Samsung Galaxy Note commercial availability announced, hits European markets first

Back when Samsung unveiled their 5.3-inch, dual-core Galaxy Note with a SuperAMOLED HD display they never mentioned when, exactly anyone would be able to pick one up. Now though, Samsung has finally announced the commercial availability of the Galaxy Note, which will go on sale in European markets starting with Germany on October 29.

Launching with Android 2.3 and a 1.4 GHz dual core processor you'll also get a massive 2500 mAh battery to power that 1280x800 SuperAMOLED HD display, HSPA+ data as well as the 8MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing shooter.

And we can't forget the S Pen, which is included with the Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note supports screenshot-taking and annotation across all areas of the UI using the S Pen and its technology, which Samsung will be offering an SDK for eventually.

Source: Samsung

  • The GALAXY Note Mini Tab 5.3 is a great device buying it will be a good decision. The GALAXY line are all solid devices. I'm waiting now Nexus or Note for AT&T, which one will drop first.
  • Wish Samsung would drop the phone part off of this unit. Would be a neat device for people who don't want to pay for the phone data charges but could stomach the no contract data plans for tablets.
  • A GALAXY Player 5.3 with S-Pen? Sounds Nice!
  • The whole point of this device is to be more useable for browsing than a typical smartphone but to still have a phone and be portable. Carrying less devices is the aim, not this plus a phone. Should carriers offer data only plans on every device instead of forcing consumers to buy a minutes plan they'll never use? Absolutely. But some of us still need to make and receive phone calls for work, etc. So, it would be kinda ridiculous to eliminate the phone function from the device entirely and not give the option for calls.
  • ^^^ cough*cough^^^ Samsung should chance they name to Oversaturation since that's what they do best, from screens to cellphones
  • Never studied marketing I see. FYI, Psycho is spelled p-s-y-c-h-o. As for the screens, they are the best currently available on the market. Do some research.
  • More excited about this than the Nexus. Seeing AT&T bans makes me giddy.
  • Actually the Note is already selling in Europe today, Not tomorrow.
  • Engadget reported on 9/1/11 (as well as probably reported here too?)-- " You're looking at a Gingerbread-running LTE and HSPA+ handset with a 1280 x 800 Super AMOLED display, dual 8MP and 2MP cameras, a removable 2,500mAh battery and the same Samsung-made dual-core 1.4GHz processor you'll find in the just-announced Galaxy Tab 7.7" First let me say, Engadget is not my #1 go to source for all things Android. I have Phil, Jerry, and the supporting cast of the World's Greatest Android Podcast for that! But I did seek info. (via Google) of whether or not this had a removable battery. Then I saw the letters LTE, which I did not see in this latest update from Chris. I will have this. But I hope Importing will not be necessary. I can wait 'till say. . . . . February, but not much more.
  • Yeah, no one cares to double-check information any more, Engadget and the other blogs have been zombified, one says something and all the others follow. Engadget reviews are starting to become trash too, going the way of Cnet... way too much mass-production.
  • DAY ONE!.. ok maybe day two or three.. but still ..this thing is looking WAY more enticing than the G-nexus.. thats one CRAZY ASS battery too ..woohoo!..
    count me in,just bring this beast to the states pwease. :)-
  • Yeah.. My Custom Droid Charge Can Play Backup To That.. Its A Man Sized Phone For My Man Sized Hand.. I Like That.. Tax Time 2012 Works For Me..
  • Why is this launching in Germany before the US?