Samsung Galaxy S II has Gorilla Glass

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II has Gorilla Glass, making that stunning Super AMOLED Plus display we first saw at MWC all the more attractive. Glass manufacturer Corning said in a press release Tuesday that the company will continue its partnership with Samsung, one that began with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab (good news for Samsung's next-gen Galaxy 8.9 and 10.1 tablets). Gorilla Glass, which is virtually indestructible, “has enabled super-slim mobility on the high-quality touch display on Galaxy S II,” said Hankil Yoon, VP of smartphone product planning at Samsung. Dual core, 4G, Gingerbread AND Gorilla Glass, all stuffed into one of the thinnest and lightest smartphones ever? Now all we need is a U.S. release date to prove we're not dreaming.

Source: Corning

  • Gorillas make so many useful things...
  • this is news ? must be slow today
  • Does this mean the Charge has it too since it's the same size super amoled plus screen?
  • After the Froyo and GPS issues, I swore I would NEVER own another Samsung phone. At this point, I'm sticking to that plan. And after 13 years I'm planning to leave AT&T. I've had enough and I'm not gonna take it any more. Hoping that Verizon or Sprint is just a little better...
  • Am I the only one scared of buying a Samsung phone? After watching Samsung almost ignore so many issues with the original Galaxy S phones, very long Froyo update for Epic, odd things with all Captivates (yes, I know all phones have issues, but come on... lol), etc, I am scared that the Galaxy II will have the same support. It looks to have very promising specs though. BTW: This isn't meant to be a slam, but an honest question.
  • well as long as we still have the excellent community of developers that can make magic happen I'm not too worried.
  • This phone is going to be a BEAST. Looking to replace my T Mobile Nexus One with this.
  • Good question. The problem with the Froyo update on the US SGS variants are carrier related and don't really have much to do with Samsung. You should look at the SGS updates. If anything, they're a good indication on how often/fast Samsung pushes updates to their devices. I do compile custom kernels/libs, and Samsung is one of the fastest companies out there to release the source code of their released products. so that gives it another + What was the only problem that samsung couldn't do anything about ? the GPS ! that was a hardware issue and I think samsung didn't want to acknowledge or deal with it. that has been fixed in the SGSII, so hopefully you got nothing to worry about.
  • Madmack, You say that the problems with extremely slow updates on SGS phones in the US is because of the carriers and is not Samsung's fault... whether that is the case or not, it doesn't really matter whose fault it is. The fact of the matter is: here in the US, Samsungs Android smartphones get very, very slow updates where other brand phones seem to receive them in a more timely fashion. Whether that is samsung's fault or not is irrelevant.
  • true, unless you're buying unlocked phones from Europe :) Take the SII for example. That device will get all the european updates and you'll get to enjoy it on AT&T's 3G/4G bands over here. I just think that Samsung shouldn't get the blame here when clearly it is your carriers that deserve the pressure.
  • I understand your worry. I currently have the Samsung Vibrant on Tmo, and I was a little frustrated with waiting so long to get Froyo. I, however, will buy another Samsung phone once my contract is up. My wife recently got the HTC Inspire 4G, and I feel Samsung just looks and fells better than her phone. I love the screen resolution on my Vibrant compared to her Inspire. I hope Hope HOPE that Samsung will not make the same mistake with the GS II
  • I know what you mean with Samsung phones feeling better in hand. I've held every single HTC phone and Samsung phone out there (running android) and Samsung phones just feel natural in my hand. The only HTC phone that felt decent was the Thunderbolt.
  • You've obviously never held a Nexus One, Desire, Desire HD, Desire 3D, MyTouch 4G, G2, Evo, Droid Incredible, etc. ..and I'm not even going to mention all of the Windows Mobile devices that feel high quality and great in the hand.
  • I think you may be one of the few that has felt up all the phones you've listed here, but that doesn't take away that Samsung puts out some "nice feeling" phones. lol I personally played around with the MyTouch 4G at the store, and I gotta say it felt like the hinge holding the keyboard was going to fall off.
  • The MyTouch 4G doesn't have a keyboard.
  • No offense to Samsung, because they have great hardware IN their phones..but plastic isn't my idea of feeling good in the hand. I'll take aluminum and soft touch rubberized plastic any day, thanks.
  • Personal preference maybe? And yes I actually have held every single phone you listed, and I still stand by my opinion that they just don't feel right in my hand.
  • Definitely personal preference... but I have yet to find that more people prefer Samsung's handsets "feel" to that of HTC or even Motorola. That being said, I'm not an idiot. Just because the Galaxy S and Nexus S devices were all monolithic pieces of shiny and/or textured plastic, doesn't mean I wouldn't consider the beast that is a Galaxy S II if it were easily hackable and was constructed properly. If Samsung can match what they have under the hood with the outside of the handset, I'll definitely consider it. I'm underwhelmed by the Qualcomm processor in the upcoming Sensation, and the amount of RAM in the G2x... hopefully Samsung can successfully put out a well-made, high-quality feeling handset with a 4.3" SAMOLED+, with 1GB of RAM and an amazing processor/gpu combo so I can play my damn games flawlessly.
  • For me it is irrelevant since Samsung is also the one company that is not locking its damn phones up. As long as it is rootable, thats all I care about. This will probably be my next phone.
  • Well said
  • It is my next phone for this very reason. I prefer the look of the Sensation, but not knowing about the boot loader means im getting this.
  • Agreed, that's a fair question. For the avg user, I would suggest this phone. Its got great specs and the software is nice (for Android newbies). For someone who likes to tweak software, they will also enjoy this phone. It'll be unlocked and there'll be lots of available ROMs. For someone who wants good support but won't do it themselves (ie: SGS1 owners who love to complain but refuse to root), I would not suggest this phone. The US carriers will NEVER give this phone regular support, just like the first SGS phones. They show no signs of remorse, and will molest this phone with bloatware and tweaks, again, just like the first phone. Because of this, don't expect regular support. Basically, if you don't care about support or can do it yourself, get this phone. If you want the support/updates but can't do it yourself, get a different phone. The carriers & Samsung (imo) will just leave you disappointed. Android has lots of options. Decide what's important to you, read the reviews, and you'll figure it out. Just do your hw BEFORE you buy a phone; 2 yrs with one phone will be a VERY LONG TIME in the Android world.
  • Virtually indestructible? So it can sustain a gun shot? Explosion?
  • Only one way to find out ;-)
  • They said "virtually". That means only the "virtual" version of this phone is indestructible. The real life version is a delicate flower.
  • "Virtually indestructible? So it can sustain a gun shot? Explosion?" Somebody should have told bin Laden.
  • I just hate how Samsung continues to insist on using cheap plastic for their phones. And if this thing was 4 inches Id drop VZW and go to Tmo to grab this in a heartbeat. I've handled a coworkers DX, feels like I'm carrying a brick. My Dinc is 3.7 so 4 seems like a good compremise (sp?).
  • That's cause you don't have man hands. The dx is small to me
  • I've heard that from other DX users also. But the SGS2 has a very slim design. I wouldn't judge the feel of a phone based just on its screen size. I know people who've hated the DX because of the "brick feeling," but loved the SGS1. The difference? Probably not the 0.3'' smaller screen. It was likely the overall slimmer shape of the phone.
  • right on the button ,it depends on the phones size itself and not the screen size,the sgs2 is so thin your hands will wrap right around it with ease
  • Can we please keep the claims about gorilla glass down to a level of realistic sanity? Virtually indestructible? Read the Corning website for a refresher course.