Samsung's U.S. Galaxy S pages showing Froyo, but updates still missing

Update: And the pages once again say Android 2.1. Thanks, Joel!

Original: That supposed Dec. 26 mark for the Sprint to roll out Froyo for Epic 4G has come and gone -- no great surprise there -- but Samsung's stirring the pot a bit. The U.S. product pages for the Epic 4G, Vibrant and Fascinate are all showing the phones running Android 2.2. A typo? Perhaps. The Captivate and Continuum are shown as sporting Android 2.1 still.

Now you gotta remember, Samsung has a less-than-stellar reputation with this whole update thing. But we have to hold out hope that the updates are getting ready to roll. If you see the update hitting your phone, be sure to head into the forums and spread some epic news. [Samsung (opens in new tab), Vibrant product page (opens in new tab), Epic 4G product page (opens in new tab), Fascinate product page (opens in new tab)] Thanks to everyone who sent these in

Andrew Melnizek
  • Let the complaining and crying begin!!!!!!!!!
  • I tried the user initiated update a few minutes ago and no update was located. Things are starting to sound encouraging though.
  • Froyo is overrated.
  • No, Gingerbread is overrated. Froyo is good, performance boost can't be denied. Gingerbread on the other hand, yeah, pointless IMO.
  • Hell yeah. Who wants much better performance, better games, better bitmapping, better networking, better battery life, and true support for the Hummingbird processor's extended capabilities. Gingerbread sucks.
  • False or misleading advertising? Nooooooooooo not Samsung, they wouldn't mislead the public about the features of their devices. Bwhahaha. Now about that bridge they have for sale, don't you think that's a great deal?!?!?
  • Here is what I got out of them from a support chat. The best part is at the end (2nd to last comment from 'Dan'): You are now chatting with 'Dan' Dan: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?
    Visitor: US website for Fascinate was updated to reflect Android 2.2 as the OS. When will our phones get the update?
    Dan: I understand that you need to have information about 2.2
    Dan: Thank you for website.
    Dan: Please let me share with details on my end.
    Dan: We have Our latest Andriod phones released with 2.2 , That's reason we have information posted about 2.2 on our website, however the older phones as OS 2.1 and it can be updated to 2.2 after we have 2.2 update file released .
    Visitor: When is that going to be?
    Visitor: Are you saying if I go to Verizon, I can get a Fascinate with 2.2 on it now?
    Dan: Yes, However we will have 2.2 released to be updated on the phone.
    Dan: Update will be pushed to phone Over The Air.
    Visitor: Again...when will that be? You know you have a LOT of angry customers in regards to this update.
    Dan: I agree with your concern.
    Visitor: Just look at your own Twitter feed for @GalaxySsupport
    Visitor: So, what is the time frame for the OTA?
    Dan: I understand it, but we need release the update once we make sure there are glitches after update.
    Dan: That's reason its being delayed then estimated release time posted on website.
    Visitor: You are dancing around my question. It must be soon if the people that run the website were told to make the change showing 2.2. I understand the testing process (I'm in IT). When will Samsung/Verizon start pushing the OTA?
    Visitor: There is no estimate on the website. Just shows as having 2.2
    Dan: Yes we will have OTA released in upcoming days.
    Visitor: Will this also finally bring the Media Hub application to the Fascinate?
    Dan: Yes.
    Dan: We will have Media hub and 2.2 released in upcoming days.
    Dan: We in the chat support team provide technical support, we do not have information about estimated time of release, that's reason I am not able to provide you with any details. A little light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I'm being patient, but I was a little disappointed that the 26th was everything but confirmed and nothing came. No worries though, as I'll still be here (barring any apocolypses, etc.) when it does finally drop. And I will be just as happy when it does.
  • I've been thinking "I won't root, the update is just around the corner." for the last 4 months. Maybe that's samsung's plan.
  • I have been the same way @Sandplasma. Because with my old Droid phone by the time i actually got around to rooting the phone, after holding out the update was released 2 days later. But good news has been discusessed over in the Facinates board. Hoping for some news shortly. (not sure about the other 2 boards...strictly a vzw guy here. :) )
  • lol yeah..I'm afraid of that. *croses fingers*
  • So if the 26th was the date for some of the Galaxy phones then what about the others? (Captivate and the Continuum). Should us ATT folks sit back and not get excited or what? ROFL
  • Just to confirm...i'll be clicking on "UPDATE FIRMWARE" on my phone right?
  • I feel like I still own my palm pre...waiting for these damn update.
  • I still own mine, but it's turned off and in a draw with the rest of my AT&T no longer used smartphone collection. My EVO came with Froyo, thank goodness. Now will the next update for me be Gingerbread or Honeycomb?
  • I still have my Palm Pre, as well. My 6 old absolutely loves it. As such, I'm glad it doesn't have service anymore.
  • And you think it's going to be any different with the Nexus S? It is a Samsung phone, right?
  • The Nexus S is just a fancy version of the samsung epic..
  • @VagrantRadio Yes it will be different. Because in the case of the Nexus S, Google is running the update not samsung. Samsung's only involvement really is the fact they made the hardware. Also I have a captivate. I'm going to be mighty pissed if they are not updating this phone.
  • This is why I have waited since October for the Evo Shift to be released. I am worried if I go ahead and buy the Epic I will never see a software update and will be running Android 2.1 or 2.2 when everyone else will be on 3.0 or later when March rolls around.
  • Just b/c it says 2.2 on the samsung site means nothing. That happened with the AT&T captivate on the samsung site a couple weeks go. It stated 2.2 then when samsung got hammered with inquiries about it. They changed it to 2.1 the same day(IIRC).
  • Im buying a samsung epic 4g today(exited! cant wait) and the official page at samsung for the phone is down all it says when i try to go to it is page not found?!? im gessing the pulled the page because people seen that it had the froyou 2.2 on it im asuming but my question for all the android pros is how do i get 2.2 on the device with out rooting it right now i might root it at a later date.
  • Samsung sucks with updates. I was about to get Epic myself, but now I’m really glad I didn’t. I would rather wait for some new HTC device.
  • Ive used the evo 4g for about 2 weeks and the only reason i switched back to a blackberry is battery life i got 5 hours of batterylife with the evo 4g with minimal text and date(was in school) and roamed for maby 5 min im loving the epic sofar and defently the keyboard it has i love android just waiting for 2.2 now
  • I've already checked with Samsung about this. I was told that this is a "scripting error". I've done some work on websites and that's a pretty big scripting error. But none the less. We Fascinate owners will continue to wait, patiently or not, for Froyo. Then we can can cry long and loud about Gingerbread or Wafflecone or Sugercube or whatever tasty new treat Google cooks up. By the time we get those updates we will all be ready for the upgrade of our phones and will go with a different phone made by HTC or Motorola. Lessons learned.
  • I agree TheANARCHY by time samsung gets 2.2 up we will be ready for new phones that might have a dual core processsor 1.5gb ram/rom full hd displays etc maby a microwave and a fridge?
  • I agree. I like my Fascinate but this waiting has left me with no love for Samsung. When I next upgrade it won't be to anything by Samsung.
  • It was not a scripting funny. Just be ready for Froyo any day now. I spoke with a rep from Samsung who said they will be putting the directions on how to upgrade to 2.2 on their website and Verizon's.
  • @ChuckG73, does this "supposed" update/2.2 upgrade instructions go for the Epic as well? Also how sure are you of this reps information?
  • @dcraig, no more sure of the rep than I would be of you, but they sounded like they knew what was going on. Now that they have changed the website back to 2.1 it really makes me think there may be more to the story.
  • I have an Incredible, so I have nothing invested in this debate, but I sure am tired of this update saga that has played out on the front page of AC for the past several months. You know, any publicity is good publicity and Samsung has definitely managed to keep their devices in the news.
  • yup samsung has yet again screwed up with regardes to the android 2.2 upgrade. just go's to show you how pathtic samsung is when it comes to supporting its US customers
  • now the page shows 2.1OS. Damn you Samsung!!
  • I second what you said push the 2.2 now!
  • From what I understand this is no longer Samsung's fault? I thought the carriers have had the update for months now? Samsung's image is being hurt by Tmobile's unwillingness to release the update maybe? Either way, we are the minority, the average Galaxy user may not give a crap and may not even know what froyo is. :(
  • @sandplasma it is totally Samsung's fault for putting 2.2 on their website when they knew it was not out yet.
  • Here we come, the whiners and cry babies lol…and count me in!
    Two words: FUCK SAMSUNG!
  • Think I'm going back to the Evo, Because HTC seems to have their stuff together. Maybe I'll wait till the 9th, that's when Sprint is said to get the Thunderbolt 4G, Who knows....
  • Hah, is anyone surprised? The grossly over hyped Samsung phones still aren't officially on Froyo? With Gingerbread around the corner? Good luck ever getting GB once you finally do get Froyo! Aside from plastic phones, horrible horrible iphone wannabe touchwiz UI with corny crayola color schemes and puzzle piece lockscreens that screams "designed by a kid" .... The fact that Samsung only cares about selling the phone rather than maintaining it is a major reason why I'll never own one. Sorry for the guys who had to buy one to figure it out, lesson learned tho.
  • I like my Captivate. I've had it less than a week. The reason I like it is because it's on ATT. And my house still has Edge. ATT was supposed to roll out 3G in my town back in October. So I have a phone that's suppose to have a newer os on a network that's suppose to be 3G. Hell, It can only get better...right?
  • While I like your optimism, I have to laugh lol… AT&T and 3G reminds me of the word Shame
  • I have had an evo since july, and no issues, especially with cm6. All of the people I know who got samsung (fascinate, captivate, and epics) have had major issues. At this point, I can't recommend the galaxy s to anyone.
  • I'm not in to much hurry for anymore updates. The last update for the evo was an epic failure! Audio streaming issues. HTC is supposedly working on something, we'll see.
  • bty, I love the fascinate. Had Droid x and switched to fascinate.
    Great piece of hardware and the screen is second to none. Samsung continually getting slammed especially by non galaxy owners is unwarranted. The carrier, in my case Verizon, is responsible for rolling out 2.2. And frankly, seeing 2.2 shoddy early releases, I would rather wait for a bug free launch. Also, to all who want to skip froyo and go straight to gingerbread, as mentioned numerous times, Ginger is minor update compared to froyo imho.
  • Because you have a fascinate doesn’t mean ALL Samsung slammers don’t. Get your head out of your ass and face it. Samsung fcked up.
  • Hey I just checked there web site and they took down the 2.2 os and put back 2.1. So I guess 2.2 is not imminent.o well last samsung phone I buy
  • Wow, that's a shame. The epic really is a nice device. What the hell Samsung thinking??
  • I bet they are going to release a new device before they release the 2.2 update, i love the phone no complaint other that the 2.1 i want 2.2
  • Samsung = Incompetence
    no more samsung products period... ever
  • I just updated my phone last week...myself. Not going to wait for updates from them when independant developers are passing around bigger, better, more awesome platforms all over the web and offer support for those products. Samsung has wonderful screens....terrible support. But, I have never had any problems with my TV or my phone.