Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung has launched a new Intel-powered Chromebook. Samsung's own Chromebook 2 launched earlier this year running on the Exynos chipset. This meant that owners were tasked with enduring subpar performance (see our review), especially when it came to multi-tasking, With an Intel variant available for purchase at the same affordable price point, we can't help but recommend this new model over Exynos-powered Samsung Chromebooks.

This latest model comes with Intel's Celeron N2840 CPU at 2.58GHz. The only downside to the Intel choice when it comes to Samsung Chromebooks is the lack of RAM, only sporting just 2GB. 16GB of internal storage will ensure you continue to save everything in Google's cloud. Samsung states the company has made notable improvements to the Chromebook 2 in terms of durability and overall construction. What this means is Samsung has essentially added more metal to the unit, behind the screen, reinforcing corners and USB ports.

Would you be interested in this new Intel Chromebook by Samsung?

Source: The Verge