Samsung Moment Hands-On

We managed to snag some hands-on time with the just-announced Samsung Moment for Sprint. What do you need to know? Well, let's say it's a standard, straightforward Android slider - the only custom stuff here is Sprint's various custom apps like Sprint TV and NFL. In other words, this ain't no Hero.

Still and all, build quality is sufficient, if a little plasticky. It's a step up from the G1 on T-Mobile, but that's about the best you can say.  You'd have to be a pretty finicky person to dwell on that, though, given that it's wrapped around a gorgeous AMOLED screen. The colors pop on this device something wonderful, although we were in a fairly dimly-lit room when we tested. 

The optical joystick isn't quite as nice as jogball to our fingers, but then again it won't fall prey to the gunk and accidental presses you find with balls. The keyboard does the job - and to be honest that's pretty much the only reason we could imagine anybody choosing this device over the Hero on Sprint - if they just gotta have them buttons.

More photos after the break!

Dieter Bohn