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There's no escaping it -- you have to compare the Samsung Galaxy Tab to Apple's iPad. One has sold millions in mere months. The other is hoping to break Android into the tablet market big-time. After the break, we match them up, spec for spec.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Waiting for motorola. Or possibly a chrome OS tablet. Droid X here so gonna need a little more screen real estate. Nice options to have though.
  • New updates for this one confirming another feature that would make the iPad Cringe. Tablet From Samsung Impression:
  • I am also thinking that it realisticly needs a bigger screen for a tablet. Say 10" would be spot on give us a full A4 page atleast.
  • Stupid! What's lacking: -Multiple user accounts
    -USB port
    -If you are going to put a camera, try a little harder than 1.3 mp. That's pathetic... The only thing it really beats iPad is on RAM and the weak cameras (I guess it's better than none...)
  • Uhhh there is a 3 mega pixel camera. Is that better for you?
  • The graphics are also far superior as the sammy has a newer chip.. just like the galaxy phones.
  • Its a Tablet, you do not need an 8MP camera because you kind of look silly using something so big as your mail camera. It is just there for convince.
  • USB I could understand. Multiple user accounts? Whaaaa?! This isn't Windows or Mac, dude. Does the iPad even have that.... (no I'll wait). And it only beats the iPad at RAM? Hmm, how about DUAL cams? How about removeable storage, and 4G options (with Sprint, as rumored)? How about the Open ecosystem of Android? A product "beating" another is very subjective. It's up to the user's wants and needs and how a device fills those needs. Or sales. But with numbers, Apple has ONE phone, ONE iPad model. Android..... whew, there's options for daysssss and thats a plus in my book. The user can find a device that fits them, without sacrificing features to "fit in" as with the Apple products.
  • 1.3mp is enough for a front facing web cam but the 3mp back camera is kinda weak
  • There better be a wifi-only model. What's the point, if people that buy this are likely to have an Android phone to tether off in the first place?
  • Maybe Samsung gets economies of scale by manufacturing only 3G+WiFi models, making this less expensive than iPads. Since use of 3G is optional, what does it matter that there's no WiFi-only model? I have an old Droid 1 that is no longer tied to a phone account, and it works just fine as a WiFi-only device. I view 3G as I do the front-facing's a feature that I'm not likely to use, but if it doesn't get in my way of using the other features, I don't mind that it's included at no additional cost.
  • Maybe is table you need to swap front and rear camera specs?
  • Adobe Flash ... ... Never. Ever. (iPad)
    I love it! :)
  • "Never.Ever" LOL!
  • Please, please, please offer a wifi only option. I want to pay for a tablet once, not every month. A larger screen would be appreciated too because I'd like a tablet to replace my aging living room/coffee table laptop.
  • No WiFi only model = fail. I so wanted one. Oh well.
  • Why can't you buy the full model and not turn on the 3g part and only use the wifi??? My wife did that with her IPAD she bought from BB. If Apple and AT&T let you do that I'm Samsung and their carrier of choice should do the same. If I'm missing something please let me know.
  • It needs to be the same size or only slightly smaller than the iPad. I have an iPad and can't wait for an Android replacement but the feel of holding the iPad isn't not nearly as bad as most think. It's like holding a notepad, it feels nice to work on since I can see almost a real piece of paper on it's face.
  • I think this is represents a reasonable form factor which allows for easy portability but still gives a decent uplift in screen real estate over a smartphone. For those complaining about the size, there are likely to be Android tablets in all shapes and sizes to suit (some likely to come from Samsung too), so no issue there. The crux with this and other devices is the price point. For people complaining about 3G inclusion (no wi-fi only model), if the out of contract price point is right, who cares. Some countries also allow for reasonably priced data only plans or PAYG plans that include a reasonable chunk of data (the world is not the US and their scary price plan options ;)). This unit is just over half the weight of the 3G iPad, will be easy to carry around runs Android (with all the flexibility that brings). The battery life may be poor in comparison to the iPad (similar internals, slightly smaller screen but slightly higher pixel density but half the battery capacity) but will have to see real world use to properly judge ... Is the battery interchangeable? This is the first of many and the next year will be truly interesting.
  • Looks promising, but I agree with what's been said above: it needs to be a bit bigger, and there needs to be a WiFi-only model. I've got three 3G data plans already (Droid, Mifi, and my wife's BlackBerry) - there's no way I'm shelling out money for a fourth one.
  • Why the worry over this not being wifi only?
    Just buy the Tab SIM FREE then either use the tab without a SIM card (wifi only) or pick which SIM carrier you want to put your card in.... or have more than one SIM card and pick and choose which carrier's card you want to use.
  • Because that means the Tab will only be sold through a carrier and "be on contract" where as the wifi model will not require a plan and can be bought outright, also wifi models are normally a bit cheaper then the 3G version.
  • If offered through carriers they would be offered at a discount with a contract. However, in the same way that current phones and netbooks are available sans contract at full price, I imagine the Tab would also be available for outright purchase. Even at full price it should be less expensive or comparable to the iPad.
  • Unless it's only offered through a carrier subsidized. Then they'll jack the price up on unlocked/no contract version. Still want to see what HP throws out with WebOS. Their problem is hardware, not software, when it comes to WebOS.
  • It's a no-go for me if you are forced into a contract. Pay as you go data is really the only realistic option for tablets since they are used differently than smartphones. Most of the time I'll use this at home and data will not be needed -- and I'd resent paying for an expensive data plan when I don't need it. That's a big point the comparison didn't mention. Just like the first Android phones were crappy compared to the iPhone, so too are the first Android tablets. I'll give it another year or two before they get it right and I'd consider getting something like this.
  • I want to know the screen type. TFT LCD? So is the iPad, that's the broad technology. I want the nitty little details. IPS? TN? What? I'm assuming LED (unaware of other techs available that small) Oh well, probably won't get this, waiting on Notion I think. Also, android market, or Samsung market?
  • I think I'm going to wait for the Archos 10.1 or 7.0. They look pretty sweet and are wifi only. The 7.0 will have a 250gb hdd option.
  • Yeah, I'm leaning pretty strongly toward one of the Archos as well. I like the 10-1, but the 7-0 with the 250GB HDD is drawing at me pretty hard as well (if the price is right, as Archos seems to like really piling on the dollar for including an HDD). For data, I can always bind the one I get to bluetooth through my phone when away from my FiOS. It had better be a really competitive price though, as it will be only a really good first as the toys get better in the next couple iterations.
  • From my understanding all the Archos tablets will not allow access to the Android Market without rooting and/or otherwise hacking the OS just like the previous Archos Android tablet.
    My father has an Archos Internet Tablet 5 and it doesn't allow the Android Market without a hack. Also, you have to pay to get access to other features like GPS and xvid/divx & h264 video decoding.
    He bought it with the intention to watch movies when traveling and other various uses. He had a hand full of android apps on his HTC Hero that he was hoping to put on his Archos. Since they all came from Android Market, it didn't happen. Now it just collects dust on his shelf. He isn't big into the whole hacking fun of these devices. As far as I'm concerned, if I was interested in a tablet (which maybe someday I will be), a 7" seems like it would be about the right size. I just won't be buying any Archos product until they stop locking up some of the useful features of Android.
  • Definitely need a WiFi only model, and I'd love a 10" model. Give it HDMI out please. More real estate = give it a larger battery. As for iPad never having Flash, Skyfire submitted their browser for iOS and it'll allow Flash playback. Apple has a huge foothold in the market across a variety of devices, overcoming just that "mindshare" with consumers is in and of itself a challenge. Thankfully Android has been making a dent and I can't wait for most devices to sport FroYo and above making comparisons to iOS laughable. With Gingerbread I hope we get that "polished user experience" that seems to be the real last flicker for them to hold on to in the Apple camp.
  • I would never look at a tablet without a real usb port and a little bigger WiFi only and vanilla Froyo would be very nice
  • My question about the wifi, does it support adhoc wifi? Archos is coming out with a new line next month, but my Archos 5 it doesnt support adhoc. If Samsung would do something like that they would have a seller! That and Bluetooth that can connect to phones other than a Nokia.
  • Missing something. Feature....Tab....iPad
    GPS........Yes....3G only
  • In my opinion they are just both not worth the money, who really carries around these things? I have only seen 1(just one) of the 1 million iPad users, and that was while boarding a plane in a Miami airport. NO ONE uses these, so a 3g model is just something that shouldn't be there, that's why I think Samsung won't do too well with the Tab... regardless if you REALLY do want a 3g model, then hands down the Tab.
  • What I would like to see in this or any other Android/WebOS tablet would be the ability to do a Wifi Hotspot on it for a minimal fee. Here's the way I would like to see the prices (realistically; free is always better):
    Sprint Galaxy Tab Unlimited Data Only Plan - $20-30
    4G Premium - $10 (I live in a 4G coverage area and I love it so far)
    Wifi Hot Spot - $10-15 If I could pay $30-40 a month for a 4G Tablet without hotspot, I would seriously consider it. Having the option for a Wifi hot spot would only sweeten the pot. Of course, if WiFi hot spot was only $10-15 a month on Sprint anyway, I would be paying for it on my Epic and this talk of a Tablet would be a mute point anyway...
  • Sadly, despite all this "innovation," no company has yet to figure out how to give parents the controls necessary to allow their kids to enjoy these devices without being exposed to either in-appropriate content, without the ability to rack up the charges on your credit card as they download content, or without the ability to have something as simple as a "kids" account that is controlled from a "parents" account that has the credit card information stored in it.