Samsung's U.S. Galaxy S pages showing Froyo, but updates still missing

Update: And the pages once again say Android 2.1. Thanks, Joel!

Original: That supposed Dec. 26 mark for the Sprint to roll out Froyo for Epic 4G has come and gone -- no great surprise there -- but Samsung's stirring the pot a bit. The U.S. product pages for the Epic 4G, Vibrant and Fascinate are all showing the phones running Android 2.2. A typo? Perhaps. The Captivate and Continuum are shown as sporting Android 2.1 still.

Now you gotta remember, Samsung has a less-than-stellar reputation with this whole update thing. But we have to hold out hope that the updates are getting ready to roll. If you see the update hitting your phone, be sure to head into the forums and spread some epic news. [Samsung, Vibrant product page, Epic 4G product page, Fascinate product page] Thanks to everyone who sent these in

Andrew Melnizek