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Samsung Galaxy S2 set to arrive at Mobile World Congress?

Yeah, you'll need to take this one with a big grain of salt as some of these rumors have been floating around for a whole now but with that said and out of the way. New information is suggesting that come Mobile World Congress next month, Samsung will be all set to release the Samsung Galaxy S2 line of devices. If we follow the rumor mill, what we should be looking at come announcement is a dual core, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display with built in NFC rocking Android 2.3. We'll hold out for more details before we set this one in stone personally. Oh ya, the image. We're pretty darn confident in saying the device will look nothing like what's shown above. I'll eat my Jerry's hat if I'm wrong. [ETNews via MobileCrunch]

  • I wont buy a samsung phone. All the galaxy S feel "cheap" They are really light, but feel plasticy. A few of my friends have them and I even told one not to buy it and still did, what an idiot, well it was on sale for $50 so I got it. Dumbass told em to wait for 4g quality phones by HTC and Moto...
  • I actually don't think so. I have an HTC Evo... and my friend's Samsung Fascinate seems so nicely made. Though it could be the cover, lol. But the very nice screen + the fluidity of the OS gives the phone a much better depiction in my opinion. Now my HTC Evo, rooted with Myn's and Baked Kernel 6 still gives me a choppy scrolling of the apps (I think the culprit is Baked Kernel, but it gives stupendous battery life). So yeah... I don't know. To me, I would go for Samsung Galaxy series as some of the best phones out right now, mostly because of their GPU and other things that make the actual software so great, somehow changing my mind about the hardware.
  • It's def the BK6! Run myn rls 5 with the stock #15! Butters!
  • While I haven't really played with any of the other Galaxy phones, I have the Captivate and it is a nicely built piece of hardware. I feel as if I could smack someone down with it and then tweet my friends and let them know.
  • Ahhh its shipping with 2.3 so im guessing Honeycomb will be out already and they will promise an upgrade.
  • I'm sure it will see the shelves of Verizon in 2012.
  • Promise an upgrade and never deliver...
  • Hey Samsung. Before releasing another phone how about working on getting Froyo out on your current devices.
  • Show me next Tab.
  • Sprint? Wishful thinking? Who knows?
  • I'll eat my Jerry's hat too.
    Hey, we both have Jerry's?
  • No upgrade' no more buying your product
  • I would love a Galaxy S2, with sliding keyboard on Sprint, but what I would love even more is if Samsung actually sent out updates for their phones. It's sad to have the Epic 4g and still be on 2.1, and seeing all these other top end phones running 2.2 or even 2.3. It seems Samsung's commitment to upgrading their current phone's OS is about as equal to Sony's and Dell's. These two other companies are pretty bad about updating their phone's OS too. Seems Motorola and HTC are about the only phone companies you can count on supporting their current phone's and making sure they have the latest OS to some degree.
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  • What he said.
  • he really hit the nail on the head...i completely agree with him
  • Asian expletives!
  • 请你不要在这里任意打广告。 That is an advertisement for a Chinese car rental in various cities in the Guangdong province.
  • 呵呵。。。真无聊,多半人看不懂。
  • This is why i hate to buy samsung smartphone. they promise to update but never come through. but instead they will update the equipment with new software making you buy a new phone. pathetic. i tell you.
  • By the time this comes out, they will be promising to upgrade you to Ice Cream. Then You'll wait for six months and eventually get your upgrade. I'm waiting for the next Nexus phone. Hopefully Motorola does a good job.
  • The lightness of my Epic is one of the Best things about it. I owned an Evo, and altho its a thinner slate, it carries some significant weight. The Epic is surprising lighter, and thats a good thing. SAMOLED is great too, and the Hummingbird, but I HATE that Samsung eff's everything up by not updating their phones properly! I may be moving to Moto next.. if one comes to Sprint. I can root an get a ROM, but not having official 2.2 updates are holding things up, like custom kernels.
  • 4.3" AMOLED? Nice. Too bad it's a never-to-have-the-latest-Android-version Samsung. Samsung, love your screens... Hate you.
  • I played with a Galaxy S phone yesterday and must say I absolutely hate it. The interface blows. I have yet to see an interface that's come close to as good as stock android. Sense comes close, very close, but that's it.
  • I really dont understand why I still see people making post about "samsung broke promises for upgrades" blah blah blah. ummm have u seen all those other Galaxy S outside the US getting Froyo update??? So everyone else in the world is getting their update but people with US Carriers....hmmm I wonder why.
  • I would agree, but the company's own twitter account posted that they are still doing some testing ... not the carrier. My Evo got its Froyo update in about 6 weeks as hoped. Samsung said September..... its mid-January 2011 man. And they have the audacity to release a newer Vibrant version?? Priorities are fukked!
  • hmmm...i wasnt well aware of that twitter thing (I dont use twitter). But I wouldnt blame it all on the manufactures, carriers are also half the delay.
  • Screen will be too big now. They had the sweet spot before.
  • OMG, SMDH! Samsung should be ashamed if this is true. Lmao!
  • hmm... I wonder what the Jerry hat will taste like? That image is very plausible. And if it is using dual-core and Super AMOLED, I'm going to get one.