The Galaxy S22 series misses out on Android's seamless updates

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Galaxy S22 series doesn't support seamless updates on Android.
  • Seamless updates allow users to continue using their phones as it applies updates in the background.
  • Android has supported this feature since 2016, with Samsung continuing to be a major holdout.

Samsung may be great at providing quick updates for its phones, whether they're monthly security patches or major OS upgrades. However, the company continues to skip out on support for A/B (Seamless) System Updates, and it seems the Galaxy S22 series is no exception.

9to5Google was able to verify that the new Galaxy S22 phones are missing out on the partitions that would make "Seamless Updates" available.

A/B (Seamless) System Updates have been available on many of the best Android phones for years, with the biggest benefit being that it allows the user to continue using the device while the system installs updates in the background. However, it also allows the user to keep using the "old OS" in case something goes wrong with the update.

Oddly enough, Samsung has notably held back from implementing this feature in its phones, including last year's Galaxy S21 series. At one point, Google was expected to make this a requirement for Android phones with the Android 11 update, but that turned out not to be the case.

Android Central has reached out to Samsung for more details on whether or not we can expect support for A/B (Seamless) System Updates in the future and will update if we receive a response.

Despite the last of support for this helpful feature, Samsung remains one of the best Android OEMs when it comes to updates, recently announcing a new update promise for the Galaxy S22 that surpasses even Google's Pixel 6 series.

Samsung has also extended update support for other devices, including last year's S21 series, its latest tablets, and the Galaxy Watch 4.

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