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Samsung Galaxy Tab can't keep itself secret, shows up in more pictures

Samsung's Galaxy Tab has shown up in more pictures, giving us some more looks at the rumored Android tablet. Yesterday, we reported on a video which showed the device out in the wild in Australia. 

The pictures have been gathered by OLED-Display, who have extrapolated some information about the tablet based on the pictures:

  1. It is running Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  2. The display is 1024 x 600
  3. 3.2 M camera 
  4. GPS
  5. 3G
  6. 802.11N wireless network

Samsung's tablet will reportedly be formally introduced at the IFA Conference in Berlin in early September. Until then, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of leaked pictures and videos of the Galaxy Tab.To see more of these pictures, head to the source. [ via OLED-Display]

  • daddy likey....
  • What is that on the bottom? Hopefully not a universal docking connector thing. The first tablet I buy will have USB ports, so I can rig it up with the Air Card my work pays for. I don't really want to pay for 3G service monthly on another device.
  • Looks like the same adapter iphone/ipod uses.
  • That is a docking connector!:-( Good luck trying to find a pad with true USB support. I'm with you, I don't want to deal with yet another device that has no USB support or I would have bought the iPad. Thus far the Notion Ink Adam is looking like it will pretty much blow this market open for competition. Hopefully soon tablets will be as common as netbooks. I don't think that I'll be considering this "Tab" even though I do love a large touch screen. MAYBE it will support SD input by the time it is release (very likely). That alone would take it light years ahead of the iPad and almost worth while but not quite there yet for my taste...
  • I'm a little ticked about the almost-an-iPod-connector. Unless they licensed Apple's actual connector. Otherwise, they're trying to get you to buy it, thinking it will work with all your i-connector peripherals, but it just doesn't quite fit. The Sansa Fuze has a similar connector, but it's not quite the same size. I would have been ticked about that, but I didn't realize until I saw this and compared it to my Fuze connector, and my old iPod. (By the way, Engadget has several more pictures which they got off the ifanr website. The article is like three or so pages in now.)
  • Looks nice, still not on the tablet bandwagon (cell phone hardware in a MUCH larger chassis). 1024*600???? Really??? You blow the size up to well over 200% the original size and the resolution difference is only bumped up 44%? At least give us HD res (1366x768).
  • I hope they announce a bigger/better tablet before the holidays.. maybe a 10 or 12" tablet w/a 1280x800 resolution (or higher). this 7" "tab" seems too big to be portable.. and too small to be a useful tablet
  • I think Samsung has already said they'll be making a ten inch tablet, but I believe it won't ship until 2011. I'm trying to start a discussion on how big is too big. Ten inch is probably the biggest anyone would want to carry with them; maybe 12 or 15 for students with a backpack. How about 18, 20, or even bigger? Would anyone buy something that big for home use?
  • I think this is where I found it.
  • I have a feeling this is not the Samsung Galaxy Tab, there is no way they are using the Apple dock connector or anything BUT Micro-USB. This is some kind of Asian clone aka a KIRF that they made to dupe tourist into buying that don't know better and are looking for an iPad. Why it says Samsung I don't know but I won't buy it if it doesn't have Micro-USB. I hope it is a KIRF.
  • What browser is that? Looks very "Apple-ish".
  • How is a browser "Apple-ish"? It displays web pages. It has back, forward, and home buttons next to the address bar. How else is a browser supposed to look?
  • The notification bar looks Android but the browser looks Safari-ish. Could be the result of skinning though..if the Galaxy Tab does have a 1024x600 resolution though I'd be happy. Better than the rumored 800x480 same res as the Galaxy S phones, yet being comparable to iPad resolution and close to 16:9.
  • Yeah, I'm anxious to know which resolution is right. 800x480 is common on Android devices, but if it's really 1024x600, a lot of apps may need some tweaking to look right on it. It sounds like the firmware leak confirmed the 800x480... Anyone know for sure?