Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung's been building their own chipsets for a while, but for their recent high-end devices they've relied almost exclusively on chips from Qualcomm — but the Galaxy Note 4 might shift the tide back over towards Samsung's Exynos processors. While the Exynos processors have been available in both Galaxy Note and Galaxy S-series phones for some time, they've recently been limited to fairly specific markets. The Galaxy Note 3 didn't even launch with an Exynos option in most countries.

But rumor has it that the inevitable Galaxy Note 4 will mark the return of Exynos in a big way, with the European model carrying Samsung's chips inside instead of Qualcomm's. The Galaxy Note 4 sold outside of Europe is said to still bear Qualcomm's fruit, in this case a Snapdragon 805 that will be better able to handle what we expect to be a significant bump in resolution (matching the QHD screen of the LG G3. SamMobile is claiming that the phone will also have a UV sensor for the display, perhaps to enable better touch-free gesture tracking and compatibility with gloved fingers, and a Sony-sourced 16MP camera sensor with OIS.

The Exynos-toting Galaxy Note 4 is also said to have an Intel-provided Cat. 6 LTE chip. That's the big change for the Exynos — most recent Exynos-powered versions of Samsung devices haven't ship with LTE, though there were LTE-capable versions of the GS3 and Note 3. But an Exynos-powered Note 4 with LTE? That'd be a big change.

Interestingly, these specs — QHD display, Intel LTE, etc — are lining up with what we also expected for what's been dubbed the "Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime." SamMobile is reporting, however, that the S5 Prime (or Galaxy F, as it's recently been called) is coming and with similar specifications, but perhaps not until later in the future.

Source: SamMobile