Samsung HomeSync now available in the US

The Samsung HomeSync can now be yours, provided you live in the US and have $300 to spend. We first saw the media-center slash network storage device back at Mobile World Congress in February, and we're a bit intrigued. 

Picture a Chromecast crossed with a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, like a Drobo, that's attached directly to your TV. You can play all your Google Play content, like movies and music, as well as upload your own media to the device's 1TB worth of storage. It runs it's own version of TouchWiz, and has full support for other apps via Google Play.

You use your Samsung Android device as the remote, and you have your stuff on your big screen. The HomeSync can synchronize with up to eight different accounts as well, so you don't have to add your wife's Celine Dion songs to your Google account. 

The HomeSync retails for $299.99 at Amazon. It's a bit expensive, but it looks very convenient for folks who aren't into fiddling around with network devices and hard drives. We've got one on the way and we'll take a long hard look at it.

Buy the Samsung HomeSync from Amazon

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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