Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on: The "Infinity Phone"

Until very recently, Samsung's phones were at the top of the list for Android quality (at least in the eyes of the mainstream consumer). Now under pressure to bounce back from the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung doesn't just have to make the Galaxy S8 a success; it has to make it a resounding one. Today, we finally get to see Samsung's version of the comeback. This is my first Galaxy S8 hands-on, and there's a lot to get ahold of.

I'm Michael Fisher, AKA MrMobile, and yes, I've held the S8 and S8+ in my hand. I've tried their new cameras, I've played with DeX and Bixby, and I've clicked the new home button (that's not a button at all)! Now, it's time to tell you all about it. This hands-on is the beginning of our journey with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Start with the video above, and then check out all of Android Central's coverage as I prepare the full MrMobile Galaxy S8 Review, coming soon!

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