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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Galaxy S8+: Total recall

The Note 7 may be the butt of every bad joke right now, but ignoring it altogether leaves a huge gap in the history of Samsung's design language. Many of the design traits that make the Galaxy S8+ — the company's latest big-screened superphone — so great, can be traced back to its explosively flawed predecessor. Though it'll forever be associated with faulty batteries and an embarrassing global recall, the Note 7 was the first to showcase a true symmetrical glass and metal design, and organic curves that went a step beyond the "edge" phones of old.

The same is true on the software side, with the Note 7 debuting the "Grace" UX — a significantly refined interface that paved the way for the clean lines, rounded rectangles and brilliant whites we see on the S8+. And as the last Samsung flagship to feature traditional physical home keys and a 16:9 display, it's an interesting stepping stone between the old and the new.

Check out our video comparison above, as Russell takes a look at Samsung's most infamous phone next to its latest and greatest.

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • I've always wondered what would happen had the Note 7 never caught fire and as such, never recalled and canned. I'd probably still be enjoying mine on Nougat. Oh, the fond (but short) memories.
  • Same. I remember the first time I held it. It just felt great in the hand. It was the first Samsung I bought since the S2. Disappointed to have to return it and the S7E they replaced it with just wasn't the same. But I get the same feeling when I hold and look at the S8+.
  • Going from the Note 7 to the S7 Edge was a downgrade especially the edges that tend to get in the way when typing. I immediately pre-ordered the S8+ when it was made available and it's been a great phone since day 1!!
  • Same for me.
  • I miss my Note 7, best phone I ever had. Have the S7 Edge now, but just not the same (too many accidental touches on the too edgy screen, not as snappy, and of course no s-pen). Waiting impatiently for the Note 8 to come out!
  • This seems like yet another "tossing the baby out with the bathwater" thing. Should we completely disregard all the really neat ideas that went into the Note 7 simply because of one, albeit serious design error? That would be abysmally stupid. Samsung clearly didn't. They used a lot of the same concepts in the design of the S8 and added a few new ones.
    You learn from your mistakes and you learn from your successes.
  • Another Note 7 reference ..... yawn.
  • OOooooooooo. You still have a working Note 7!
  • I was about to post the same thing.
  • Something smacks hypocritical at AC.
  • I still think the Note 7 looked better than the S8+ and it was functionally better.
  • Uhhh, I don't recall joking about the note 7 recently and and it's certainly not the butt of any jokes I've heard other than the AC dudes that have gone off the rational thought grid, retreating to their nerd caves holding hands and waiting for the end of the world because a few note 7s caught fire. Seriously, if your journalism depends on beating dead horses, you may need to find another day job.
  • The most popular late night show in America (Colbert) spent its opening gag on how the S8 was awesome because it doesn't catch fire. But sure, whatever it is you were saying is cool too.
  • Late show tv is lame, therefore, I don't waste my time watching it. But cool story, bro. Using media as a basis for..."reporting" snews or anecdotes is also a lame exercise. I've seen a lot of online "news" stories making fake news out of public social media comments. *Yawn* Stay cool, bro.