Samsung now taking registrations for developer day at IFA 2012 in Berlin

IFA 2012 in Berlin is just over a month away, and we know for sure that Samsung will be there. Over on their developer portal, registrations have opened up to a developer day the Korean manufacturer will be throwing at the event. 

Scheduled to take place on Thursday August 30 from 14:00 - 18:00, interested developers are urged to sign up quickly as places are limited. Invitations to those selected will then be sent out on August 1. 

No session details have been posted as yet, but developers are promised the chance to "meet the latest technology from Samsung platforms" and to "learn about Samsung's latest devices and services" complete with demonstrations. Make of that what you will, but rumor-mongers will surely try and link a vague statement such as this to the fervent rumors of a new Galaxy Note making an appearence in Germany. Whatever we see though, we'll be on the ground in Berlin next month to bring you it all. 

Source: Samsung Developers

  • This event certainly sounds noteworthy.
  • ZING!
  • I have the Galaxy Note and I love it, I might going to get the Galaxy Note 2 Quad-core and 2Gb of ram.
    I love Samsung products, even though, when it comes to the updates Samsung start to move like a car with three wheels... But I can deal with it.
  • Well I gonna be there living in Berlin so just almost around then corner from the ifa so gonna be be nice to see what all new there is.