Samsung Galaxy S7 launch sees a new angled wireless fast charger

Wireless charging has long been a popular feature in smartphones, and for Samsung's recent offerings in particular. But the official Fast Charge wireless getup from Samsung has — until now — been a purely horizontal endeavor. You put your phone flat on on the charger, and it charges. And that's fine and all. But It also means your phone is at a pretty harsh angle to your eyes, and glancing down at notifications isn't all that much fun. That's where angled chargers have always had an advantage. But third-party chargers didn't always get the job done properly.

So with that we present Samsung's new angled wireless charger, debuting with the Galaxy S7. It'll work with other Samsung smartphones, of course, and the gist is the same. You place the phone on the charger, and it charges. There's a little foot on the bottom to hold things neatly in place, and the base of the charger is rubberized to keep the whole thing from moving around.

It's powered by a microUSB cable, which plugs into the base at the back.

All in all, a nice little update to a very capable fast wireless charger. We'll update with more pricing and availability information once we've got it.

Phil Nickinson