Samsung Galaxy S8 hands-on: The "Infinity Phone"

Until very recently, Samsung's phones were at the top of the list for Android quality (at least in the eyes of the mainstream consumer). Now under pressure to bounce back from the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung doesn't just have to make the Galaxy S8 a success; it has to make it a resounding one. Today, we finally get to see Samsung's version of the comeback. This is my first Galaxy S8 hands-on, and there's a lot to get ahold of.

I'm Michael Fisher, AKA MrMobile, and yes, I've held the S8 and S8+ in my hand. I've tried their new cameras, I've played with DeX and Bixby, and I've clicked the new home button (that's not a button at all)! Now, it's time to tell you all about it. This hands-on is the beginning of our journey with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Start with the video above, and then check out all of Android Central's coverage as I prepare the full MrMobile Galaxy S8 Review, coming soon!

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  • Looks awesome but just not sure I care enough. My S7E is doing great. I think I'll wait and maybe get the next Note. I'm excited to check it out in store tho.
  • I wasn't planning of getting it but what the heck. The only reason I ever tried the S line is because of the Note 7 screw up. I've been on T-Mobile Jump since the program originally started and have yet to use it once. I was holding out for the Note 8 but what the heck, I'll Jump again then.
  • I actually like the size of my Nexus 6, so a phone close to the same size is exciting
  • Oh the S8+ will be a lot smaller than the N6.
  • S8plus is 6.2 inch screen......Nexus 6 is 5.96 inches
  • The screen on the S8+ is bigger than the Nexus 6 screen, but the phone size overall is smaller for the S8+.
  • noooo it's not, even if the Nexus 6 has bezels, the S8+ is narrower but the same height as the nexus 6 dude.
  • This is true. Check this out:,Samsun...
  • I'll wait for the Pixel 2 then Make​ a decision...
  • It really does look a bit like an infinity pool
  • C'monnn are you really falling for that!?! lol I still see more of a 'fish bowl' effect but I will reserve my judgement till I see and play with one in person.
  • Definitely a "fish bowl" effect.
  • Right? It's amazing how they managed to do that. I now understand why they decided to make of all of the S8s have a black front. It only makes sense.
  • Mr. Mobile, I'm so disappointed in your hands-on review. Even with all the new standout features that the S8/S8+ have, there's only one question that Galaxy diehards need answered: Does the facial recognition and/or iris scanner security access relegate the fingerprint sensor as unnecessary or obsolete? We already know the fingerprint sensor is in an awkward place on the back but it appears that Samsung wants to play up its facial recognition and iris scanning feature while downplaying the importance of the fingerprint sensor.
  • It's a hands-on review, not a full review. Give him some time to actually use it for a little while and he might address that.
  • Fully symmetrical design... until you reach for the fingerprint sensor. What a disaster.
  • Not a big deal. Will not even use it anymore with Iris and face recognition. The iris worked great on the N7. looks like even better now.
  • That's all well and good, for you. Others might prefer the finger print sensor.
  • The back button should be on the right for right handers, and on the left for left handers. Now that you can change it great, but most people are right handed, so Samsung had it correct with their placement all this time. I use the back button countless times a day, so makes sense to have it closest to my thumb reach. I use the other button maybe once a day, sometime less. But now who's cares because everyone can choose how they want it to be laid out so we can all be happy!
  • Don;t forget that not everyone uses their phone with their dominant hand. I'm right handed and yet, I operate my phone with my left hand.
    Being able to change this is great for me.
  • Agreed :)
  • I am the same. Right-handed, but hold my phone in my left hand. So many people just assume that the way they do it MUST be the way everyone does it.
  • Looks sweet but I worry about broken displays and price to replace.. that's my only reservation on this phone. Since you couldn't get a decent screen protector for the S7 edge ..
  • Zagg makes a tempered glass curved protector for the 7 edge. No reason why the 8 will be any different.
  • Gorilla glass 5 is your savor was for my note 7 . Slim thin case and I'm good . I've had all the edge galaxy's have not broken one yet knock on wood
  • Good looking phone. I will wait and see what the Note 8 and iPhone X brings to the table.
    Right now it would be a hard choice between the S8 and G6. Both look good to me.
  • I feel like the s8 is more future proof than the g6. They're both great choices but im leaning more towards the s8.
  • "1st, let's get physical"
    Really? I think that was the last thing we do on date. :-/