own the fab plants and chip manufacturing capacity that many others have to hire from them or buy products from (including Apple). If they chose to go aggressive in pricing they would be able to reap further volume benefits from the consequent uplift in sales. In all likelihood they were originally looking to make a very wide margin on the tablet space. Now looking at aggressive projections for tablet sales growth they can take a view that there will be the volume to justify lower prices and a necessity to do so to hit market share hopes. Imagine if they undercut the lowest price wi-fi iPad (the one the press often quote like it is the price for all of them) but included all the bells and whistles. They would likely still make better margins than they do on many netbooks.
  • 449.99 = my prediction
  • I am considering the HP tablet running webOS 3.0 (best UI out there... IMO.. don't kill me :)) I would never consider getting an Ipad unless it was free. The only reason I didn't get the 7 inch galaxy was because it was just to small... I would really consider getting the 10.1 inch as long as it is the right price (AND IT HAS TO BE WIFI ONLY) ... I ask myself why though ? I have a nice netbook and it perfectly suits my lifestyle. I just want a tablet and am torn between a few of them... all I know is that the XOOM and IPAD's are not in the running for me.
  • I agree, I have an HTC Evo 4G, but I loved the Web OS and look forward to getting their Pad.. (Hopefully)
  • No Android tablet should cost more than $400 7" tablets should be $300!!! I hope the HTC Flyer is going to be in my budget
  • exactly! Same here... Im not in a rush, i will wait till price hit $400 for a "XOOM" like tablet. WIFI only that is
  • id pay 500$ for a really good wifi only honeycomb tablet.
    Think about it,high end phones sell for around 500$ unlocked
    Thats inane!
    Phones should cost less,and tablets should cost more,thats what i think.
  • Phones have radio, less space to put all the horse power.
  • This is just the start of things. All these tabs are gonna have to do the same. How dumb can you be to think you can price these this high. Why do you think apple priced all the ipads lower than any of their computers. All tabs should have a sub $500 option.
  • check out the article below for more details about the galaxy tab 10.1
  • if they price it for around 500 im all in,im very disappointing with the xoom
  • How about the fact that the samsung tab was made of crap materials such as plastic back, etc. I think one of the reasons apple is able to price low is that they prebuy everything they need years before. I remember reading articles years ago about apple buying up tons of samsungs flash memory, screen ,etc. They prebuy in anticipation of where the markets are going to lock in prices, much as many companies do with oil futures. By being proactive rather than reactive, they can often lock in cheap prices on their components and let the rest of the markets fight over what is left. Not a huge fan of apple, but they are smart business wise. While everyone else was goofing of with netbooks, apple locked in future hordes of flash memory for tablets, phones, ipods, macairs and their ssd drives.
  • I knew the XOOM would be disappointing because... IT IS MADE BY MOTO. nuff said... oh yeah and the ridiculous freaking price... they are going to destroy them selves, because they just had to be "first" on the market...
  • So far, I have not heard/seen anything much disappointing about the Xoom, except the price. And if we can get it for $540 at Sam's (maybe), even that is far less disappointing than we first thought...
  • Android and me had an article showing a Motorola $100 voucher on the 3G model if that helps ease the pain any. I expect these Honeycomb tablets to start to flesh out their price range a little better over the coming months and to iterate quickly.
  • Comparing full retail prices here now.
    Xoom Honeycomb 32gb 3G/4G model=$800
    Google Nexus one a few months ago=$529
    iPhone 4 32gb=$749!
    Galaxy S line, Evo, Atrix, Droid X and almost every Smartphone in America=$500-$600 I don't think the pricing all that out of line when you compare a dual core state of the art 10" tablet with 32gb of storage and a gb of Ram to a 3.5-4" smartphone with much less capability. People/tech nerds spend this much on phones quite often.
    People like to complain. And complain they will.
  • I just cant compare Phones a gadget that is a must have, that you will bring with you all the time with a tablet, gadget that you use once in a while
  • One question: Is the Galaxy Tab 7" going to get 3.0?
  • Unfortunately not. That is the number one reason why I am skeptical to buy a Samsung product, no matter how cheap they make it. Samsung has been notoriously slow to release updates to their handset line, and here they go ripping off a whole new customer base. They had to know that Honeycomb was just around the corner, so the least they could do is support their early adopters with Honeycomb. Instead they claim that it is not powerful enough.... yet the T-Mobile G1 (yes the granddaddy of them all) now has a Honeycomb port. So Im waiting until the Wi-Fi only Xoom drops, and if the price is consistent with the rumors ($539 at Sams) then I'm all in.
  • Its an insult to consumers.Oh ok, now we'll try to give you the thinner and cheaper version you wanted when that's what we should have done from the start, but we were gonna milk you for all we could and come out with that version next year. Good counter punch from Apple. If Android tabs aren't competitive ipad2 might just be my first Apple product.
  • I'm so tired of people screaming "OMG IT'S SO EXPENSIVE!" It's a 3g/4g/ wi-fi 32 GB model of a brand new tablet with previously unheard of hardware for $799 compared to $729 for the equivalent of the Ipad 2. On the Wi-Fi model of the Xoom we're looking at $539 Compared to Ipad 2's $599. People seem to think that the Xoom is a 16 GB tablet of some sort but really it's 32 GB plus a MSD Slot... Nick
  • I completely agree with you, and really, if you want to get technical, many of us got the Xoom for $600 using the Motorola 25% off coupon. Also, right now, Motorola has the $100 off coupon, so it's $699, which is cheaper than a 32GB 3G iPad 2. So I paid $600 for my Xoom, which is $130 cheaper than the iPad 2. I didn't have to sign up for any data plan, and didn't have to pay an activation fee. People are blowing the price thing way out of proportion. They want a Ferrari-level product for Honda Civic money.
  • umm what coupon?!?!
  • unheard of? they don't have laptops where you live?
  • Don't care. They could have them for $50 and I still wouldn't touch it. Samsung's upgrade rep has outright killed any consideration of any of their products for the foreseeable future. Now if they establish a rep for dropping reliable updates in a timely manner...lets talk. As it stands hell no.
  • Who needs 10.1, it's not portable and 1.3 lbs is heavy for holding it longer than 5 minutes. Try it yourself. I find 7" perfectly fine and it's under 1 lbs and much easier to handle while moving. Motorola's Xoom is godly expensive, and so will the HTC Flyer, Motorola hasn't been very supportive in the smartphone department and I don't expect them to be any different in the tablet department. Don't expect to go to Motorola's supportforums and get issues resolved by them since they leave everything to poor Mark to suffer with.
  • You know, one thing that scares me about the Tablet market is the possibility of greater market fragmentation amongst the same generation devices. Here's what I mean. With all the Android handsets, the limiting factor with the applications you could run was based on Android version. So if an app was only for 2.0+ and your phone was stuck on 1.6, you could not use the app. Well now we may actually see CPU fragmentation. There are already apps specifically designed to work with the Tegra 2. Now Sammy is releasing products based off of their own Exynos chipset. How long before we have apps that require:
    a) a specific Android version
    b) a specific CPU I really wish Google would reign this in a little, and help standardize the market a bit.
  • google doesn't care, that's your problem. they only want their ad revenue.
  • Your right, Google probably doesnt care. But look at it this way. Let's a consumer new to Android purchases a smartphone, and goes to download a few apps. Then that person starts to hear about some new apps that sound pretty cool, but require the 2.2 version of Android but their handset is stuck on 2.1. So they figure they will have to wait for the update and then get the apps. This happens all the time. But what about being stuck with CPU fragmentation? There is nothing you can do to use an app designed for a specific CPU except get a new device. Anyway, how long before this fragmentation turns people away from Android and in effect cuts into Google's business model? Maybe Google should care.
  • Looks like Apple is desperately trying to catch up to where Android already is !! best thing about that iPad is the new cover . That I do like but thats about it
  • The only ones desperate are you Android morons.
  • Wow dude did you really just say that? Ok you guys are officialy losing it. "Apple is desperately trying to catch up to where Android already is" I hope your kidding.
  • Seriously? I am an Android user, but lets face it.. Apple can release the Ipad 3 with the exact same specs except for an upgraded display and they will continue to maintain the market lead. Apple has already won where it counts... consumers minds. They got to the market first and changed the game. As long as Apple maintains its coolness factor, it doesn't matter how great competing products are. They are all fighting for second place. Look at the video game wars. The Sony PS1 and PS2 were unbelievable successes for Sony, but when it came to the PS3 they let Microsoft beat them to the market a full year in advance and change the way people played games. No matter what Sony did after that, they were now the market follower because MS had already won over the consumer. These manufactures have a slim chance of becoming a market leader in a market that Apple beats them too.
  • Well good. Like it or not, the ipad has been in the market longer, and has become iconic. You can't beat it by charging MORE. Also, whoever thought of calling it "galaxy tab 10.1" needs to eat a bag of dicks.
  • Another story that shows Samsung just doesn't get it. I own a Fascinate (yes one of THOSE phones) that I have modded the ever living hell out of to get it to what it should have been when it shipped. I refuse to do that to a tablet also. I said from the beginning make the Galaxy Tab WiFi with a dedicated Android OS for tablets(ala Honeycomb)and charge $300 (not $700 with activation & another contract from the carrier filled with bloatware and restrictions) and I'll buy it. As is the iPad 2 looks really nice & I'm in the market for one of these within the next couple of months. Motorola, Samsung nor any other Android tablet maker have it figured out yet and that means Apple will continue to clean up with more sales.